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Number seq in D365


  1. Create new EDT
  2. Add EDT to new table and write below method at table level.
    1. static NumberSequenceReference numRefMROBulkTransferNumber()
      return NumberSeqReference::findReference(extendedTypeNum(MROBulkTransferNumber));
  3. write new class to extend existing module class …
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Ax 2012

Delete Cancelled PO - Ax2012/D365 FO

We had a scenario where we were asked to delete cancelled POs from the system. Though it seemed to be a simple task but when the POs had many confirmation versions, we ended up with the error “ 98 more words

DateTime functions

Latest version of Ax refers to the fields which are of type UtcDateTime . There are situations where we need to find the records for a particular created Date or between from/To datetime fields. 59 more words

AX 2012 Show rows as column on SSRS report

Settings to Convert Columns into rows and Rows into column

  • Add a field in temp table for sequencing (Sequence).

Changes in SSRS report:

AX 2012

TFS: Not Sync.

I found some useful job and sharing it in my blog which will be used for developers.When we do full sync. some of the objects will not be sync. 743 more words

AX 2012

SSRS Exception: Metadata.Contracts.EdtRelationshipMetadata

Setting or refreshing a data source using Report Data Provider gives the following error : 72 more words