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Addicted To Love: Why We're Still Chasing Destructive Relationships

I wanted to know what the f*ck love was, and after I hit rock bottom due to a toxic “romance,” I made it my business to find out. 32 more words


469. Backfields Lane (2)

This really is an astonishing wall by Kleiner Shames. It is outstanding not only in its sheer scale, but also in the colours and designs incorporated. 87 more words


You Know What's Awesome (Part Two)

Towards the end of July I decided I needed to cheer myself up and focus on what was awesome, given the endless deluge of non-awesome things flooding the daily comings and goings at the time. 782 more words

Current Events


Halloween is right around the corner so this is the only time we are allowed to make something gruesome in class. We got to make ourselves something “Halloween” like so I took off half of my face. 278 more words


That Factoid Vol. 5

Are you ready for another volume full o’ factoids? No? Well, they’re coming anyway! 14 more words

That Factoid

Crowdfunded Laser Razor Begs The Question Of What The Technology Can And Cant Do

Since their first use in the 1960s, there has been a tremendous expansion of laser technology into an impressively wide range of uses, from fundamental science, healthcare and security to entertainment. 15 more words


Top 10 Awesome Films Hollywood Ruined With Lies

To “hollywoodize” a film is to distort historical or scientific facts deliberately for the purpose of enhancing the drama – essentially, to wreck a film. Below are ten movies with great potential that, alas, in the hands of Hollywood, have de-educated the masses by their errors – simply for the

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