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I Dream of Teddy Bears

My teddy bear is complete……squeeeeeeeee! :):):):) I’ve never made a teddy bear before! However, the pattern isn’t ready for selling just yet because I have to tweak it and perfect it and such. 151 more words



Misty Copeland was rejected by a ballet academy at 13 years old for having the “wrong body for ballet.”

She is now, as of June 30, the first African-American female principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre.  177 more words


Crazy Cat

Loving animals is a must
in my book. This is how
my crazy cat likes to sleep.
He’s a mess. He just plops
down on top of my head… 8 more words


"Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F" Trailer

Released several days ago was the English dubbed trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F! Finally! I mean, I didn’t necessarily NEED to know what they were saying, as it’s pretty easy to know what folks in Dragon Ball Z are talking about, even if you only get the gist. 53 more words

Movies And TV Shows

There's like a LOT of crazy stuff in the new Jack ü / Justin Bieber video.

Jack ü let fans participate in the creration fo their new video for “Where are ü now?” Pausing the video will reveal some pretty memorable imagery, incl. 9 more words



As much as you can.
As far as you can.
As Long as you can.
Life’s not meant to be
lived in one place!

Patti Stewart