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Skin update volume 9 || Summers and the pain

May is one of the worst month for the person with oily skin living in South Asian country . Yes! with the amount of oil secretion and pollution one tends to break out badly. 59 more words


Virechana treatment at IVAC

Rising pollution levels posing a serious risk of asthma problems? The Virechana treatment helps to alleviate the symptoms effectively!

Are you too busy in your everyday life to take care of your body? 146 more words


Creative flyers

Learn how you can easily create your own flyers using your favourite images and simple to use software, to convey your event message by calling Zoe today on 0407 956 071 and benefit from some one to one computer training and help. 247 more words

Computer Classes

Ayurvedic Massage in Goa, India

I am contemplating learning about Ayurvedic medicine & massage. Logically I know I should try the treatment before I sign up straight away to do a course. 702 more words


Daily Ayurvedic Rituals

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian philosophy known as The Science of Life. These teachings date back 5000 years and were originally written in Sanskrit. In these ancient texts are taught the science of self healing in the form of daily rituals. 272 more words

From Drugs To Herbs

From beauty products to dietary supplements this generation is all over Ayurveda, herbal and organic.Pharmaceutical companies and  chemical Industry have always been the integral part of any country’s economy. 480 more words


7 Wonder Herbs to Cure Kidney Stones:

Special Reference to StonOff ™

Dr Deepak Acharya, Dr Anshu Shrivastava

Renal calculi also known commonly as Stones are one of the most common disorders. Stone is a hard mass developed from crystals. 1,914 more words