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Bam! Sen. Mike Lee nails Obamacare with bumper sticker-worthy quote

http://twitter.com/#!/cpdavis4/status/428378392317423616 Heh. Twitter users were buzzing about ‘inequality Godzilla’ on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. http://twitter.com/#!/The_real_MattS/status/428560599824728065 So do we! But what is ‘inequality Godzilla’ and how did it come about?

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When You Boil An iPhone 6 In Coca-Cola The Result Is Not Surprising (Video)

Ukrainian YouTube user TechRax had an extra iPhone 6, so he decided to conduct a surprisingly mesmerizing experiment. The tech blogger put the device into a boiling pan of Coke, which became a thick goo after all the water evaporated. 15 more words


Don't Confuse Frozen With Disney's Frozen

When picking out a movie the whole family will enjoy don’t get these two classic titles confused! I can see why people could confuse these two movies, because of their similarities. 22 more words


This Week's Link Roundup

Keeping it brief this week. Coming off the back of the Northcoders summer party, and some big news that I’ll share in a later post. 134 more words


Dogs React Badly To Dad's New Bear Slippers

We all have that one person on our Christmas list that is nearly impossible to shop for. Whether it’s because they are very picky or you aren’t really in touch with their tastes, it can be an exercise in frustration finding the perfect gift. 9 more words


Budapest on a Budget

As I lay here on our last night in Budapest, I am reminiscing about our short, but sweet, stay here. We’ve had a great time exploring the city and making more memories. 1,375 more words


Jumping out of planes: Making dreams come true

I haven’t blogged in awhile (like over a month awhile) & I make no excuses for my lack of creativity. But I just wanted to share with the world how awesome of a nana I have.. 237 more words