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You've Been Framed

This weeks news about Sam Allardyce leaving his post as England manager raises a somewhat darker spectre over the culture in the UK at present. You may wonder how I’m going to tie this in to triathlon or training and frankly I’m not entirely sure, but we’ll have a go. 878 more words


Duel Available at Bourbon & Boots

Duel is featured on Bourbon & Boots’ website for our stemless mango wood cup and our mango wood shot cup!  You can purchase our items, along with many many cool items via their website at: … 171 more words


"Literature is my utopia"-Hellen K.

Hellen Keller’s Story Of My Life had a great impact on me. You’ll never see someone with a soul as beautiful as Hellen’s soul. Every page radiated gratefulness and beauty. 240 more words


My Favourite Sports! Outline for L23


My Favourite Sports

     There are many sports and usually, people think of these sports:






          And many many more!

     But my favourite sports are slightly different… 872 more words

English GR8

Paris, I love/hate you.

Paris…the ever contradicting city, some people love it, some people hate and then there’s my opinion. Paris was honestly one of the most beautiful yet dirty cities I have ever been to. 829 more words


Some back-to-school clothes aren't good for the planet. Here's a better option.

There are three constants in late summer life. One: Its impossible to apply sunscreen without missing a spot. Two: S’mores that fall in the campfire for a few seconds just taste better. 16 more words


17 Fictional Characters Who'd Make Terrible Real-Life Friends Lead The Daily Links

View this image ” refinery29.com It’s always good to keep fiction and reality separate: These 17 fictional friends would probably be really annoying to have in real life. 21 more words