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Warning to UK Public Sector about leaky Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are currently in the news for all the wrong reasons.  Their Simple Storage Servers (S3) – known as ‘buckets’ – have been successfully targeted by hackers.  402 more words


Using Manual Mocks to test the AWS SDK with Jest

Anytime you build Node applications it is highly suggested that your cover your code with tests.  When your code interacts with 3rd party API’s such as AWS you will most certainly want to mock/stub your calls in order to prevent external calls (if you actually want to do external calls, these are called integration tests not unit tests. 581 more words


AWS GuardDuty Manager

As mentioned in my previous blog New to AWS GuardDuty? I have been working on open sourcing the tool that I wrote for internal use. Now it is public available on my GitHub: … 174 more words


Patching Linux Workloads on AWS

Most malware tries to compromise your systems by using a known vulnerability that the operating system maker has already patched. As best practices to help prevent malware from affecting your systems, you should apply all operating system patches and actively monitor your systems for missing patches. 2,736 more words


Getting Started With Your .NET App on AWS - Part 1 Setup

AWS has many services. AWS provides nearly 100 services: many types of virtual servers, several types of storage services, ways for you to build and deploy your application on virtual networks. 1,837 more words


Improving AWS / Cisco ASA VPN Instability

If you are experiencing any instability in regards to a VPN connection between your corporate datacenter and AWS, consider the following (received from AWS Support) if you are using Cisco ASAs to establish the VPN connection to AWS. 682 more words


AWS ECS and Bitbucket Pipelines: Deploy your docker application


Here are some tips and tricks on how to update an existing AWS ECS deployment.

NOTICE: This post assume that you have some knowledge on AWS, scripting, docker and Bitbucket. 1,275 more words