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Today I would like to talk a bit more about our diet. The AKA Diet started as a family project, to help the love of my life with the foods (Alkaline and Ketogenic) that his MD had prescribed… 231 more words


ayurvedic + gut-friendly savoury oats

A warming bowl of porridge is so much more than a plate of food. Share it with a friend and it becomes a topic of conversation. 426 more words



Ghee is considered liquid gold in Ayurvedic philosophy and for good reason!

It’s claimed to improve intelligence, vision, voice, liver, kidneys and brain, good for memory and excellent for digestion. 308 more words

Gluten Free

Learn to Breathe Deeply and Enjoy the Day with Communiversity Yoga

Yoga classes are now offered on UC Victory Parkway Campus, starting with Every Day Yoga.

Written by Cassie Lipp

Communiversity instructor and freelance writer

The growing popularity of yoga is no surprise, given the many benefits yoga has to offer. 494 more words

Ditch the Drugs

The medical advances that have been made in the last 50 years have been absolutely mind-blowing and many lives have been saved as a result. Any ailment that you can think of and there’s usually a pill for it. 915 more words


Life Enhancing Lemon Water

Do you ever go through a whole day, thinking you’ll drink that glass (or 8) of water, but never quite get to it? When you’re occupied by other concerns, like taking care of your kids and juggling all your other responsibilities, it’s easy to ignore basic necessities. 653 more words