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When someone tells you ‘you remind me of my best friend!’

Getting it right on the first try!

Cooking a really good dinner and then enjoying it afterwards! 248 more words


Jag kan andas på nytt

Vi fick plumsa i meterhög snö för att komma fram men det var det värt…

Mitt paradis är täckt av vackra iskristaller, allt är så stilla och tyst, jag kan andas på nytt. 274 more words


So It Begins...

Why hello there, some creature of the internet who has happened to stumble upon this delightful blog that has only just begun. You may be asking yourself, at this very moment, with a groan whether this will just be another ordinary blog with posts like, ’10 ways to lose 10 pounds’, ‘What you’re doing wrong in life and how to stop it’, ‘Best gluten-free, vegan pie recipe’ or several variations of those kinds of blogs. 164 more words


Book Review: The Heart Between Us, by Lindsay Harrel

Megan Jacobs spent her life being careful, being in the hospital, and watching her sister, Crystal, live life to the fullest, while Megan dreamed about the future, what she would do when she was no longer sick. 301 more words


Part VI of MY Scottish Journey

This next leg of our journey takes place just after Christmas when we had a lovely time as a family and partook of a roasted turkey and fixings to accompany it. 347 more words


Hey you! Yeah you, You are Awesome!!!

Well literally we all are awesome people on the earth. I know god created us in different ways, he may not given everything to us but he never forget to add some awesomeness in our lives and we just need to recognize it. 261 more words