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MIT Cables Best Of Show @ Axpona 2017

It was no surprise to me that MIT Cables was part of each of the “Best” sound at Axpona 2017. Read more here!

AXPONA 2017: Well Pleased with Rethm and Aqua HiFi

Mark Sossa of Well Pleased A/V was, once again, show off his penchant for nifty-yet-affordable gear here at AXPONA. Mark is one of those guys with a reputation for exploration: all the brands he carries are just off the beaten path. 307 more words

AXPONA 2017: New products gush from Mark Levinson

Mark Levinson has been on a comeback in recent years, adding top staff and developing an ambitious plan to revitalize its brand in the luxury home-audio market. 405 more words

AXPONA 2017: Merrill Audio’s Christine preamp is ultra quiet, ultra cool

Merrill Wettasinghe, owner of Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, is one of those guys in the high-end who seems able to coax a bit more performance out of his components than the average talented designer. 413 more words

AXPONA 2017: Less is more for Neat, Audia Flight

Some audiophiles have an unfortunate tendency to judge equipment at first glance by appearance alone.

Often they are guilty of stereotyping products, as in, “Small speaker? 621 more words

AXPONA 2017: Daedalus goes deeper with new 10-inch woofer

The last time I listened at length to a pair of Daedalus Audio speakers at a show, they were flanked by the company’s custom subwoofers. 321 more words