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The rise of a new era in the monetization of digital content

Digital content is one of the most consumed “goods” in the online marketplace. However, buyers and sellers still can’t seem to agree on a fair price for these goods. 936 more words


Beware the pitfalls of Silicon Valley

A recent article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung titled “Will Facebook Enslave Us?” captures a sentiment prevalent among companies around the world: admiration for Silicon Valley — albeit, with a dash of fear. 968 more words


Blendle Launches its 'iTunes for News' Service in the U.S. But Will it Work?

A number of companies have tried to bring micro-payments to the journalism industry before—to transform the way people consume news articles just as iTunes and Spotify have changed music—but all of them have failed. 1,607 more words


Business Insider Acquisition Price More Than Generous

When the online-only news site Business Insider was acquired last year by German media giant Axel Springer, there was much debate about the price that the larger company paid. 436 more words


Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Goes On Charm Offensive In Germany

(Reuters) – Prominent Germans appeared starstruck by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on a visit to Berlin on Thursday even while talking tough about the social network’s record on data protection and hate speech. 587 more words


Who will pay for real news? Döpfner’s question to Google still unanswered two years later

News quality and a free press shouldn’t be the price paid for internet media

Jason Pontin, MIT Technology Review Editor-in-Chief posted Mathias Döpfner’s Why we fear Google… 776 more words

Quartz Says Traffic is Growing Rapidly, and Ad Revenues Are Too

When Atlantic Media launched Quartz as a standalone business site in 2012, it seemed like an odd experiment. The site didn’t even have a traditional home page, and editors said writers would be divided not into traditional beats but instead into “obsessions.” It didn’t even have a mobile app, and still doesn’t (although it is working on one). 744 more words