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Get purchase invoice id from packing slip trans (VendPackingSlipTrans)

static void ExampleJob(Args _args)
    VendPackingSlipTrans packingSlipTrans;
    VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch;
    vendInvoicetrans vendInvoiceTrans;

    select firstOnly packingSlipTrans where packingSlipTrans.RecId == 5637155083;

    select firstonly vendInvoiceTrans
    join VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch
        where VendInvoiceTrans.SourceDocumentLine == VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch.InvoiceSourceDocumentLIne
            && VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch.PackingSlipSourceDocumentLine == packingSlipTrans.SourceDocumentLine;



credited to : EYO

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Reset Production order status through x++ code

On recent enhancement there was a scenario that for some condition I need to reset the production order status from Estimated/Scheduled to created and need to delete the production order. 248 more words

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How to: Enable Warehouse and Transportation management

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 includes new Warehouse and Transportation management modules that are enabled by a single configuration key, along with the previously released Warehouse management II module. 153 more words

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Removing Trailing zero’s from decimal places

I came across a scenario where customer need to remove the trailing zero’s in decimal places if exists. Since Ax doesn’t have the functions to remove , I created a new method which will remove the zeros. 61 more words

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TFS: SysTreeNodeObject not initialized error

When we do process the remaining objects from version Control –> synchronization Log, some times we used to get the error: SysTreeNodeObject not initialized….

This is because the class SysTreeNodeVSItem treeNode variable is going to be null when the SysTreeNodeVSItem::importFromFile(_filename, vsItemNode); 64 more words

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Extract security objects details for a role

There are situations where we feel it would be handy to get a report having the details of  all the security objects which are used by a role. 674 more words


Dynamics AX2012 SQL Dictionary challenges when restoring database to another environment

All Dynamics AX customers restore transaction database from one environment ( e.g. Production environment ) to another ( e.g. Test environment)

There are situations when the object IDs in the Model database of the two environments do not match  resulting in issues such as data loss during the synchronisation. 664 more words