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Comparing the Big Dig’s costs to mega projects around the world

Tunnels, highways, and rail lines cost billions no matter where you build them.

Facts and figures are based on an article in the BOSTON GLOBE… 144 more words


"Black Diamonds To Tidewater" WebSite Revisited

“Found” an old WebSite that is now “archived”. Not updated since 2005, but that does not matter since the railroads it covers are not around anymore anyway. 52 more words


new family member

we’ve got something to tell the world: we have a new family member! i think photos express more than words pwahahahaha so there you go:




The way you think about adversity affects your ability to persevere.

While it’s often easy to be mentally strong when life is going well, your true strength becomes apparent through adversity. The loss of a loved one, a health problem, relationship issues, and financial troubles are just a few of the hardships most people face at one time or another. 624 more words


10-12 December 1941

Basically the Japanese Blitzkrieg continued on for approximately another six months, but from here on out the Pacific War data will be titled by month and year.   534 more words


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New York Central Snow Blower

Getting to be that time when railroads see snow.

How many jet snow blowers were there? Apparently quite a few. In reading this GE Reports… 132 more words


In Line With The Coffee Girl

She wore a pink dress, the kind I imagined you would wear to a sorority recruitment party, or maybe a little soiree to a Connecticut country club. 811 more words


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