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The Cosmic Perspective

There you are, staring at your phone or computer screen, reading Come Awake blog.

It doesn’t feel like it, but you are zooming through space right now at 70,000 miles per hour, or 19 miles per second. 664 more words

Awesome God

Soy un forastero

Escrito por Priyanka| Come Awake Writing Team
Traducido por BENJAMÍN D. KNOTT

extranjero, ra / ekstran´xero, -ra / adj.
Que es ó procede de otro país.

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The Plan

I’m a planner. I have been for as long as I can remember. I’m the weird girl who enjoys making spreadsheets and color-coordinating her calendar. I like to think through things and I like to be prepared. 654 more words

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O N E    T H O U S A N D .

That’s how many posts we’ve published on Come Awake Blog since we started nearly 5 years ago in February 2013. 260 more words

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New Year, New Plan

Happy first Wednesday of 2018, y’all!

We hope the excitement of the new year is still fresh in your hearts and minds as we take this opportunity to share some more new changes with you! 278 more words

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New Year, New Faces

Hi friends,

We hope 2018 has started off on a great note for each of you! It’s incredible to look back on all that transpired in 2017 – it was over as quickly as it had started! 294 more words

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The Painter's Palette

A painter sits down to paint. He has his palette in one hand, raw colors spread around in little dots. Taking his brush, he swirls two colors together. 343 more words

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