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Um, I’m not really sure what’s happening here but if memory serves Ben was attempting to dress a pumpkin up to look like me.  He and I adored Halloween and would celebrate all month long.   28 more words


Entry 6 (12:30pm, THU, OCT 19, 2017)

So, I’ve decided to tell the story of my first and only ex-boyfriend. In this situation, we’ll call him Lee. During August of 2015, I hung out with six or so people. 1,433 more words

Just a picture...

I drew this at least 5 years a go and have just recently decided to edit the photo a bit.

Data update

Don’t you DARE think I’ve forgotten about my no-pants-count. If you’re new to this, and thinking WTF is going on / why isn’t she wearing pants / what kind of blog is this / I’m regretting reading something about a girl who wears no pants / oh dear god, Ryan Gosling 😍 /, then refer back to a post called, “I’m Looking for Data, Guys”, and then come back. 37 more words

The unicorn poop paradox 

So, we’re reading this lovely book with my kids. I highly recommend anything by the beloved Liz Climo. She lends her creative hand to the artwork for this story about a boy who wishes for a unicorn and it comes true! 93 more words


Haiku-A-Day #1363

Eating banana

Mistakenly in public

Awkward eye contact