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Easy Spring Salad

As the east coast has been sloshed with buckets of rain for nearly a month, causing us residents to feel as though we’re living in a monsoon, I felt the need to bring spring into my life via the kitchen. 254 more words

You can do HARD things! 

Today was Amazing. I spoke to 90 young high school girls. Some were young teen moms, some were interested in the childcare field. I stood up in front of these girls who are sitting in the exact same seats I sat in 20 years ago. 211 more words


Chilling in Not Canada

Photos would be nice right now and trust me, I have some. D’mitry is looking fabulous, as usual. The only problem is that my camera won’t connect to my computer. 348 more words

It's So Easy, Being Green

Okay moms, while I originally wanted to only add things to this page that were current and trendy, I remembered that so many awesome things are items and ideas of the past. 334 more words

Adventures in London Fog Meringues aka. *~AQUA WTFABA?!*~

If there is anything I resent about GETTING MY PROTEIN more than anything in the world, it is totally the gross chickpea water that comes out of a can all vile and thick, and smells disgusting, and I seriously rinse those things for like 15 minutes straight in a colander and peel off the skins to get the taste out. 563 more words


Throwback Thursday -1935

As it seems to be going in our neck of the woods, IT WON’T QUIT RAINING/SNOWING/SLEETING/BEING CRAPPY…

So today I’m taking a short break from the house project and modern sustainability to share a cool look at how our great-grandparents really used to do it. 394 more words

Simple Living

Awesome things and how I did not check myself before I wrecked myself

Many things in life are awesome.

Back rubs, cute animals, and dry erase crayons are personal favorite Awesome Things. If you have not tried dry erase crayons… 408 more words