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Running Gor, the HTTP traffic replayer, as a service on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Gor is a great utility for replicating (a subset of) production traffic to a staging/test environment. Running it on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EB) has some challenges, mainly that it doesn’t support running as a daemon and that there isn’t any documentation/examples for doing this. 160 more words


AWS ebextensions: Avoiding "Could not enable service" (or .. disable ..)

If you are adding a service entry to your .ebextensions/ config to run a service in AWS Elastic Beanstalk and it fails with either “Could not enable service [..]” 29 more words


Amazon's Machine Learning is so easy, it should be a crime

I’m a big fan of Amazon Web Services.  So scalable. So intuitive.  So click-able.  Maybe I just feel like a kid again, playing with my digital LEGOs.   853 more words

Part 0: Getting started with IoT on AWS and Arduino (+ESP8266)

I’ll be doing a series of posts on getting started with building IoT applications using an AWS EC2 Instance and an Arduino with ESP8266 WiFi Module. 315 more words


SAP、オンプレミス版「SAP S/4HANA」を30日間試用可能に--AWS経由で [ #cbajp ]

SAPは米国時間7月28日、オンプレミス版の「Business Suite 4 SAP HANA(SAP S/4HANA)」を30日間試用できるようにしたと発表した。ただし、試用するには「Amazon Web Services(AWS)」のアカウントが必要となる。SAPはライセンス販売からクラウドでのサービス提供に軸足を移してきている。



AWS: Passing private configuration to a Docker container (via S3)

Philipp Garbe describes how to pass environment variables that you want to keep private to a public Docker instance run on Amazon Web Services (beanstalk or ECS) in his post  103 more words


AWSで仕事したい!新沼さんが歩んだ鹿児島ワークへの道 [ #cbajp ]