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Ey Ramazan!Yine gel, çok bekletme olur mu?..Güle güle Ramazan, hoş geldin bayram!

Hani insan yolcusunu bekler ya…
İstasyon tıklım tıklım insan dolu, kimisi yolcusunu bekliyor, kimisi yolcusunu uğurluyor. Ağlayan, gülen yan yana duruyor. İşte arife günü, yolcu trenini bekleyen istasyon gibi… Herkes Ramazan’ı uğurlayıp bayramı karşılıyor.
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George Orwell. "Books v. Cigarettes".

A couple of years ago a friend of mine, a newspaper editor, was fire-watching with some factory workers. They fell to talking about his newspaper, which most of them read and approved of, but when he asked them what they thought of the literary section, the answer he got was: ‘You don’t suppose we read that stuff, do you do? 1,581 more words

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“Watch Out!”: New Jersey Shark Attacks of 1916

July 1916 had been a dreadfully hot time for thousands of New Englanders. Combine this with the new craze for swimming and you have busy beaches. 1,060 more words


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Hold on to Your Hats!

Hey Guys!

I hope you all had a great week! For this post I’ll show you my little day trip with my man Beau. You know my life is crazy and filled with unexpected magic, so after I got dressed and slipped on my new enchanted slippers, Beau took my hand. 311 more words

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The American rebirth of politics.

There is preconceived notion that are instilled in are mind, of either that you care about the government  and your ignorant of any real problems because we get to invested in one political group or thought. 450 more words


Let's Build A Product

I started this blog to share my experience in the design and development of products.  So far I haven’t done as much as I would have liked.  1,226 more words

Business Operation

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