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Percepciones: pobres de 'Barrios de Pie'

Hace unos días, os dejaba una de mis reflexiones al llegar a Argentina. He decidido seguir con esta idea. Así, tras dos meses en el noroeste argentino observando y aprendiendo de la vida de las comunidades en la zona de Jujuy y Salta, decidí pasar por Buenos Aires de vuelta. 412 more words


Argentine Congress Passes New Debt Swap Bill

By a vote of 134 to 99, Argentina’s Congress voted into law the bill proposing a new debt swap, which would take place outside of U.S. 256 more words


Who's to blame for Argentina's debt default?

You can’t have a debt default without a morality tale, and Argentina’s is no exception. But who’s the villain?

The Vulture Funds

You haven’t lived if you haven’t heard Argentine financial minister Axel Kicillof rail against “los fondos buitres,” the investors who swept in after Argentina defaulted on its debt in 2001, buying up its bonds for as little as 20 cents on the dollar. 893 more words


Argentina has defaulted.

Argentine Finance Minister Axel Kicillof delivered the news to the world from Argentina’s consulate in New York City on Wednesday.

Kicillof had just finished a meeting in which he and a delegation from The Republic failed to satisfy the demands of a group of hedge fund creditors negotiating over $1.3 billion worth of debt owed to them for over a decade. 1,288 more words


Press Conference: Axel Kicillof in New York

Argentine Finance Minister Axel Kicillof’s press conference following an inability to reach an agreement with holdouts funds, thus forcing Argentina into default  14 more words

Southern Cone

Argentina may have found a way to default without defaulting

Today ratings agency S&P declared Argentina to be in default for the second time in 13 years, after the deadline passed for it to reach a deal with a group of its creditors. 263 more words