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[Visual Novel Review]: Ayakashibito

Developer – Propeller

Translator – Ate the Moon Translations

Length – 30-50 Hours

Have you ever really wanted to love a visual novel, but then been unable to? 1,458 more words


12 Days of Visual Novel Reviews – Day 12: Ayakashibito

First of all, it is now technically Christmas in Australia, so Merry Christmas to everyone. 515 more words

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Review: Chronobelt

This is a crossover fandisk for Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers. Clearly, this is the best kind of fandisk to do for the 燃焼系 games since the different abilities and fighting styles between the characters and the gap between the settings and cultures of the two games’ worlds make for fun interactions and battles. 376 more words


Review: Ayakashibito

My first Propeller game! I think I might love chuuni and fight scenes. 燃えゲ are great. I played the PSP version, which has no ero but an additional heroine. 860 more words


あやかしびと - Thoughts

Well that was a pretty entertaining ride.

First of all, I understand that there was some emphasis on Soushichi and his yearning for a normal life but I feel a bit like the slice of life dragged on a bit too long on certain routes. 522 more words

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あやかしびと - Impressions

Started Ayakashibito as there aren’t much VNs of interest left from last month. I’m pretty sure there’s already plenty of blogs who have reviewed it and you can find general information at… 387 more words

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