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That Singular Moment

With the impending 40 (13 days away now), I’ve been reflecting today on what I have learned about myself so far this year. I try to learn new life lessons, or do something new (and maybe scary) every year. 207 more words


Things That Are Awesome

I seem to have stumbled into some ‘feelings’ recently…

but before I do…it should be noted that;

a) if I hand you my car keys, it’s a safe bet I think you’re awesome. 68 more words


Three Awesome Things

On a more personal awesome note, I am finally over the flu.  Not back to 100% but feeling like a human again.  I kinda quail at everything I need to do in order to catch up at work but we shall survive. 77 more words

Kait Nolan

Our Class Project: PrufrockDescending.com

Our class project, PrufrockDescending is now live & interactive! Big thanks to all of the fantastic students in ENG 287 The Digital Text. Your passionate, engaged debates on the micro and meta aspects of tagging a digital text were inspiring! 171 more words

Digital Humanities

THIS is 40!

I will be 40 in 40 days, a thought that both excites me and freaks me out a bit.

From what I’ve been told, I now have deteriorating eyesight, mammograms, creaky joints and peri-menopause to look forward to. 592 more words


Mother 1.

Mother. Mutter. Maman. Mamma. Mať. Mama…

And I could continue. All similar, but not the same. wordy for the very first word we usually learn. Mama – Lady of our lives. 469 more words


Three Awesome Things

Seeing eye kitty!

Jason Porath has a fantastic website called Rejected Princesses “Women too Awesome, Awful, or Offbeat for Kids’ Movies. Updated Wednesdays.”  It’s part art project, part history lesson, all awesome.   36 more words

Kait Nolan