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Making the BIG move!

I’ve never been the awkward type of person; at least I never thought I was. Then came time to move on to the new duty station. 316 more words


Young Me Was Boy Crazy

My life tends to be boring, but when I do have stories….heh they are still…

boring. xD Lol. Let us see. Story time with Leesa. I wonder what I can say here that could be somewhat interesting. 598 more words


My Spam Comments


I get a lot of spam comments. Some of them are pretty funny. Obviously normally they can’t be seen and I don’t get notified by them thanks to Akismet. 294 more words

General Awkwardness.

This Is The End...

Hello everybody 😶.

As you can tell by the title of this blog post, I have something very important to tell you. I have been trying to explain my decision to you and I hope that you will understand. 160 more words


"Wouldn't it be Nice if..."

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone understood their sexuality? If you just knew 100% from your childhood whether you were straight or not, if you were a “boy” “girl” or “other”, if you were asexual or not, if you were aromantic or not, etc etc etc. 1,555 more words

30 day blogging challenge - Day 28 - Most Embarrassing Moment

Isn’t it annoying when you try to think of an embarrassing moment but you can’t think of one, then randomly one will occur to you when you’re just relaxing?! 128 more words