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Chumpi (faja) ¿aymara? sin localización exacta de Bolivia.

Lana de camélido tejida en telar de cintura.

Fotografía de Renata Schneider (colección de Cristina Barros).

*Quizá ustedes nos puedan ayudar a definir y tener más datos.

Un Huipil Al Día


Amaru is a Native American name of Aymara use (the Aymara being an indigenous people in South American, located in Bolivia and Peru) meaning “snake”. In Incan mythology, Amaru is the name of a mythical serpent or dragon, depicted as double-headed (depicted with the heads of a bird and a puma) and living underground. 16 more words


Photo of the Week #6

This is Lake Titicaca, the highest ship-going lake on the planet. Some articles state that it has a high salt content, although it is officially a freshwater lake. 194 more words


New Story Out: Pacha-Mama

My new story Pacha-Mama is out now over at Scarlet Leaf Review. I am very happy Scarlet Leaf picked it up, because I think it’s a fine story and I often doubted it would see the light of day. 733 more words