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TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Knockouts Champion Continues to Get On Kongs Bad Side (March, 27th 2015)

Time to Whizz through another report from the IMPACT Zone. Oops, did i just drop the news that TNA have abdicated from their loyal fan-base country of the UK to home turf Orlando. 835 more words

TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Intense Showdown Sees Battle Between Rivals Of New and Old (March, 20th 2015)

Hello There Everyone! Yet another week of wrestling is on the close, but how can we close it without looking at and reviewing some hard and intense Knockouts Action, or more specifically saying…An Awesome Knockouts Championship Triple Threat. 1,411 more words

Trish vs Kong


The match STARTS with Trish hits a drop KICK TO THE knee of Kong. Now Trish comes off the ROPES HITS a chop block. Trish grabs Kong by the neck plants her with the ddt. 63 more words

Hottest Women

TNA IMPACT SPOILERS March 27th - May 1st (March, 17th 2015)

The Following are Knockout Related Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes of TNA Impact Wrestling taped on Friday all the way through to Last Night. The Following Matches & More will take place… 859 more words

TNA JOKERS WILD 3 RESULTS: Pay Per View Stipulations See Genders Mix It Up! (March, 11th 2015)

Hello Again Everyone! So this Wednesday us UK Fans got a good look at the One Night Only Jokers Wild TNA Pay Per View, and this was one i didnt expect to air so soon considering it was only taped a few weeks ago. 1,145 more words

TNA IMPACT RESULTS: After the Champ Takes The Onslaught, Veteran Stands Up To The Beast (March, 6th 2015)

Hello Everybody! Its come to that time again to fill you in on the latest daring Knockouts action from the very much WWE Alternative, TNA IMPACT! 705 more words