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TEL monthly newsletter – June 2017

Shine’s TEL group was established in 2011 with the aim of publicising the great technical work that Shine does, and to raise the company’s profile as a technical thought-leader through blogs, local meet up talks, and conference presentations. 512 more words


AWS VPC and VPC Peering

Creating a VPC
  1. Create a new VPC with CIDR block
    Eg .
    Number of ips = 2 ^ (32-16)
    Ips range in the VPC ( –
  2. 354 more words

GoDaddy Pulls the Plug on Its Amazon-Like Cloud Business

GoDaddy is giving up on a business that it debuted just a little over a year ago.

The website hosting company is ending its cloud computing business, which it… 293 more words


What fields does a Serverless HTTP event have in AWS Lambda?

I was reading through the Serverless docs, and I wasn’t clear on exactly what was available on the event that gets passed in when I use the default… 25 more words

Amazon Messaging Services

Episode 79

As promised in the last episode, today we are going to look into the messaging category of AWS services group. Messaging is sometimes considered a part of application services group, however in the console they make up separate list, so let’s treat them the same here. 781 more words


How to fetch data from AWS Athena using PHP

// https://aws.amazon.com/documentation/sdk-for-php/

require_once ‘aws/aws-autoloader.php’;

use Aws\Athena\AthenaClient;

try {
$Client = AthenaClient::factory(array(
‘version’ => ‘latest’,
‘region’ => ‘REGION’,
‘credentials’ => array(
‘key’ => ‘KEY’,
‘secret’ => ‘SECRET_KEY’, 169 more words

AWS Athena

S3 Buckets for Good and Evil

Amazon’s S3 buckets have been a hot topic lately and are worth taking a look at from both a red and blue perspective. Just last week, poor S3 bucket access control management has led to Verizon… 1,610 more words