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Albertnauts Video Dump

It’s been a while since I posted any videos. Here’s a couple of our recent Awesomenauts streams.

This one was Albert and his friend LCI. I was not involved, but it looks like they would’ve won faster if I had been. 157 more words

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Why I Prefer Awesomenauts to League of Legends

I’m very picky when it comes to the MOBAs that I play, mostly because there isn’t enough variety in the maps or the tactics for me to get into them for too long. 979 more words


Majesty 2 and Mark of the Ninja aren't engaging me.

Highest MetaCritic score in my Steam library and yet, whenever I play¬†a level, I enjoy myself and when it’s done I just want to do something else. 344 more words

How I Would Fix: Awesomenauts

Hey everyone! Wow, more than one post in a month, that’s rare these days right? I was playing Awesomenauts yesterday with one of my friends and began to think about how I’d go about changing (or fixing) the game, similar to what I talk to some of my friends about when we play certain games. 1,420 more words

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Steam Winter Sale Games!

Steam Winter Sale. Those words bring equal parts exhilaration and trepidation to my soul. The time to spend money you don’t have on games you probably won’t play anyway. 890 more words

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Modifying the Rotation: A Rant

You’ve probably noticed for the past year or so I’ve been doing a weekly round up of what it is that I’m playing. If you’ve paid attention, you’ll know that the only constant is that the list of games I’m playing during any given week is always changing. 2,626 more words


State of the Game: 901

It’s Sunday, so you know what time it is! Yep, it’s round-up time. You may have noticed that the sub-title of this post is simply a number, and there’s a reason for that. 1,429 more words