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Teens live in a social media world that most grown-ups know almost nothing about.

The social life of a teen is as virtual as it is physical. ‘When you go digital, you’re basically amplifying yourself way out. And so the question is how much can you handle.’ Dr. 23 more words


South Korean Teen Plays Amazing Cover Of "Livin' On A Prayer" On The Saxophone (Video)

His name is Daehan Choi. He is 18-years-old. He lives in South Korea.

We don’t know much else about this video, but we do know Daehan plays a mean saxophone. 89 more words


Top 30 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In The World #21 – Havasu Falls

Havasu falls sometimes known as ‘Havasupai Falls’ is located in the Supai Village inside the Grand Canyon of Northern Arizona.

The waterfalls are beautifully coloured as the waterfall is turquoise and reflects the sun for amazing effect. 142 more words


Approaching New Territory: Tank & Jack

It’s been a few days since the last time I posted anything about Tank and I, but I have some great news! Tank’s meet and greet with the other couples dog was a success, they got along together like two peas in a pod. 379 more words


Watching Romantic Comedies Could Actually Be Bad For Women's Safety

Nancy Meyers is ruining society. Weve all seen it a thousand times: a movie featuring some combination of a blundering-but-hot British guy, a quirky free-spirited best friend, a workaholic woman who is too busy for a boyfriend and a lawyer who cares more about making money and scoring chicks

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