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Philosophy: An Introduction


—φιλοσοφία (philosophia) from philo- (love) + sophos (wisdom) = “love of wisdom” or search for wisdom

—the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language… 274 more words


The "Family Tree" of Ethics

Just like you, ethics comes from a line of things (except for you it’s people). Everything about ethics can be traced back to philosophy and theology. 504 more words

good apples

When we consider the grading of apples, we may think that the criteria are based on people’s likes and dislikes, so that when we label an apple ‘good’ all we are saying is that people like large, rosy, sweet apples of the kind that are put in the ‘good’ grade.

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He fumbled for some sheets of clean paper, forgetting where he kept them.  He had to write the editorial that would explain and counteract. He had to hurry. 988 more words

Art Studio

Proof Enough, Part 1

What would it take to convince some people that there is a God? Quite honestly, there are individuals so convinced that any kind of God is merely a fabrication of delusion, deceit, or ignorance that they would explain away the very hand of God if it ever tapped them on the shoulder. 465 more words


Fulkerson: "Composition Theory in the Eighties: Axiological Consensus and Paradigmatic Diversity"

Fulkerson, Richard. “Composition Theory in the Eighties: Axiological Consensus and Paradigmatic Diversity.” College Composition and Communication 41.4 (1990): 409-29. Web.

Fulkerson argues that, though there are still divergent paradigms governing research and practice in composition, the field is moving closer to a consensus on practice-oriented pedagogies and theories. 286 more words


Developmental Axiology: Intrinsic Value over Time


Once upon a time it was believed that the world was eternal and unchanging. The inconvenient truth of life and death of Earth was accommodated by a distinction between the… 1,973 more words

Strictly Theoretical