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34. Have an Ayurvedic massage treatment

First of all, may I beg your pardon… It has taken me a full 48 hours to get round to writing this blog post. Partly, I admit, because I’ve been mighty busy. 845 more words

Ashram Life Day 4 ... Dr Vishnu

5:30 AM the bell rings, a beautiful day is upon us. I completed my painting chores up at the temple, can’t wait to see what I’m about to do today ! 25 more words

OMG! Sulfates

Have you guys noticed the frequent use of the term “Sulfates” lately? Women in those pretentious parties insisting products they use are absolutely free of Sulfates…. 550 more words








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Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Review + 5 ways to use it!

Hey guys!!

So today I’m going to talk about probably my favourite product – The Patanjali Aloe Vera gel! Patanjali products are selling like hot cakes in the Indian market recently & this one particularly is on everyone’s top 5 Patanjali product list! 570 more words


Join Forces with Trusted PCD Pharma Company to Get Your Ayurvedic Medicines Selling Business Jet Started

The ayurvedic medicines and health supplements market is experiencing a boom. People are looking at following Ayurveda as the only survival method. Many PCD pharma… 376 more words

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