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9 startup ideas that were ahead of their time

Venture investors are fond of their truisms, to the point that the startup world is riddled with clichés. But few cut deeper than the one about timing: “The only thing worse than being wrong is being early.” It’s impossible to count the number of startups which failed because the world wasn’t ready for them yet. 167 more words



So… remember how I’d submitted the Chick Lit Romance to a couple small presses back in December? And how I got requests for fulls?

Well, I am now officially signed with… 31 more words


The Piggy Goes to the Mart

Wow, it’s been a really long time since my last post! I’m so dearly sorry. (OINK.) I was actually pigging out with my friends at school, but I had a piggy midterm and no freakin’ piggy time to update my blog. 250 more words

For Good Instead of Evil

These past couple weeks I have used the expression “Using my powers for Good instead of Evil” more than a couple of times when talking to friends. 210 more words


Poetry on Stamps

I admire poetry in the only way someone who can’t actually write poetry, can appreciate poetry. I may not notice if a piece is written badly or well, but judge purely based on the “feels” it generates. 463 more words


Ceylon 1952 Star Orchid stamp variations

I’m sure that at one stage (likely 25+ years ago) I had nearly 20 copies of this thanks to a larger collection bequeathed to me by a grand aunt. 333 more words


Big useless lumps

Elephants bore me to death. It is thus unfortunate that I live in a country where the big useless lumps are something of a national symbol… 231 more words