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E-mail invoices with a smarter dynamic Print management setup

Setting up the Print management for sending documents by e-mail is a very manual process in most implementations I’ve seen. It takes a user quite a lot of steps to set up a the system for sending documents on e-mail and getting it wrong has grave consequences (It actually stops your sending the invoice process, while still having the invoice posted!). 596 more words

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Unretrieve field InventDimId on InventOnHanItem Form

Add code :

in the “modifyQuery” method on the “InventDimCtrl_Frm_OnHand” class

Example code



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AX 2012. High “System Id” Number Sequence consumption or how incorrect setup can affect AX.

Recently we did a performance analysis for one of our customers using DynamicsPerf utility. Analyzing number sequence consumption, to determine preallocation quantities, we noticed high system id usage in one of the companies (50 000 per day). 188 more words

Update help property if label exists

If you really need to copy existing label property to another property for example help text (that isn’t really best practice , I know :(  ) this code can be used. 47 more words

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Updating the default dimension in AX 2012

Dear Readers,

I would like to as a question to you. How hard is it to update a default dimension?

The answer is below.

The below job will update the default dimension of a customer. 124 more words

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Connecting to External DBServer and Database through X++ in AX 2012

Dear Readers,

Yesterday, I had a requirement to fetch the data from an external DB which is not AX main data DB. So, to achieve this the code flows like below. 91 more words

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