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DAX Configuration Keys - How to better use the DB Resources

In Dynamics ax we have the ability to enable and disable certain system features that will not be used for with the configurationKeys.

The main difference in ax 2009 to 2012 in this feature is that in ax 2012 the system removes the fields Logicaly while in in 2009 it is a physical removal. 304 more words


AX 2012: Client found response content type of ", but expected 'text/xml'. The request failed with an empty response.

Error while calling SSRS  Reports in AX 2012

Error Details:

Client found response content type of “, but expected ‘text\xml’. The request failed with an empty response. 64 more words

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get Available budget example code

source code from form : BudgetControlStatistics

example code :

  static void TIDF_getBudgetAvailable(Args _args)
    //class and table
    BudgetControlStatisticsManager budgetControlStatsManager = new BudgetControlStatisticsManager();
    BudgetTmpControlStatistics  currentBudgetTmpControlStatistics;
    BudgetCycle                 budgetCycle;
    BudgetCycleTimeSpan         budgetCycleTimeSpan;
    FiscalCalendar              fiscalCalendar;
    DimensionAttributeValueCombination dimensionAttributeValueCombination;
    DimensionHierarchy          dimensionHierarchy;
    DimensionValue  dim1;
    container       conDimValue;
    MainAccountNum  mainAccountNum;
    RecId           ledgerDimension;
    //financial dimension
    mainAccountNum = "6100-1001";
    dim1           = "5102";
    select firstonly dimensionAttributeValueCombination 
        dimensionAttributeValueCombination.DisplayValue == strFmt("%1-%2",mainAccountNum,dim1)
    &&  dimensionAttributeValueCombination.LedgerDimensionType == LedgerDimensionType::BudgetControl;
    //budget cycle
    fiscalCalendar   = fiscalCalendar::findByCalendarId("2016");
    BudgetCycleTimeSpan = budgetCycleTimeSpan::findByNameAndCalendar("SEM",fiscalCalendar.RecId);
    BudgetCycle =  budgetCycle::findBudgetCycleByDate(BudgetCycleTimeSpan.RecId,today());
    currentBudgetTmpControlStatistics = budgetControlStatsManager.fillBudgetTmpControlStatistics(Ledger::current(),
   while select  currentBudgetTmpControlStatistics
        info(strFmt("%1 -- %2 ",currentBudgetTmpControlStatistics.PeriodStartDate,currentBudgetTmpControlStatistics.TotalFundsAvailableAmountMST));


result :

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How to: Fetch API_CURSOR

In AX 2012, it is common to track SQL queries to improve performance, to create new indexes and reduce locking. Sometimes,the locked session has issues on execution time with Fetch API_Cursor000000XXXX. 135 more words

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How to create custom ledger dimension in AX


In this post i will tell how to create custom ledger dimensions in AX 2012.

Creating a custom ledger dimension in AX is very simple. 305 more words


Issue with SQL: the log for database 'tempdb' is not available

When working with AX error looks something like ” cannot select data for “/username” in sql” with select including tempdb.

When logging in into SQL following error appears : 42 more words

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Understanding on-hand and reservations for WMS controlled items

If you have worked with the WMS module introduced in AX 2012 R3, you may have struggled with understanding the on-hand form in AX. Especially the reservations in the on-hand form tends to create some confusion among AX users… and consultants :-) 1,303 more words