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Let me tell you about my friend Christian: Day 26

Two blogs in less than twenty-four hours! Whoa! As part of Lung Cancer Awareness Month (brought to you by November) I am going to share a little about someone who is very special to me. 873 more words

being kind with plant medicine

I recently had a experience where I took plant medicine.  The whole experience was life changing. I had heard many stories and others experiences but really had no idea what as about to happen. 2,517 more words

PMS and Reiki in the Desert Art Scene

PMS is a trickster beast. Living with intense emotional fragility a few days each month is a frustrating exercise in the bait-and-switch. This thinning of my skin results in feelings that seem deeply authentic: echoes from the core of me. 3,023 more words


A Tale of Two Selfies

I’ve had a wonderful and strange couple of days in Joshua Tree. There’s a lot to cover, and I’m still not sure where exactly I want to start. 636 more words


It's Jazzed The Fab Four

Work was a tale of two halves today. Dead busy in the morning, and because I worked too hard, I had nothing to do after lunch. 630 more words

Kalifornia's Golden Hour

There’s something special about the light on the Southern Californian coast. The Golden State’s golden hour is more gold than gold: gold tinged with fiery red, the light of desire. 2,455 more words