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Summer Semi-Hiatus

In case you haven’t figured it out by the relative radio silence, I’m on something of a hiatus now that summer vacation has arrived.

I’m reveling in summer vacation. 321 more words


Love Story

There are so very many amazing love stories out there… right though?!

I have to say MY personal favorite is Nicholas Spark’s, The Notebook.

I often identify with…

221 more words

The Good Fight s2 ep 6


Another stroke of genius in a show packed with them has Adrian becoming a TV pundit, which works wonderfully because a) Adrian is fantastic and b) as Marissa points out, apparently “big heads play well on tv.” Heh. 239 more words


Cozy blanket on a Budget (DIY)

As a mommy that always feels like she is FREEZING. (I hold the anemia completely responsible. LOL) I think this blanket hack is AWESOME SAUCE!! Its fluffy and comfy.. 24 more words

Hey, you! Read this!

There’s an awesome new author out there, and you really need to see his stuff!

His name is Travis Galvan and you need to check out his… 13 more words


Concert Photography: Awesomesauce

A few months back I did my first photoshoot as a photographer at the John Dee nightclub in Oslo, Norway. Which is pretty awesome where I was invited by the band Awesomesauce to shoot their autum concert. 157 more words


An Awesome Photoshoot

About a month ago I had my first real photoshoot as a photographer at John Dee nightclub in Oslo, Norway. Which is pretty awesome and I got 3 new gigs that I’m working on with friends but there is a little planning left. 128 more words

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