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You Have No Idea

You have no idea how demeaning this is for both of us.

How, after 12 years, our companionship is now winnowed
down to one ill-advised portrait for all the World Wide Web to ridicule. 103 more words

New year, New me: a hope sonnet.

It’s January 1st 2016, I was going to write a blog post about how I’m back, and writing one entry each day of this 2016, but then I read my last post: 171 more words


Awkward Marjon Photos

Ugh! The doom and gloom of November is getting to me, so this time I decided to find something to laugh about. And since the archives always provide, here are the most awkward Marjon photos taken from the prospectuses. 250 more words


I love Halloween...

…And apparently, so do some other people.

I facebooked this one to my  husband telling him I found his costume for this year.

However, if you have a beer gut, I suppose this is a clever idea.  42 more words


Photo Sessions Go Wrong With Kids

I know I might get a few haters after say this but if you really think about it, it’s true… Kids ruin EVERYTHING!

Before you sharpen your knifes and pitchforks, please allow me to explain. 375 more words

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