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Things You Know If You’re Fluent in a Language

I am fluent in Urdu and I watch television in Urdu for enjoyment. However, one channel that I watch has all its programmes subtitled, which is quite funny because you can hear the actor say one thing and the subtitles say another, it makes me laugh dearly, and my parents too. 339 more words


Barbie's New Look

I have a weird relationship with Barbie dolls.  When we were growing up, I used to publicly denounce them as “stupid brainless girly toys” because that was what everyone else called them. 265 more words


What I'm Reading Now: February

Reading is always a priority for me. However, I’ve been super busy lately, so it fades a bit under the need for sleep while working 12-14 hour days.  112 more words


7th Sea is back!

A few months ago, I saw some very good news.

7th Sea is returning!!!!

One of the biggest inspirations to my writing, 7th Sea was a role-playing game by Alderac Entertainment Group, or AEG. 217 more words

Music! Soundtracks! Epicness!

Suggested music for: studying, writing, art-things, and feeling like your life is an epic movie. For starters.

I love listening to soundtrack-esque music. It makes me feel like a hero when I’m doing my homework or washing dishes. 344 more words


UP2D8 w/ TURTLE!!!

Hey guys!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while, because I was in Toronto, so I couldn’t really find the time to work on my blog. 188 more words

Last Minute Chinese New Year Cleaning (with Ecover)

When Ecover Singapore sent over their Ecover Zero range for me to try, they also sent along an assortment of their regular range of eco-friendly household cleaning products. 335 more words