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Expression for SSRS Reports in AX 2012

Dear readers,

We often search for the some general expressions while we are designing the SSRS Reports.

Some of them are listed below.

To fetch the page numbers: 45 more words

Ax 2012 R3

Error: The required QueryBuildDataSource was not found in the Query associated with the FormDataSource 'XXXXXXXXXX’. The QueryBuildDataSource should have the same name and table ID as the FormDataSource.


When user customized the WHSWorkTableListPage by adding another Datasource into the WHSWorkTableListPage queries.

When we open the worktable List page it will work but when we tried to open “Open Purchase order work, Open Sales work, Open CycleCount work, it will throw the above said error. 32 more words

AX 2012

Case : I have designed my receipt in development server, how to copy it precisely?

This case came when customer already designed their receipt format. They designed it on development server because they don’t want to do real transaction just only to check it is already perfect or not. 146 more words


Dimension hierarchy/ Account structure in AX2012

Dimension hierarchy

It defines the account structure based on Main account. This information is referred to when the user assign Main account on Account/Offset account field on Ledger journal voucher line (for example). 380 more words

Main account in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

Main Accounts

Main accounts (Ledger account of AX2009) are grouped into Chart of accounts AND Chart of account is specified on Ledger AND Ledger is linked in 1:1 relationship with Company account. 64 more words

AX 2012

Cash discounts in Vendor payment process

The vendor can propose offer incentives to encourage us to pay before the invoice due date. These discounts are called as early payment discounts (also known prompt payment discounts/cash discounts). 390 more words

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Link worker to multiple legal entities

If you need to tie a worker to several legal entities, you can do it from several places:

Payroll > Common > Workers > Workers > Worker fast tab > Employment history button on the Action pane… 53 more words

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