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The Axe and The Woodsman

I came to this quote from Samuel Brengle while reading “Spiritual Leadership” by J. Oswald Sanders which caught my attention:

Indeed, we, like an axe, is nothing, without God. 119 more words


A Blacksmith Makes His Own Tools, and Exercise Equipment

It is official: spring is in full swing! Here in Somerset that means intermittent bouts of drizzle and stunning sunshine. Inside everyone there is a joy, that feeling of barely contained excitement that leaks out in grins and sparkle in the eye. 418 more words


Elevate Your Style with Axe Black

Axe brought to life the world of understatement last year with the Axe Black Pop-up Bar Series, which was hosted by a different ambassador for three consecutive months. 566 more words


Splitting logs

This is a diy scan of some old, ruined film I have lying around from my first ventures into photography.


Manual Labor is Good for the Soul

Have you had a problem that you could not solve, one that picked at the back of your brain constantly? Perhaps not a question but an anger, stress or sadness; just a weight you could not get off your soul? 913 more words