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Knesia first thoughts

1. Seriously? Scissors? What are we, Cutman? Well, cutWOman. But still! SCISSORS!?

2. Okay wow. She can do a lot of damage. For scissors, that’s really impressive. 100 more words


Short N' Simple Guide to Raelynn

Hey what is up my fellow Nauts, today I’ll be brushing over my build for Raelynn as well as some tips and strategies for her.  I do have a video format of this guide but it was shortened for convenience, if you’re looking for something that gets more into the nitty gritty then I suggest reading this guide! 608 more words


Wasted Potential in MOBAs

So I’ve been on-and-off following League since I got back to Wooster, because there’s nothing else to do. They recently put out another unit, Ekko, because of course they did, and when the hype was starting up I remember watching this video: 973 more words

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The Best Multiplayer-Only Consumer Model

I said in a post a while back what I think the best multiplayer-only game model is: Free-To-Play with cosmetics and meta-game pluses for payers. I’d like to quickly elaborate and explain this view. 730 more words

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Albertnauts Video Dump

It’s been a while since I posted any videos. Here’s a couple of our recent Awesomenauts streams.

This one was Albert and his friend LCI. I was not involved, but it looks like they would’ve won faster if I had been. 157 more words

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Why I Prefer Awesomenauts to League of Legends

I’m very picky when it comes to the MOBAs that I play, mostly because there isn’t enough variety in the maps or the tactics for me to get into them for too long. 979 more words


Majesty 2 and Mark of the Ninja aren't engaging me.

Highest MetaCritic score in my Steam library and yet, whenever I play a level, I enjoy myself and when it’s done I just want to do something else. 344 more words