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I think I made it awkward. Again.

So, saying ‘rape’ almost anywhere is like saying ‘bomb’ in an airport. I wonder, have they changed the term for raping and pillaging? Is it just pillaging now? 798 more words

September 27, 2016's Ramble

California heat is killing me. My nose has been bleeding for the past few days. From both nostrils. Dear me, I hate the heat. Good thing I’m already more brown than burnt toast, or I’d probably hate the heat more. 467 more words


knock knock, it's me

Hello to the large world of people who push on pull doors and people who talk to their crushes with spinach on their teeth. Hello to those¬†who’ve waved at someone they thought was waving at them but turns out they were waving to someone behind you. 318 more words


Back To School

Oh god, just looking at this title…ugh *takes deep breath*. Back. To. School. Those three words are killing me. As I write this, I’m still on summer holidays but as its posted, I will be at school *shudder*. 415 more words