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This Century Old Remedy Will Cure Your Acne!

Organic pomegranates are delicious and is used as remedy sicknesses ranging from colitis to acne. A century old remedy that uses this tasty fruit can cure your skin of acne, boils and pimples! 137 more words

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Can You Peel The Love? Recycle, Reuse, And Design

Pomegranate can be one messy fruit to eat. But you can deseed this biblical fruit and fertility symbol in under ten seconds:

After eating all those delicious seeds, what do you do with the tough peel? 249 more words


Recipe: Ghee

Ghee is a staple in Ayurvedic cooking. It is a form of clarified butter. During the “clarification” process, the butter is cooked, until the milk solids and other impurities separate from the ghee. 258 more words


Pineapple Face

This one is dedicated to you, Mr. Spongebob.

As my skin is adjusting to the fall season, I figured I would make an attempt to stop any breakouts that were on the horizon. 233 more words


Harmful Effects of Plastic Comb? Why is it healthier to use an Ayurvedic Comb?

Do you know plastic combs we use daily, are made from celluloid or synthetic plastics and scientists are now realising the harmful effects of celluloid plastics on our body? 249 more words


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EAYUR is leading online shop to buy Ayurvedic arishta and asava medicine for natural health. Eayur Bangalore based online store to buy Ayurvedic products like Ayurvedic balm, zandu balm buy online and best lip balms. 569 more words