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Here again... A Love Story

Well, seems I write my best late at night, when everything is still & quiet..

So- I’m going to tell you a story.  It’s not a story that pertains to my current life – not really something I particularly dwell on – just something I saw on TV that made me think about it. 602 more words


Big Thanks!

Just wanted to thank everyone that reads & follows my newbie blog! I really appreciate it! :)

In having a little bit of writers block right now.. 64 more words


5 Reasons Why #DMC 2 Needs to Happen--and be Open World @capcom_unity @ninjatheory

It’s a mixed bag, isn’t it? The DMC: Devil May Cry reaction, I mean. Some people loved the game. Some hated it. Some made disparaging comments about Dante’s new look and behaviors, comparing him to the original, claiming he was an “angsty teen who got pissed that they raised the price of Camel Lights.” 770 more words


My Mom: Proof that People Only Have Children to Act as Slaves

I truly love my mom.. she’s like a best friend. She has been through more with me than any person alive… But right now, she is driving me… 346 more words


New Season - New Hair

My hair is in desperate need of change.. I want something “spring like”.. with pink and purple…

These pictures are the closest to what I’m looking for.. 84 more words


I Hate My Skin, but...

…I am not powerles to it! 

I’m not going to tell ya how old I am, just that I am too old to be dealing with acne… 540 more words