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Barometer of feelings

Take a glass of milk, pour it over a sheet of paper. Sprinkle some snow on top too. Now put the mixture in a porcelain cup and throw it in a pit of fire! 695 more words


Scooting down memory lane in Awkward Game Show Moments

David and Dara have a little too much fun with this Instant Bargain…..

“When I said shift it into second gear, that’s not what I meant!”

Sale Of The Century

How to be more Beyonce and less Bridget Jones

This week I was going to write a review of The Body Shop Fresh Nude foundation but I felt like I needed to write this post instead because currently and for the past 19 years of my life I have been the epitome of Bridget Jones. 315 more words

Becoming Social

I’m unfortable. I’m awkward. I never know what to say. This is me trying to becoming social again.

I was invited bowling with a couple guys tonight. 261 more words

A Game of Hearts

“What do I do with my hands? I hope Robert doesn’t notice how awkward this is”

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