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50 Feel Good Things

We all have those things that make us feel good. Some of them are grand gestures while other times its the small things in life that make us smile. 525 more words

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Tile has saved my life

OK! If you don’t know me then I have to tell you something. I lose everything. I would lose my head if I didn’t have a metal plate holding it in place. 401 more words


The Men Who Battle Fish

This is a video a co-worker sent to me about carp hunters.

Basically, someone introduced an invasive, Asian species of carp into the fresh waters of Illinois. 170 more words

Awesome Things: Walking Barefoot in Grass

Two facts about me: I hate wearing shoes and sock, and I love walking around without them one. One of the best places to walk around without your shoes is soft grass. 39 more words


Awesome Things: Blankets

Today’s prompt of the day is layers. Not only did this prompt inspire today’s post, but it gave me the idea to start a whole new series of posts; Awesome things. 323 more words


Unexpected Uses for Petroleum Jelly - AOL

We often use petroleum jelly to relieve cracked skin or chapped lips, but the product has several other handy uses. Here are some unexpected ways you can use petroleum jelly that will help you save big.First, if you color your hair you can use a little jelly to help keep your skin stain-free. 183 more words


Shorewood, IL Pizza - Awesome Things To Do On A Friday Night

Make your Friday nights more awesome. Here are some cool activities to do on a friday night!

Or could just simply chillax order and eat a pizza in Shorewood IL. 12 more words

Shorewood IL Pizza