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Sorting Out Elastic Beanstalk Periodic Worker Tasks

Recently, AWS announced support for “periodic worker tasks”, a.k.a. cron jobs, a.k.a. scheduled tasks in ElasticBeanstalk worker tiers. This is a feature I’ve been missing in Elastic Beanstalk, and I was unjustifiably excited when I read the announcement. 504 more words

logstash tuning on AWS

During a recent test where I put up 125+ AWS instances to do some work I ran into an issue. All of the instances are pushing their logs via… 467 more words


S3にBasic認証付きリクエストをすると400:Bad Requestになる

nginx で S3 にリバースプロキシしたサイトで、特定の URL 配下にしらーっとBasic認証を追加したら、S3 のリソースの取得が"400 : Bad Request" でことごとく失敗していた。




バケットを作成し、オブジェクトを public-read の ACL つきて PUT する。

$ aws s3 mb s3://acbb
make_bucket: s3://acbb/
$ echo hello | aws s3 cp - s3://acbb/hello --acl public-read
… 178 more words

Using Amazon Elastic MapReduce with the AWS .NET API Part 6: Hive with Amazon S3 and DynamoDb


In the previous post we looked at how to interact with EMR using the AWS .NET SDK. We saw examples of how to get the cluster list, start a new cluster, assign steps to the cluster and finally terminate it. 1,386 more words


Elasticsearch to scan your EC2 repositories soon

While Elasticsearch has been a big success across Amazon Web Search properties, with some 10 million downloads, the big data search engine currently doesn’t play that well with Elastic Cloud Compute. 406 more words


How to import on-premises ORACLE data to ORACLE RDS, few simple steps!!

Importing data to ORACLE RDS will be a complex job if you are doing it for the first time. You can follow the below simple steps to do that. 315 more words