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When you get that one message...

A friend sent this message to me today and it made me laugh. I haven’t edited it because I think it makes it funnier. Please be aware that English is not my friends first language either. 161 more words

Is that me?

Last night I’m sitting on my comfy couch with Batman and Whippet (one of my Best friends forever), I was searching through a green shopping bag of old photos looking for a photo of Wheels when he was 3-4 sitting in a bath with a Spider-man figure with no head and in place of his head is a delightfully large and wet Poo nugget. 1,060 more words

Childhood Trauma

Hi! Hello! Hola! Namaste!

I don’t know how to do this. How do people start their first post on a blog? I should’ve googled about it.¬† Shouldn’t I? Well, now its too late. 431 more words

Augustus Waters Quote

Stifled Tutorial Haiku

She talks like she is

eating a large slice of cake

in between her words


night owl problems.

things i feel like doing at 11:45PM, and never at any other, more reasonable time in the day:

put away the laundry, write a song, paint my nails, rearrange the furniture, budget out the next six months of my life, organize my drawers, knit a scarf, do yoga, alphabetize my bookshelf, look at all the dreamy apartments i can’t afford to rent (yet), read the whole bible, write thank-you cards, achieve nirvana, etc…. 9 more words

Tuesday Throwback: That Awkward Hall's Refresh Commercial In A Dorm Room

This one is from 2009, and damn, it’s awkward. We got the mom, Mrs. Hunter, and her son’s new roommate sharing a moment over a Hall’s Refresh. 75 more words

Tuesday Throwback