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Coffee QQ Kopitiam, FX Mall

Kali ini gue pesen nasi goreng pete & es teh tarik. Kopitiam adalah tempat ngopi favorit gue, meskipun pada saat ini gue lagi ngurangin dan bahkan gak minum kopi sama sekali, jadi pilihan gue pindah jadi teh tarik. 67 more words

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Manadonese food in Mall Ambassador

Manadonese food 

Manado is one of the cities in Sulawesi Island, they are famous for dabu-dabu sambal, which is mix of tomatoes, chilli and coconut oil. 19 more words

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Lamb Soup/Sop Kambing Pak Kumis

Sop kambing Pak Kumis (lamb soup) 

This one is lamb soup (sop kambing), this soup is one of my best friend favorite, I usually eat this one just to make her jealous, because in Jakarta or Bogor we easily find this kind of soup, but for Indonesian people who lived in other islands like Sulawesi, its very rare/difficult to find. 37 more words

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