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Open form from info log

HI, below sample code used to open relevant form info log. I

n my case, i need to open PO from info log.

info(strFmt(“Open %1 PO”,purchIdStr),””,SysInfoAction_TableField::newBuffer(PurchTable::find(purchIdStr)));

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Importing XPO Files And Origin ID

In Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012, when you import a xpo file, make sure to clear out the Origin IDs included when you export an element from another instance of Ax e.g. 141 more words

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error : HTTP Error 503: Service unavailable when open EP site AX

the issue occur when i tried restarting IIS for updating new customize on EP portal.

not all the service on IIS pool are restarting due to some error. 21 more words

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How to find the list of objects that are customized in user layer in AX 2012 R3

Hi Folks,

Yesterday, I have come across to a situation where I need to prepare a document which should list all the objects of the user layer which are customized till now. 119 more words

Ax 2012 R3

convert null to 0 type BIGINT (INT64 on AX) when outer join on view using SysComputedColumn

public static server str DefaultDimension()

    str field = SysComputedColumn::returnField(tableStr(HRSJobPositionDefaultDimension),
                    fieldStr(HcmPositionDefaultDimension, DefaultDimension));
    return SysComputedColumn::if(
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RFSmart5 for Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 Custom Environment SetUp

The instruction for setting up an RFSmart5 for Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 custom environment can be found at icspsb.icsfl.com/docuwiki/. Please note that you must be connected to the ICS network in order to access this link.

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Warehouse Mobile device portal: Simple Barcode scanning (x++ Customization)


Recently I have came across a scenario; where client wants to search a barcode consist of Item+ Batch

Which was apparently a masked barcode i.e so we have item text field and a batch text field on the page, So client wants to use the same barcode value to be scanned twice for batch and item and appropriate value should be shown. 475 more words