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A Quick Reflection

The project that I put together is one that I am proud of, even though there were parts that could’ve been better. Conducting interviews was outside of my comfort zone, however once I started it got easier as I went along. 1,026 more words


communication reflection

BCM212, what a roller coaster ride. Coming into this subject I didn’t know what to expect. I have learnt so much about myself as a student and as a researcher, and I found genuine interest in the topic of my research which was a bonus. 719 more words

Goddamn Darlings

Artist John M. Adams came by the studio yesterday and we talked about process. We discussed how my piece, 100 Paintings, foregrounded both process and design. 378 more words

Jay Hendrick

On Valuing Truth

Following on from my ninth axiom, I wanted to make two brief points about what I mean by valuing truth:


Metaphysical Exclusions...Speech Act...

….the axiology involved in this analysis is not intrinsically determined by considerations that are merely logical. What logician, what theoretician in general, would have dared to say: B depends logically on A, therefore B is parasitic, nonserious, abnormal, etc.?…All of mark a decline or a pathology, an ethical-ontological determination: i.e.

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The Ninth Axiom

At the very beginning of this blog, I laid out a set of eight axioms with which I was to derive my philosophy. Since they were spread out across several posts, I will collect them here for convenience: 339 more words