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Away We Go Fun... Learning All About Things That Move!

All Creative World Schools are having a blast celebrating Away We Go this month. Check out some of the amazing ways our young learners are exploring: 166 more words


Away We Go.... Transportation Explorations!

This month at Creative World Schools, we are on the GO GO GO as we rev up, choo-choo, and glide through an investigation of transportation. 307 more words

Early Childhood Education

Love in all shades

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve worked on my screenplay. Most of this break has been devoted to researching the genre I have chosen, romantic comedy, and figuring out how I’m going to expand my previously 45-minute short into a 90-minute feature film. 629 more words


Review #10: Away we go - Gies it a watch

Directed by Sam Mendes, Away we go(2009) starring John Krassinski and Maya Rudolph deals with a pregnant couple driving their way through the United States and a little beyond to find a place to settle down and raise their child. 30 more words


WOW: Away We Go

Carnival Cruise Line just launched a campaign showcasing a virtual reality tour of the cruise experience. They are the first to launch an experience like this in the travel category. 327 more words

Work Of The Week

Top Tastes: New York 2015

Kirstin and I spent a glorious week in New York last summer eating, going to shows and ogling our favorite drag queens and snuggling up in our micro hotel, … 1,178 more words

Away We Go

Sam Mendes and the Concept of Home

This will concentrate on the English director Sam Mendes and specifically the characteristics within his work that distinguish him as an auteur. It will thoroughly explore how Mendes’ continuous exploration of the changing concept of home within his films has evidently established his authorial signature. 2,224 more words