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Amazon Web Services vs Microsoft Azure service comparison cheat sheet

Originally posted on Lucian’s blog at clouduccino.com.

I’m a big fan of both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The two clouds are redefining the way web, apps and everything on the internet is made accessible from enterprise to the average user. 352 more words

Azure Infrastructure

Cloud Developer の調査: あなたは DevOp 派? Coder 派? それとも RAD 派?

Cloud Developer Profiles: Are you a DevOp, Coder, or RAD?

Dick Weisinger – April 22nd, 2015


So, you’re a developer, but which cloud platform is best for you? 366 more words


Amazon Web ServicesはデータウェアハウスサービスRedshiftの基盤としてデータ移行プラットホームAmiatoを買収していた [ #cbajp ]

Amazon Web Services(AWS)は、2012年にローンチしたRedshiftにより、サービスのリーチをデータウェアハウジングやビッグデータ分析の分野にも広げてきた。CTOのWerner Vogelsによると、それはAWSの中でも今いちばん急成長のプロダクトだ。このRedshiftには、AWS生え抜きの技術者たちだけでなく、買収によって獲得した人材も開発に関わっていたことが、このほど明らかになった。



Operator: Pretzelboy90

Unit: Well MB01 L96 Hex-camo


Using Amazon DynamoDb for IP and co-ordinate based geo-location services part 6: uploading IPv4 range to DynamoDb


In the previous post we successfully created a limited IPv4 range file ready to be uploaded to DynamoDb. We saw how the relevant bits were extracted from the reduced subset of the MaxMind CSV source file and how the DynamoDb-specific input file was created. 712 more words


Using Amazon DynamoDb for IP and co-ordinate based geo-location services part 5: creating the IPv4 source file for DynamoDb


In the previous post we went through our strategy to save the longitude-latitude coordinates in DynamoDb for our geo-spatial queries later on. We said that we would save the records in DynamoDb in a way so that it fits queries according to a library designed by AWS which in turn uses a geo-library from Google. 968 more words


Query for Search Results with CloudSearch

This is a continuation of my last post: How to connect to CloudSearch with the AWS PHP SDK.

Once again, for all of the great things that Amazon does… their documentation is pathetic. 483 more words