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Some things we like, just for pleasure,
Yet some good is good, beyond measure:
Our lives, God gave us,
And Christ, to… 73 more words

Providential History

Beauty That's Sweet Like Chocolate

It’s the last day of National Chocolate Week (I know some of you are living the Chocolate Life!) so thought I would dip in to my favourite beauty products including or inspired by the stuff. 395 more words


Culture Is Genetically Determined...

Culture Is Genetically Determined…¬†

What does Nichols believe? He believes that culture is genetically determined, and that blacks, Hispanics, and descendants of non-Jewish Middle-Eastern tribes place their “highest value” on “interpersonal relationships.” In Africa, women are the equal of men. 188 more words


An Aimed Shrug

I think everything comes down to knowledge. How to justify knowing and further, how to make choices. These are very frustrating issues for me.

When I was young I had two solid pillars of knowing: the church and the university. 591 more words


Just Do It (or not...I don't know)

This process is is slowing me down yet slowing down might be a good thing. There is some sort of wisdom in taking one’s time – allowing learning to take place. 559 more words


Axiology Natural Lipstick in Vibration

You may remember Axiology¬†from my review of Boxwalla’s April subscription box. Well, I’ve been getting so much use from my Axiology Natural Lipstick in Noble that I ended up using a coupon code to order a lipstick in a new shade called Vibration. 318 more words

Product Reviews

Institutional Structure and Culture in the Transmission of Social Values, Part 3: A Theory of Institutional Value Transmission


Part 1 of this essay (posted March 23, 2016) reviewed some of the significant literature and theories emerging from the relatively new field of evolutionary psychology in regard to cultural transmission and intergenerational transmission of values. 7,391 more words