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My past failure and how I moved on...  

My life was full of failure and awkwardness some years back. This failure continued without me finding the solution to my problems. It caused me sleepless nights, every night was like an afternoon to me. 228 more words



I’ve been playing with the idea of writing book reviews of books that shaped me as a child. I recently found the book called “A Ring of Endless Light” at a book sale my library was having. 252 more words

York Awk


I started my time in England with a cold walk to get Chinese food last night. My uncle and I walked through the streets of York to find a section of Asian style restaurants, the genius that I am I had forgotten my beanie and my jacket. 1,317 more words


10 Things People with an Unusual Name Will Understand

My full name is Emmie Eva Marie Togneri and so understandably when doctors, or anyone for that matter, try to pronounce my name, I am confronted with some hilarious results! 699 more words


Sometimes You Gotta Just Do It.

For the last month I’ve sat around and drafted up some posts, deleted posts, and flat out shut my MacBook and said I will get to this when I get to it. 201 more words


My First Kiss.

I am not going to lie, I hadn’t very many friends in secondary school and was (in my opinion) hugely mislabelled as the ‘weird kid.’ Just look at how cool I was! 444 more words