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I know what you're thinking, Mr. Tire Man.

Why is my younger sister paying for the four new tires that you’re installing on my shoddy Impala?

You see, Mr. Tire Man, I’ve been out of the country for a while and have returned as the shamaness pauper of the family. 228 more words


Doctors are talking about using psychedelic drugs to treat alcoholics

Treating an addiction to a mind-altering substance with another mind-altering substance might seem counterintuitive, but more and more, researchers are finding ways that psychedelic drugs like psilocybin mushrooms and party drugs like ketamine could actually help people get over alcohol and drug addictions. 574 more words


The science of the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca

For centuries, shamans in the Amazon rainforest have been using the hallucinogenic brew ayahuasca to help guide people through visual and auditory hallucinations, and now the drug is gaining popularity in the rest of the world, too, with early research suggesting that it… 502 more words


Psychedelics potential role in important biblical stories

Many religious anomalies have occurred throughout human history and have been cited in religious texts as being pivotal moments of paramount importance, that are often essential to the construction of core beliefs of a particular religion. 960 more words

Ayahuasca Benefits And Risks: Hallucinogenic Drug May Enhance Meditation

LSD and shrooms are among the popular hallucinogenic drugs that allow users to be fully aware of visually hallucinating. During a trip, voices are heard and colors start to become more prismatic. 401 more words


Graham Hancock explores the mysteries of DMT

As I’ve stated before, I am fairly open-minded when it comes to entheogens and hallucinogens as long as they’re used in a respectful and sacred manner. 720 more words


[New Music] AYAHUASCA: To Release Sophomore Full-Length Next Month

Toronto-based progressive sludge-tinged grunge trio AYAHUASCA will release their sophomore full-length next month. Titled Yin, the absorbing, twelve-track offering serves as the follow-up to 2013’s critically-lauded Plato’s Dark Horse. 60 more words

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