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Ringier Axel Springer i telegram

Bartosz Węglarczyk, pracownik Ringier Axel Springer, powiedział, że nie czuje, aby Mark Dekan wywierał na niego jakikolwiek nacisk.

To przypomina mi dowcip, o marynarzu wracającym do domu. 87 more words

2017 Eurovision Review - Germany

As part of the Big 5, Germany automatically qualifies to the final each year. Similar to the other Big 5 nations, it seems to be a curse that they can’t shake, as year after year, Germany specifically, have failed to make a big impact on Europe. 474 more words


Is It Okay To Just Be Yourself?

Haaaah…you know it’s the end of the day when you attempt to link up to Beautiful People by typing in ‘Beautiful People’ instead of ‘Paper Fury’…. 531 more words

Lesson on 3rd March


  • Bend R knee (i.e. while on RBO, immediately stepping – in order to get the L knee lower)
  • Arms back
  • Jump off toe
  • Arms forward/outside – i.e.
  • 106 more words

Axel Arigato: Minimalist Fascination

Swedish footwear upstarts Axel Arigato are creating some serious sneakers- and they’re doing it with the consistent level of style, passion, and quality that we’ve come to expect from Scandinavian brands. 453 more words


Get EDGE PRESSURE on camels!


Need more edge pressure! Even though I was saying it to myself over and over, I wasn’t actually implementing it. Need to be more mindful of this one thing. 252 more words