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Re-dreaming Firefox (2): Beyond Bookmarks

Gerv’s recent post on the Jeeves Test got me thinking of the Firefox of my dreams. So I decided to write down a few ideas on how I would like to experience the web. 1,133 more words

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Mozilla releases Firefox 14 with encrypted Google searches

”Mozilla has made Firefox version 14 available for download,” Electronista reports. “The update introduces auto-completion of URLs typed into the Awesome Bar, along with encrypted Google searches enabled by default, to shield personal details from parties collecting data through the network infrastructure.” 63 more words


Why I switched back to Firefox after using Chrome for a few months.

Sync. Both browsers have synchronisation, however Chrome’s browser sync doesn’t sync history, saved passwords or opened tabs which is immensely useful. Firefox’s sync doesn’t save extensions which is annoying, but it’s a one time fix to install extensions. 762 more words

rekonq: working on "suggestions" 2

Just a brief update to previous post. I tried following discussion and “suggestions” there and implemented a sort of “mix” of them. I’m quite satisfied from results. 105 more words


How to Search Faster In Firefox With I'm Feeling Lucky

Firefox address bar can act as a search box. You can type here and press enter to search.
Sometimes some plugin/add-on change this default search from Google to Ask or something else. 106 more words


We Support Open Source : Mozilla Firefox Web Browser 6.0.1

Mozilla, a global, non-profit organization dedicated to making the Web better, today released an update to Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux that includes new and enhanced tools to make developing for the Web faster and easier. 232 more words

Google Search from Firefox Address Bar

For all those (like me) who feel the SearchBar in Firefox is a bit redundant and that Firefox should have search feature inbuilt into its Addressbar itself (as in Chrome browser), there is a way. 141 more words

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