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The $40 Computer

This is one of my older ideas. Thought I’d offer it out there since the company I told it to didn’t seem to care. It’s a simple enough concept. 133 more words

General Ideas

S3 - Encryption

Encryption on any system requires three components:

(1) data to encrypt
(2) a method to encrypt the data using a cryptographic algorithm(AES)
(3) encryption keys to be used in conjunction with the data and the algorithm. 422 more words


Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect SWF / SQS Study Sheet

Simple WorkFlow Service – SWF

Web service to coordinate  work across distributed application components [ Human tasks outside of process can be included as well ]  – Tasks represent invocations of logical steps in Applications. 356 more words


AWS Certified Solutions Architect -Associate 2017

  1. Identity Access Management (IAM)
  2. AWS Object Storage and CDN – S3, Glacier and CloudFront
    • S3
    • S3-Version Control
    • Cross Region Replication
    • Lifecycle Management & Glacier
    • S3 – Security & Encryption…
  3. 101 more words

REDtalks #18 - Enabling the docker TCP API in AWS

Not a traditional REDtalks post today (no interview/demo), but this took me a while to work out so I thought I’d share.

What’s this about? 488 more words


AWS CLI Queries and jq

Anyone who’s worked with the AWS CLI/API knows what a joy it is. Who hasn’t gotten API-throttled?  Woot!  Well, anyway, at work we’re using Cloudhealth… 1,210 more words


How to deploy an ASP.NET app to the cloud from Visual Studio Web Deploy - Comparing Azure vs AWS vs Google Compute


So, you’re a Rockstar developer and you’ve constructed an app that is primed and ready to be the next big thing. All that stands between you and millions of users is deploying it to the cloud. 3,084 more words