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Closest Thing To A Date I’ve Been On In A While

There are some people you are just destined to have an awkward time with. This story starts with a FaceBook friend’s status update “I have a free appetizer, dinner, dessert, bottle of wine, and comedy show if you want to join me tonight.” 1,064 more words


Sha lalalalala Kiss De Girllll.........

Mizz D has found herself yet another gentleman caller… This time though, Mizz D is being just a little more cautious and suppressing (or at least attempting to) her feelings of wanting to melt in his wake and being more smitten than a 15 year old who just finished reading Twilight… 214 more words

Dating Dramas

I know it’s been awhile, and I apologize. And yes, I’ve missed you too. Here's a story:

This story is about Gary:

Gary was tall(er than me), dark, and handsome. He was witty, could cook, and he was able to keep me interested via tinder text (which is not the easiest thing to do). 933 more words


Robert. The Planned Accidate.

An office holiday party was coming up and I didn’t have a date. I had only been in town for a few months and didn’t have time to get out to make friends let alone find a date.   916 more words


The talking good guy

Ive been on a lot of awkward uncomfortable dates before. I was really disappointed when this one made me feel this way though.

This guy was super nice and really cute. 194 more words

Online Dating

The Shape Shifter

This was the first date back in action, we met on Match.  Her pics were good, she seemed really cool and after about a week of messaging we decided to meet up. 519 more words