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On Valuing Truth

Following on from my ninth axiom, I wanted to make two brief points about what I mean by valuing truth:


Metaphysical Exclusions...Speech Act...

….the axiology involved in this analysis is not intrinsically determined by considerations that are merely logical. What logician, what theoretician in general, would have dared to say: B depends logically on A, therefore B is parasitic, nonserious, abnormal, etc.?…All of mark a decline or a pathology, an ethical-ontological determination: i.e.

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The Ninth Axiom

At the very beginning of this blog, I laid out a set of eight axioms with which I was to derive my philosophy. Since they were spread out across several posts, I will collect them here for convenience: 339 more words


Wonderlusting Top 10 Most Read In 2016

2016 really has been one hell of a year on so many fronts #understatement. I know there have been times this year when a few of my blogger pals have questioned if they should be talking eyeshadow when the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. 407 more words


On Spandrels, and Intrinsic Value

just finished writing a post and now I’m writing another one, what madness is this? I’m writing this as kind of a very-very-extended footnote to that post, since I couldn’t figure out how to write  278 more words


Charles Taylor, Iris Murdoch, and Me

For Christmas this year I received a collection of essays by Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor (specifically the Harvard University Press edition of Dilemmas and Connections… 462 more words



Some things we like, just for pleasure,
Yet some good is good, beyond measure:
Our lives, God gave us,
And Christ, to… 73 more words

Providential History