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Der Mollenhauer

I should have paid more attention in my high school German classes.  I do remember singing a song in German about a three-cornered hat or something — and I can still count.  200 more words

Conan Exiles

Man, I’m so excited for the new Conan game. As fan of the movies, soundtrack and comics I’m happy to get a real sandbox game which is playing in the Conan universe. 43 more words


Deal 886: Nonnet farce reflected

Strung or not, puppets require feeding.
With chickens and ducks in the yard,
the supply exceeds demand.
Mister Punch, bearing axe,
chased his chosen prey… 41 more words

Daily Deal

To DOTA. Or To LOL. That is the Question!

It’s Friday Friday Friday. And its time to squad up and pwn some noobs. The outcome is not in question, it’s the delivery method. Do you go classic gamer mode with Defense of the Ancients (DOTA dos if you didn’t know) or open up to modern times and dip your feet into the League of Legends (LOL) arena. 744 more words


Deal 886 Preview

Old to New:
Pivot: fowl
The Old: Puppet, axe
The New: Limited, Reconciliation

Daily Deal

Tis the Season for Axes and Bullets

Phew! It’s finished, all that planning, all that effort, the multitude of resource-draining Christmas ‘outreach’ activities (with exhortations to invite a friend), Carol Services (with exhortations to invite a friend), Gingerbread Houses (with exhortations to invite a friend), Beach Missions (with exhortations to come along to help). 378 more words


My I Spy: something beginning with 'X'

X is a useful letter. It can be used to denote a person or thing or place – Mr X, X marks the spot. It is also depicts 10 when used as a Roman numeral. 236 more words

Alphabet Adventures