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Get tax amount through x++

static void TIDgetTax(Args _args)
    TaxAmount           tax;
    CustInvoiceTrans    CustInvoiceTrans;

    CustInvoiceTrans =  CustInvoiceTrans::findRecId(5637155209);
    tax = Tax::calcTaxAmount(CustInvoiceTrans.TaxGroup, CustInvoiceTrans.TaxItemGroup, CustInvoiceTrans.InvoiceDate,
                            CustInvoiceTrans.CurrencyCode, CustInvoiceTrans.LineAmount, TaxModuleType::FreeTxtInvoice);

    info(strfmt('%1', tax));
AX 2012

Consuming webservices (SOAP) from AX example code

public static container UserInfoByIDRequest(str _storeName, str _idType, str _idNo, str _extRef,str _username = "",str _password = "")
    TIDIDSSIMPONI.ServiceReferences.TIDIDSSR.Summary summary;
    TIDIDSSIMPONI.ServiceReferences.TIDIDSSR.RemittanceClient svcClient;
    TIDIDSSIMPONI.ServiceReferences.TIDIDSSR.UserInfoByIDRequest request;
    TIDIDSSIMPONI.ServiceReferences.TIDIDSSR.UserInfoByIDResponse response;

    CLRObject clrObject;
    System.Exception ex;
    str errorCode, errorMesg;
    container  returnCon;
    boolean    canConnectAPI;
    str        errorCanConnectAPI;

    new InteropPermission(InteropKind::ClrInterop).assert();
        clrObject = CLRInterop::getType("TIDIDSSIMPONI.ServiceReferences.TIDIDSSR.RemittanceClient");
        svcClient = AifUtil::createServiceClient(clrObject);

        request = new TIDIDSSIMPONI.ServiceReferences.TIDIDSSR.UserInfoByIDRequest();

        //if no username or password provided, get from AX
        if(!_username || !_password)
            _username = TIDIDSSimponiWebConsumeMethod::getUserNamePasswordStore(_storeName).IPMS_GaleriUserName;
            _password = TIDIDSSimponiWebConsumeMethod::getUserNamePasswordStore(_storeName).IPMS_GaleriPassword;


        //consuming webservice API
        response = svcClient.GetUserInfoByID(request);
        summary = response.get_Summary();

        //unpack to variable
        errorCode = summary.get_ErrorCode();
        errorMesg = summary.get_ErrorMessage();

        //packing all variable to container and return it
        returnCon += errorCode;
        returnCon += errorMesg;

        //sucess connect to webAPI
        canConnectAPI = true;

        ex = CLRInterop::getLastException();

        canConnectAPI = false;
        errorCanConnectAPI =ex.ToString();

    return ;
AX 2012

AX 2012 R3. How to disable inventory dimension hashing to improve performance.

As all of you may know there is a SQL limitation on maximum number of fields in index. We cannot have more than 16 (actually maximum is 14 because index includes DataAreaId and Partition fields). 790 more words

Adding custom filter on a list page

Imagine you want a filter on a list page say planned orders list page. Filter works on the order date and shows order due today or all. 190 more words

AX 2012

Capturing infolog messages

Retrieve the content of infolog and store it in log tables, made to track the progress of a batch job and take action on any errors. 104 more words

AX 2012

Execute business operations in CIL or not?

In AX 2012, steps are taken by the development team at Microsoft to align AX IDE with .NET. That’s why you regenerate the CIL after X++ code changes. 123 more words
AX 2012

Global findByRecId() function  

AX 2012 relies heavily on foreign key relations for its table relations. A consequence of this change is that now developers will be accessing tables using recIds rather than using any other primary key, which was the norm before. 57 more words
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