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How Relationships Begin: The Awkward Years

Growing up, I was a nerd. I bit my nails, was insanely tall for my age – taller than the boys, kept my hair wild and curly – hardly ever CUTELY tamed with fly-aways and the standard ponytail. 812 more words

The Garden Of Eve

Other Girls

There’s this part in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie, not the TV series) where Buffy is slow-dancing with Luke Perry, and he whispers into her ear “You’re not like other girls.” And Buffy replies “Yes I am.” … 1,337 more words

I know this is supposed to be about writing, but just wanted to let you know that apparently I was already a comic genius when I was eight.

Spitting Distance

In fourth grade Jackie and a couple other girls called me over in the schoolyard during recess, which was unusual because mostly everyone ignored me, pausing only to mutter Fishface as they passed by where I was sitting against the wall of the trailer, reading… 491 more words

Skate Party

Skating is a crazy thing that a lot of people have taken part in. It is kind of strange how enjoyable it is. How bored are you when you get enjoyment out of going around a circle with wheels on your feet. 272 more words

Revenge of the nerds

Since joining the blogosphere in 2008, I’ve made no secret of my awkward childhood days, which included my 11-year-old self carrying around and having one-way conversations with wrinkled magazine clippings of Frankie Muniz, covering my bedroom walls with celebrity collages, and scrawling my signature animal “Wet Porky” onto homework assignments. 442 more words