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Axel Arigato: Minimalist Fascination

Swedish footwear upstarts Axel Arigato are creating some serious sneakers- and they’re doing it with the consistent level of style, passion, and quality that we’ve come to expect from Scandinavian brands. 453 more words


Get EDGE PRESSURE on camels!


Need more edge pressure! Even though I was saying it to myself over and over, I wasn’t actually implementing it. Need to be more mindful of this one thing. 252 more words

...about these sniffin' cousins.

Ozzy met his new cousin, Axel, on Christmas day. That morning, I snagged the gem on the right. And that afternoon, Axel caught our attention with his nose, too. 90 more words


Territory and Netflix

Compared to yesterday’s adventure, today was more relaxing. I took Axel on his daily walk. By walk, I mean drag because his nose is catches scents he would love to explore, if it wasn’t for my tight grip on the leash. 410 more words


Who's a Good Boy? Not Axel.

What I thought would have been a productive rainy day turned into a tragedy. I woke up later than expected, but I didn’t let that get to me and cleaned the house. 475 more words