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How to set NTP on Windows in AWS

Ref: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/WindowsGuide/windows-set-time.html

#Solve issue which cannot change time after set registry RealTimeIsUniversal
#More over, the time is changed back to the CMOS clock.(restart required) 134 more words


Django storage for cloud

This time I’m here to bring you what could be a great way to deploy for a production Django in any PAAS like Openshift, Cloud Foundry or Heroku. 948 more words

Cloud Foundry

Connect to your AWS EC2 Instance with RDP

If you are paranoid about security, you may have set up a security rule restrict the RDP traffic source traffic.

If you get a different public IP from your workstation (due to location change or release of IP address), you may no longer be able to access your AWS EC2 instance remotely. 72 more words


With New Budgeting Tools, AWS Makes It Easier For Developers To Manage Costs

Amazon today announced two new tools that make it easier for developers to control their expenses on its AWS cloud computing platform.

The first tool, called… 234 more words


Cloud Building Blocks

As an IT Architect, the way I understand complex topics is by breaking them down into simpler ones.  Think of the common Lego building block example.  211 more words


Running Arbitrary Functions in AWS Lambda (Node.js)

AWS Lambda is an interesting service released by Amazon last year. It allows you to run some piece of code without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure or how it will scale, you code starts running after an event, and you get billed for the runtime only. 608 more words


Compendium of Wondrous Links vol X

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