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Dating Chronicles: Unfortunate Shared Interest

Sharing my experiences is the cornerstone behind why I even started this blog. And this post is one that I am not only excited and nervous to share, but I want to share it right. 1,448 more words


The Brunette Part 3

After date #2 it was agreed that date #3 was in her hands – I had paid both times and she had issue with that “You can’t keep covering the bill” she said at the end of date 2.  542 more words


Boring Date

I met Mike last summer after chatting with him in Grindr. He is few years younger than me white guy who works in real estate. We exchanged phone numbers to flirt some more. 171 more words


Mr Uber and me

My life is an absolute joke. Jokes aside.

Two weeks ago my neighbour and I stayed up all night to make a tombstone and a cross that I was going to use for a demonstration in our textbooks campaign.   1,801 more words

Nomatter Ndebele

Thursday, November 12

Sigh. I’m not going to say that the date was the most awkward of my life. Sadly, I’ve been on way worse. However, it was definitely a letdown after all the texting conversations we had. 276 more words

Single Motherhood

Boundaries (An Awkward Date)

Clumsy, sticky fingers

Like intrusive spiders

Urge the crease of your skirt

Upward, unwelcome

Your decisive legs

Close like scissor blades

And his intentions quickly fade… 11 more words


Closest Thing To A Date I’ve Been On In A While

There are some people you are just destined to have an awkward time with. This story starts with a FaceBook friend’s status update “I have a free appetizer, dinner, dessert, bottle of wine, and comedy show if you want to join me tonight.” 1,064 more words