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The Iron Fox Axe

The Iron Fox “Breach” 8 lbs Flathead Axe is up for review.

The axe arrived 17 November 2014  and immediately went into service. This version has the 28″ brown plastic handle. 311 more words


Concrete fuck you dalton!

My daddy was arrested in 1997 in the pan handle of North-Western Texas with 16 untagged red drum fishes in the cubby hole of his El-Camino produced by a company most rednecks refer to as Chevy. 709 more words


Deal 259: Clarence's Nemesis

Clarence was not having a good day.

Every pen he could find had a problem. Scratchy. Dripping. Rusted. All bad.

When he went chasing after the goose to get a fresh quill, he learned just how flexible a goose’s neck can be, and just how hard the goose could bite. 287 more words


Deal 259 Preview

There and Back Again:
Through quill, axe, and Humility.
Then through Selfishness, Spatula, and Typewriter.

Daily Deal

Axe and Stump Western Cover

An old style axe in a tree stump next to chopped wood. Perfect for westerns, historical fiction, family history, and more.

Customized with your title and author name. 13 more words


Cardboard Catastrophe | 01-05-2015

I wanted to start making the axe head tonight but for some unknown reason, we have a serious lack of cardboard in this household.
Usually, we never have a shortage of empty boxes for me to deconstruct and use but all we have is tiny crate boxes left over from my sister’s 18th birthday shindig and they’re… 20 more words


Fix & Fill | 01-05-2015

I used the very last bit of money in my bank to order some expanding foam from Amazon.co.uk a few days ago and I was completely surprised when it landed on the doormat with a nice, solid thud. 35 more words