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Now that my book has finally been published, I can return to the really important tasks of the day, and for me that means cutting wood. 524 more words

Local History

Rest In Peace, Green Axe

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Suzanne Helmigh is an artist who has worked on stuff like Magic: The Gathering and Horizon Zero Dawn.

She’s currently got a personal project, the illustrated fantasy novel Caldyra (which she’s been working on since 2012!), … 105 more words


Tips For Playing God Of War

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There’s a new God of War game out, and as you may have heard, it owns. It’s also a pretty involved game with lots of stats, upgrades, and optional stuff that’s easy to miss. 4,039 more words


God Of War’s Lack Of Camera Cuts Works Really Well

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So there’s this video game called God of War. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s really good? Well, it is.

On this week’s… 1,336 more words


My Favourite Axe: a weekend of woodcutting

Slovenia, like much of Europe, had experienced a heavy winter. The copious snow combined with some vicious windstorms had done its damage to the trees around Breg House; many had limbs dangling, some had been brought down completely. 798 more words

The Fun Bit Is Yet to Come

The fun bit is yet to come
after the hard bit
and the scary bit
and the bit with the screaming and the running and Michelle hiding in the outhouse with the axe… 19 more words