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Thankful to be Free (BLACK)Friday

Welcome to the 3rd installment of T.T.B.F. squared..! LOL

Big difference today, though…

It’s Black Friday..!

It’s crazy what gets into people on this wild shopping day… 482 more words


Turn you brain into black hole

here it goes, here it comes! Today I want to write about Graham’s number which is very interesting number and highest number which has some usage in mathematics. 485 more words


Outdoor Instructor courses in January

Make the ocean your university.

College & University are great but are certainly not for everyone. There are now huge opportunities for those who are interested in the outdoors to learn by doing rather than sitting in a classroom. 416 more words

Light It Up! 15 Awesome LED Projects

Led Lights
How much do you think this costs?
Led Lights Cool Lamps That Lighten Up The Mood With Their Designs 5 Pack – NBG Led Light Bulbs for home, 10w, non Dimmable, Equivalent of Standard… How to Choose an LED Light Bulb… 21 more words

Comet Lucifer


So Comet Lucifer is currently airing this season, and I would just like to say… It is awesome! Seriously. If you have seen Gurren Lagann you might be thinking to yourself “Hmm this seems really familiar a main character who likes to dig and discovers something he shouldn’t, which leads to him being able to ‘control’ a mech and meets a pink haired girl” Well… then you would be right. 464 more words


AI Samurai: The artificially intelligent, armored samurai that will answer all your questions

Are you hosting a large event with lots of guests? Maybe it’s time to call in AI Samurai to help with crowd control! 413 more words