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AXPONA2016: Aesthetix, DS Audio launch Cylon attack on vinyl

If you’re a science-fiction fan at all (I am), then you’ll be wise to my Battlestar Galactica nod in the headline, because both visually, and metaphorically it’s pretty close to the mark on all fronts when describing the DS Master 1 optical cartridge because this technology will enslave traditional analog cartridge design, and manufacture. 557 more words


AXPONA 2016: Fires burn and cauldrons bubble at ELAC and Audio Alchemy

Peter Madnick has a bit of the mad scientist about him. The white hair. The glasses. The devilish grin, delivered with a wink, a nod, a flourish of his hand. 1,108 more words


AXPONA 2016: Into darkness with Sonus Faber, AMG, and Audio Research

Some of the set ups at AXPONA are altars to the Gods of high fidelity that seem to expect that you will kneel, or perhaps prostrate yourself at their feet as you grovel something like… 599 more words


AXPONA 2016: Spatial Audio, flat out dominating

“What does it take to assemble a winning room?”

I’ll offer that the formula is probably not all that complicated, but that however you choose to answer that question, the word “synergy” really ought to appear somewhere in the list. 535 more words


AXPONA 2016: Prine Time at Wilson Audio

Oh, I know what you are thinking, “I know the Wilson Audio sound. Why should I read more about Wilson speakers?” Well, the new Wilsons have reached a new plane in my opinion. 1,112 more words


AXPONA 2016: VTL, Pro Musica prove nice guys finish first

Every audio show, I find a couple of rooms that I could hang out in all weekend if not for the Esteemed Editor’s stubborn insistence that I also do my job of helping cover the rest of the event. 423 more words


AXPONA 2016: Fuuga, David Berning and LeHave loudspeakers astound

  1. An empty room.
  2. Beautifully finished speakers.
  3. A gorgeous turntable, tasteful-looking amp, and pre-amp.
  4. Unique music.

At the Westin O’Hare, these things added up to a wonderful 30 minutes spent with Kris Kosiba of… 635 more words