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Drumming, Meditation, Seismologic Body Therapy


Playing Drums each morning. It feels great. It’s awesome just having fun.

I am also playing with my right leg again since like 3 Month not having really used it because of pain for over 4 years. 367 more words


New BART rail car crashes at testing facility

During a trial run at Bay Area Rapid Transit‘s (BART) testing facility last week, one of the agency’s new “Fleet of the Future… 203 more words


All Volunteer Event

If you are a CrossPoint Kids volunteer we want you to join us for an awesome event of being together as a team.

In a team every member is important and we want every CrossPoint Kids team member to be encouraged, equipped, envisioned, and ultimately to receive refreshment. 223 more words


Day 8 Week 4, TRE, Drumming


Did the cold shower in the evening, went for only cold and stayed for 3.5 min. I think I am going to do the alternating between warm and cold multiple times with longer than 1 min cold in between the next days. 342 more words


Comparing the Big Dig’s costs to mega projects around the world

Tunnels, highways, and rail lines cost billions no matter where you build them.

Facts and figures are based on an article in the BOSTON GLOBE… 144 more words


"Black Diamonds To Tidewater" WebSite Revisited

“Found” an old WebSite that is now “archived”. Not updated since 2005, but that does not matter since the railroads it covers are not around anymore anyway. 52 more words


new family member

we’ve got something to tell the world: we have a new family member! i think photos express more than words pwahahahaha so there you go: