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sniffin' cousins

Ozzy met his new cousin, Axel, on Christmas day. that morning, I snagged the gem on the right. and that afternoon, Axel caught our attention with his nose, too. 90 more words


Territory and Netflix

Compared to yesterday’s adventure, today was more relaxing. I took Axel on his daily walk. By walk, I mean drag because his nose is catches scents he would love to explore, if it wasn’t for my tight grip on the leash. 410 more words


Who's a Good Boy? Not Axel.

What I thought would have been a productive rainy day turned into a tragedy. I woke up later than expected, but I didn’t let that get to me and cleaned the house. 475 more words


No More Sleepless Nights

Togged to the bricks, her eyes focused on the gentlemen situated at the bar.  Every step was full of confidence, the swaying of her hips, the smile lurking on her face.   876 more words


Made in Sin City

“Boss!!  Bossssss!!!!”

Cami almost ran smack into her bossman, coming out of his office.  Oh thank goodness he was here still.  She felt winded from all the running over the past half hour. 683 more words


Why is Crazy Taxi's Axel so attractive?

The festive holidays always make me think of games.

As we throw up the tree (literally “throw” – it looks more like a glitterati dinosaur vomited all over it than a carefully put-together and beloved decoration) and set out the presents, my mind touches upon our other shared routines – principally, eating crackers and cheese (with size ratios greatly in favour of the cheese), drawing up a myriad of interesting, nightmarish scenarios via… 917 more words