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Introduction to Amazon Code Pipeline with Java part 23: job worker daemon wrap-up


In the previous post we finished discussing the job poller implementation. The job poller’s execute function runs every time the job agent polls Code Pipeline for new jobs. 649 more words


Integrate with Ease - AWS + Twilio, Slack and IoT

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is changing the way engineers develop solutions.  It is so easy to prototype and have a scalable architecture with very little hand holding from the Office of the CTO or Systems Engineers. 1,096 more words


ODOO (Open ERP) AWS setup notes for your unforeseen startup


Setup ODOO on EC2 & RDS (Insecure)

Go to https://www.odoo.com and make sure you understand the needs for an ERP system at your startup. 491 more words


AWSと光環新網が新たな提携 北京リージョンの枠組み転換 規制のグレーゾーン脱す [ #cloud ]

Amazon Web Services(AWS)中国法人の亜馬遜通技術服務(北京)は8月1日、北京リージョンの展開について、地場データセンター(DC)事業者の北京光環新網科技(光環新網=Sinnet)との新たな提携を発表した。これによって、同リージョンで展開するクラウドサービスは今後、光環新網が運営・提供の主体になる。



How to raise your vibration...

I feel like the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. An exciting, inspiring, motivating whirlwind. So first thing’s first, I was able to attend the AWS Conference in NYC. 272 more words

Are FTE's not 'Cloudey' enough?

We’re seeing a shift in the climate, the paradigm change that only todays technology is able to deliver. With self-automating, self-managing virtualized datacenters, managed services, contracted IT, is the FTE a dinosaur in the office? 732 more words


AWS: Cleaning up AMIs & Snapshots in bulk, quickly - Addendum; Orphan Snapshots.

Continuing on from my last blog on clearing amis and associated snapshots, here i look at the snapshots that are not part of amis – i hadn’t realised how many there were until i blasted away 80%+ of our old amis. 908 more words