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‘Possibilities for harmony’

By Sarah Eden Wallace

Do you put Post-its of inspirational thoughts on your bathroom mirror or computer screen? Here are three post-worthy suggestions from one of our favorite books: “The Hidden Secret of Ayurveda” by… 230 more words

Coconut oil and grease challenge

A few posts ago I mentioned wanting to go back to using grease in my hair and I do have a logical reason why I want to. 337 more words

hepatitus medicine + ayurvedic thrust

USA firm → GILEAD signed NON – EXCLUSIVE license with CIPLA to make

HEPC – VIR → A generic version  of SOFOSBU – VIR

( … 32 more words


DIY coconut oil infused ayurvedic powders

I literally just finished make this and decided to hop on and post while it was still hot…literally. On my last post I talked about the amazing benefits these ayurvedic powders have and Indian women have been using them for thousands of years to achieve long, healthy and strong hair. 150 more words

An Ayurvedic Remedy for Eye Strain due to Modern Technology

I’ve been staring at my laptop for a few hours every day for several reasons (mainly to do my reading/homework for school). Without fail, my eyes start to get weak after a couple hours. 148 more words


Magneto:Holistic Therapy

Magnetotherapy is treatment through application of magnets. The human body itself is a magnet, when there is imbalance in the flow between the two poles, disease ensues.  519 more words

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Got sinus trouble?

Do your sinuses feel like they are in spasm? That’s when I know it’s time to… (drumroll)… use my neti pot! After recent generous Midwest rains, I think the mold count these days is an exacerbating factor. 645 more words