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A Vegan Lone Wolfs Guide to Valentines Survival Volume II.

Oh hi cuties! I couldn’t resist peaking my head out of cozy winter hibernation to ramble about the holiday we all love to hate best- VALENTINES DAY. 1,729 more words


"It's a girl!!!!" Blog post from May 18, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007:
Hi baby girl! We had a doctors appointment today, an ultrasound. There was a GROUP of us in there. Your Nana Rachel, brother Kameron, Tia Lisa, Tio Gordo, Cousin Davina, Aunt Jackie, and Uncle Mikey Mike. 309 more words


Weirdly enough, we are kind of spoiled here in Alberta with vegan western-ized Chinese food. Even while in Vancouver last week with a ton of vegan options available to me, I still found myself pining for all of my favourites. 577 more words


Awesome Things About Living in KL #1

Laziness doesn’t stop you from being able to put fried shallots on everything.


Awesome Things #24 : Tumpah tapi gak basah

Faktanya sampe hari ini masih banyak cewek yang menganggap klo cowok itu tak berperasaan. Jadi, mereka (si cewek2 tersebut) mikir mau ngapain aja bebas, salah satunya suka banget yg namanya nyalahin cowok jadi masalah apapun pasti berujung jadi cowoknya yang salah dan klo udah gini cowoknya seakan tak diberi hak pembelaan diri mau gak mau ya harus pasrah. 104 more words

Awesome Things

Field Trip Fridays Ft. New Favourite Pho in YYC, visit to Canmore

Oh hiiiii. Today is Saturday, but I hope that you’ll allow me to post this Field Trip Friday a day late and we can still be friends and all that good stuff. 726 more words


My obsession with my cast iron skillets continues! After a long week, I decided I would like to spend my Saturday evening in, alone, eating pasta. 828 more words