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AXPONA 2014: Wrap Up

Chicago in April is a capricious time to visit, but while we all got a bit damp here and there, at least this year we didn’t have to dump into the street while we all waited for the fire department. 1,305 more words


AXPONA 2014: Sweet Home Chicago

Part-Time Audiophile

How hot was the gear at the 2014 Audio Expo of North America? So hot a fire alarm briefly cleared the four show floors of Chicago’s Westin O’Hare midway through day two [ 3,801 more words


AXPONA 2014: Music Hall, Creek, Epos and a wee dram

It may be the worst kept secret that Leland Leard and Roy Hall of Music Hall Audio serve up the “good stuff” at audio shows. They have these tiny plastic medicine cups that they’ll measure out the Talisker (or some other damn fine peaty syrupy goodness), and quite frankly, it all adds up to a perfectly marvelous and happy way to spend a weekend. 292 more words


AXPONA 2014: Sound Lab and the wall of sound

Let’s enjoy a hypothetical. Say, for the sake of argument, that you believe that panel speakers don’t present bass with the same impact that cone speakers do. 547 more words


AXPONA 2014: Soundfield Audio

Ammar Jadusingh (AJ to those of us prone to slaughtering names) was showing a brand new loudspeaker from his Soundfield Audio brand, the $8,500/pair Variable Soundfield Tower 3 (VST-3). 410 more words


AXPONA 2014: Volti Audio and Triode Wire Labs

I’ve been tracking Volti Audio for a while now, and I’m happy to note that I loved their flagship Vittora loudpseakers before Art Dudley did… 428 more words