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i accept :: the dragon's loyalty award

I’ve thought a lot about the concept of acceptance;  in the last couple of years especially.  It is easy, as you can imagine, to accept what is beautiful, sweet and glowing but not so much what is unruly, misshapen, dark, and even tragic.  632 more words

Tasting The Smell

This piece first appeared as “The Scent of Sukkot—In a Bottle” on The Jew and the Carrot blog at The Forward.

Ayala Moriel, a Vancouver-based artisan natural perfumer is attracting some interesting attention this sukkot and it’s not for her sukkah. 184 more words

You Must Be Hungry

A Brave New World

–       In which a D-list blogger ventures out on a limb!

Have you noticed how noisy the world in general and even the rarified air of the perfumosphere is getting lately? 2,364 more words


The sweet scent of a natural parfum.

On a beautiful yet crisp day in November I was lucky enough to finally attend  a tea party and perfume launch with Ayala Moriel Parfums… 408 more words


How to Develop Your Perfume "Nose"

Developing your “nose” for perfumery takes some some time, practice and dedication.

It may also involve flipping any previous knowledge of how to smell on its head; studying perfumery as an aromatherapist is changing my “smelling” perspective! 472 more words

Aroma & Aromatherapy

Dreaming Venetian


The Clarimonde Project – Part Four

Ayala Moriel’s Dream Pillow and Perfume ‘Clarimonde’

It was a delirious thought, a delicious idea, an idea none of us could have refused if we had wanted to – one project, one story, five perfumers and six writers, all of them and all of it wrapped up in a city whose very name echoed its own kind of silken promise – Venezia. 1,406 more words

The Clarimonde Project

Tea Fragrances

I’ve been spending lots of time with my older sister lately, and she really loves tea. Bagged, loose, whatever. Just as long as it’s not flavoured in a gimmicky kind of way. 282 more words