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Reading Infologs and Inserting new line for email body Dynamics ax 2012

I have designed a feature where i need to send the executions logs of Batch on its completion via email, That part is done perfectly fine and emails starts coming, I have read the infologs and concatenate the two strings so i can make one big string of multiple infologs, i was using… 130 more words

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SSRS Report – Timeout error for Long running queries in AX2012

“A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond” 275 more words

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Dynamics ax 2012 Use of JSON

I’ve recently had a requirement to integrate an external system with Dynamics AX 2012’. Here is a very basic code sample of how to consume JSON using these classes in Dynamics AX 2012. 48 more words

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Microsoft dynamics AX : Simple AIF service for Document attachment

Recently i have come across a scenario where a document (image, text etc) needs to be uploaded either from Mobile fabric or thin client portal and it needs to be attached in AX just like what we usually in order to attach docs. 240 more words


cannot create a data definition language command on "source document line" : Accounting distribution

error “cannot create a data definition language command on “source document line””

In one of the client we had the requirement to always post the… 259 more words

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Deserialize JSON Data using DataContractJsonSerializer

In one of the integration, I needed to de-serialize a json to an object inside the AX.

To de-serialize we have used DataContractJsonSerializer and created a .NET class to pass the JSON parameter (string) and return is an object :) .. 106 more words

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How to open AX with a User Role and debug it at the same time in Dynamics #AX2012

Recently came across a scenario where we had to debug a user session that had limited rights to the system, one way of doing that could be for instance… 204 more words

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