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Toad medicine: a 5-Meo-Dmt trip into cosmic consciousness

It is Sunday morning and the sun is hiding behind the clouds. I can still see its shape and the filtered light on it. Being surrounded by the green of nature makes me comfortable whilst I gaze at the sun and I let my thoughts flow without any attention or control. 447 more words


Experiencias trascendentales 1.0

La llegada del amanecer fue una experiencia repleta de textura y matices, tuve una sensación de integridad que no se siente todos los días. Conforme pasaban los minutos y la luminosidad aumentaba, podía percibir el alza del sol como si Dios hubiera accionado el interruptor de un controlador celestial, llenando de vida el día. 468 more words


-When you follow your heart -

Had you ever wonder , how it is when you start really following your heart?

Well… Let me tell you it’s the best most difficult decision that you can take for yourself. 220 more words


Mistakes I Made During Ayahuasca Ceremonies So You Don’t Have To: Part 5

I’ve resisted the purge

If I’m out and about and ayahuasca comes in to conversation (it will if I’ve got anything to do with it), the first comment is often something like, “oh, but I couldn’t just vomit in front of everyone like that”. 608 more words


Your Job Is Joy

“Gladness of heart is the very life of a person, and the joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days.”
Ecclesiasticus 30:22

In the early 1990s I was introduced to “plant medicine” by friends of mine who had spent time with shamans in the jungles of Peru and had invited them to bring their rituals and ceremonies to the California desert.  

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The Calling - Part 1

“Everything you need is already inside of you. And who you truly are is far beyond your comprehension”


I had come to a crossroad in my life and which ever way I turned didn’t look pretty. 890 more words

Mistakes I Made During Ayahuasca Ceremonies So You Don’t Have To: Part 4

I’ve gotten annoyed by other people

Your psychedelic comrades will fall asleep and snore, they will dance and tread on your toes, they will cry pathetically, they will laugh psychotically, they will scream manically, they will turn up late, they will be farting about with their blankets, they will steal your pillow, they will *apparently* be having a better/more productive time than you. 355 more words