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How Are Organizations Using Amazon's Cloud? Some Interesting Statistics

With Amazon finally lifting the kimono and admitting to the world that its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division is a massive (and fast growing) part of the business, it is interesting to look into what all of that $6 billion worth of revenue is being spent on.

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Linux containers

For a long time, web applications have been deployed directly on bare metal servers. To run a web application, you had to rent a server, install an operating system, then run your application on top of it. 237 more words


Configuring and setting up Haproxy on an AWS AMI amazon-linux

To make life simpler I followed Robert Sindall’s instructions on setting up Haproxy on an Amazon Linux AMI.

Robert Sindall install haproxy on …

I first launched a t1.small micro into my VPC, basically following the default settings as I was after free tier (I don’t have much cash you see), the only thing I did different to normal as change the IP addressing to enable public IP’s so my instance could be seen by the outside world. 138 more words

Amazon Linux

Virtual Machines on IBM Bluemix

So IBM recently launched the beta of the ‘Virtual Machines’ feature on their Bluemix platform. You get some freebies in this free beta.

“The free Beta plan for public virtual machines includes 8 instances, 8 vCPU, 12 GB of memory, 200GB of block storage, and 4 public IP addresses.” 26 more words


Visual Documentation when you need it most!

Cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and the like make it super easy for developers to make use of their services. This is both good and bad in that whilst your developers are able to get your features out to market faster, it also presents a problem to whoever’s in charge of maintenance and security of these systems. 486 more words


So what? Why now?

In my previous posts I’ve looked into the past on this topic and some of the fundamentals of what constitutes a microservices architecture.  However, as a consultant and an architect I often find myself asking “ 857 more words

アリババは中国(あるいは他のどこか)のAWSになれるのか? [ #cbajp ]

中国企業Alibabaの2015会計年度の決算は素晴らしく、新たな最高経営責任者(CEO)も就任したばかりだ。このEコマースの巨人は、本拠地の中国における「Amazon Web Services」(AWS)になるとの決意を固めている。Alibabaはパブリッククラウド市場で成功するのだろうか?