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Small job that helps you update the Customer address book association

1:  static void UpdateAddressBookOfCustomer(Args _args) {  
2:      CustTable custTable; //= CustTable::find("2104");  
3:      container addressBooks = ["ALL", "CEU", "CEC"];  
4:      while select firstonly Party from custTable {  
5:          DirAddressBookParty::createPartyRelationsByName(custTable.Party, addressBooks);  
6:      }  
7:  }  

Happy Daxing :)

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Number sequence 0 does not exists while Time sheet posting in Dynamics ax R3

After recent upgrade from Dynamics ax 2012 RTM version to R3 I found problem in posting the timesheet and the error was “Number sequence 0 does not exists” This error is not so obvious. 139 more words

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Customer Success Story : Physician Partners of America

Physician Partners of America (PPOA) is a multi-faceted healthcare group that focuses on building strategic alliances and partnerships with private-practice and multi-specialty physicians. PPOA allows its partners to remain focused on delivering superior healthcare and building stronger doctor-patient relationships, without the economic pressures associated with a rapidly changing healthcare environment. 351 more words

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AX2012 - Compare model. When you put in hotfixes, updates and want to do less - Part 1

So you got updated Model(s) or hotfix(es) and need to make sure your ISV or VAR or CUS / USR layer code has been merged. 487 more words

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Anytype issues with conPeek()

Hello everyone! It is my first post for axbrasil.com and I would like to thank everyone to be reading our thoughts here!

Well, I was working in a task to generate a CSV file based on customer transactions per company, and I got an issue when comparing a value of a container containing selected user companies using the function conPeek() and a string. 85 more words


SSRS Report running Total using Expression?

Suppose we have One Parameter –> Balance = 100 and we needs to show running total on each rows as per example below. One of the way is that to write business logic in RDP class and calculate it. 76 more words

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How to debug Batch jobs and service operations ?

All the batch jobs and service operations now run in the managed code (IL) and therefore breakpoints set in x++ do not get hit as expected! 192 more words

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