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I am Traci Shin, Indie Author (Book Count: 1)

TL;DR – Post-mortem of writing The Icarus Icaros, specifically why and how well I did it.

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It’s been nearly three days since I uploaded my first book (The Icarus Icaros) to Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon, and I am finally getting around to writing my post-mortem. 720 more words



(today I am going to be a bit controversial, part of my photo essay of the day –
NUDITY is sacred, DIVINITY is a raw, naked truth, ECSTACY and BLISS are orgasmic states –
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The mythological birth of Ayahuasca - (Just to break the ice in between sessions)

Hello everybody,

I thought it would be interesting to tell a little story here. That’s actually the mythological story that is told within the Ayahuasca circle of how the tea (Which, obtain its properties from the combination of two different plants) came to be. 689 more words


Mother’s earth pain

Many times I heard about people feeling mother’s earth pain as she is a victim of our cruelty and therefore she must be saved. It’s important here to realize that Mother Earth is nobody’s victim and that we can’t save her. 827 more words


Wow! I have a soul!

So there I was with my Ayahuasca cup on my right hand.

I will finish the prayer and we all shall drink the tea, the shaman said. 451 more words

The power of Ayahuasca - The Ego Vs the eagle - 02/12/2017

Hello again light seeker.

One month has passed and the time has finally come for me to have my second “shot” of Ayahuasca.

Once again, the whole thing was set up by WhatsApp. 805 more words