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Could serverless computing work in a public volunteer cloud?

Serverless computing

What’s that old schoolyard rhyme? “AWS and Azure, sitting in a tree, I – A -A – S,  P – A -Y – G. 1,152 more words


Secure copy files ( SCP ) between two EC2 instances in AWS

We are extensively using the Amazon EC2 instances for hosting our applications and require setup of the communication between two of more instances for file copy or service discovery. 536 more words


Bulk Change ACL for Amazon S3

Using bucket policies, it is easy to set ACL settings for all new objects that are uploaded to Amazon S3.

However, I wanted to remove ‘public’ read rights for a whole bunch of objects at the same time and such policies do not apply to objects that are already stored on S3. 151 more words

Salesforce inks deal with AWS to expand international presence

AWS announced today that it was expanding its relationship with Salesforce.com, with Salesforce naming the cloud giant a preferred cloud provider.

The agreement should help Salesforce increase its international presence without having to build its own data centers in countries that have data sovereignty laws, which require that data stays in-country. 357 more words


Pushing Everyone's Buttons In IT

We have officially reached the point in our long and storied IT careers where we, as old fogies, have earned the right to complain about the next generation of users and professionals. 853 more words


Bamboo plan for AWS build part 2

Let’s take a closer look at the build plan. It has four stages, and the names are self explanatory.

Checkout – Check out the source code from one or more repositories. 325 more words


The false promise of Bimodal IT - let's Go-Fast

Why am I rushing in with this topic when we have just launched our business, Trajan Solutions? Surely I should be talking about our services? Why not talk about the first class web and content management solutions we can deliver to help grow your business at higher quality and lower cost? 393 more words