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Kousaka Kirino (3 - 1) Atlantic Iceberg 1912 : Personal Reaction to OreImo

Watching this anime, Kirino just became the character I despise the most.

I am writing this during the episode 15 of OreImo season 2 (I can now finish this torture). 1,005 more words

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New Half 24-Hour Critical Care. Chinatsu Yumoto, Mai Ayase, Miki Aihara, Yui Kawai http://bit.ly/1KbMpeU

First post/translation! "My Ayase is delusional"

So this is the first post on this website, where I’ll be randomly posting translations that I do, may or may not take requests, depends how it goes. 156 more words


Black Angel | Part 1

Ohayou Minna-san !!!

This is my first Anime’s Fan Fiction. Hope the story will be fine for all ahahaha ^what I said? -_-a

Cerita dibuat di luar plot Guilty Crown loh ya, … 2,084 more words


Anya Kouro By Takagi Shigeyoshi

I decided to kill some time and introduce another short manga I had just read!

So here it goes… *takes a deep breath*

This story talks about a girl, Akimoto Yae and her sempai, Ayase. 183 more words

Ramblings on OreImo2

I won’t exactly call myself a fan of Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (OreImo for short). I watch the anime series only because it’s something easy to pass time with. 574 more words


oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode Twelve


Episode twelve is done.  They skipped so much of the Light novel.. Many good and funny parts (stalker plot points, Ayase stepping on Kuroneko scene).  375 more words