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Path of Fall a landscape photography

Landscape photography is all about how do you control the light surrounding you and at what angel and focal length you should be at to extract the beauty of the scene, sometimes I wide angel which is the most frequently used lens would be the perfect lens but because your angel wasn’t the right one the photo would look immature. 79 more words


Get the Effen Vodka

It’s very rare that I am completely sold on a product solely on its name before trying it. So when I discovered EFFEN Vodka, naturally I fell in love. 184 more words

Awesome, Totally Awesome

Bravo, Blind Tiger Pub! Bravo!

New TOMS courtesy of Blind Tiger Pub in Charleston, SC!

I got a pair of shoes because I used a bathroom.

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but essentially it is. 211 more words

Awesome, Totally Awesome

Cycle Dog Leashes and Collars

My dog Cooper is not a cycle dog per se. He will not go near my bike, cause in his eyes, my bike is some sort of dog eating monster. 256 more words

Jordan Sullivan

Hoodie + Koozie = Hoozie

Not much needs to be said as you can look at this picture and see how genius and amazing the Hoozie is.

Think of all those times your friend accidentally took your beer, someone knocked it over, or you misplaced it. 120 more words

Jordan Sullivan

Jeff Spicoli teaches us a few things- He's awesome!

Whenever I say “awesome,” I can’t help but think of the iconic film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  

The infamous, Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn,) teaches us the importance of lunch, and ponders time.  31 more words

Keg Stands and Horrible Logo Designs

Sometimes, you come across something and think to yourself, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Like Silly Bandz or fire. And now, Horrible Logos. Last year, a genius, honest fella started designing horrible logos for beer money. 92 more words

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