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Lookup on temp table on form control

Let’s assume there is a temporary table of type “InMemory” as a datasource on a form and you want to create a lookup on a control on the same form. 43 more words

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Find worker assigned to current user

To find the worker / employee of the current user in Dynamics AX 2012 you can use the currentWorker method of table DirPersonUser.
It returns the RecId of HcmWorker table.

HcmWorkerRecId workerRecId;
workerRecId = DirPersonUser::currentWorker();

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FastTabExpanded property on form TabPage

On a TabPage control on forms there is a property called FastTabExpanded.
The property controls weather the FastTab appears expanded or collapsed and how this can be changed by the user. 120 more words

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AllowUserSetup property form controls

Today I recognized the property AllowUserSetup on a Tab control for the first time.

My case was the form WMSShipmentWizard.

But first lets take a closer look on the property itself and its values: 210 more words

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CLRObject could not be created error when entering Tools/Options in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

If you get the error ‘CLRObject could not be created’ when entering Tools/Options from the AOT in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Try to go to the Control Panel/Administrative Tools and check the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Server Configuration and note if you have ‘Enable the hot-swapping of assemblies for each development session’ activated. 69 more words

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Kernel version and application version number are different on AX 2012 R3 CU8

i installed AX 2012 R3, then i installed R3 CU8 update with offline package.
the problem is after installed, the version number is different.

although it was running well on the first heavy test, i’m afraid the R2 crash issue because different build number will raise again at R3. 31 more words

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Default index for a table in AX / X++ Or System index in ax

System index:

Microsoft dynamics ax requires index on each table. If there are no indexes on a table or all the indexes are disabled, a system index is automatically created. 90 more words

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