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Revenge of the Awkward Author Photo Contest - I GOT 3rd PLACE! WOOO!

So you might remember a previous post where I mentioned that I was entering a competition for awkward author photos, and that the other entries for it were positively exploding with gaiety and hilarity… 84 more words


Twenty-two years later: when a school picture is so wrong, it’s right

I first got glasses when I was about twelve, but at my visit to a new optometrist recently, I found out something to make me resent all of my other eye doctors, anyone who ever complained that I can’t seem to handle a regular camera flash, and everyone who’s not bothered by the brightness of most living room lamps. 1,054 more words


Children's photos sure to give you a Long Awkward Pause

Because tomorrow is National Grandparents Day, and we know our grandparents would never say anything bad about any photo of their grandchildren, I and the rest of the staff over at… 118 more words


WTF Profile Pictures

I think I could possibly make 14.56 million dollars for coaching people in the fine art of online dating. You know where I would start? Profile pictures. 300 more words

Open Marriage

Awkward Family Photos

After two weeks of accepting submissions, the ‘awkward family photos’ theme is now over. We’ve selected pictures from each the of the students’ submissions and uploaded them in the slideshow below. 81 more words

Refresher Course: a lesson in produce

My inbox only shows so much text at once, but the subject line of one of today’s emails made my eyes bulge – I most certainly do not subscribe to… 20 more words

What The Fluff?