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Awash: Emotive Motions

I circle the drain of my own opinion

mould grips the grout of my escape route

I flow over unwashed tiles, scum trails

the sludge bearer, grime slops over grate… 33 more words


in the beginning

wear a cheap mask
to bed.

kid, your mama

she can’t
touch a baby
without touching
a baby

that’s hers.

small brain,
I have less
to wash.

extramural (iii)

the fireplace is on drugs. get the good rope and tie it around the wrist of the hand I want dead.

on a drive I’ve undertaken to see my brother, it comes to me that odd things were being sold. 70 more words


She fixes things and loves them again. Beautiful, I say, like they were never lost. The feel of a secondhand memory brushes by me, repurposed and romanticised, the beach, under my breath. 67 more words


Trip to the rock hewn Washa Michael Church in Addis !

Tesfa and I went  with his 4 wheel drive to the  rock hewn Washa Michael Church.  This ancient and historic church is buitl against one of the hills that surround Addis Ababa.

A real experience!

Addis Ababa

“ The Dark of Limbo ” ~ begs a morrow ~

I reach for her
Tho well I know
‘Tis but a shadow
I shall find,
I call her name
And hear awash
Its echoed sound… 47 more words

My Poetry

Currents Strong and True

your message
in a bottle – binary
glass and sand
adrift on digital seas
awash on every shore


© Steve Mitchell 2014