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Inshah Malik, Poet and Writer.

Inshah Malik is a Kashmiri writer and poet who fervently rejects the identity of victimhood. She is also an academic working on issues of women’s rights, other political rights and gendered cultures of mourning in Kashmir. 266 more words


On Mothers

Mëshirë wasn’t sure what mothers should be like.

Gale, she supposed, would come close. If close merely meant an older female who bandaged up your wounds, string bows and at least try to keep Mëshirë out of trouble. 256 more words

Shahyad Today

I found two hours break near Shahyad square in the middle of day. However it was dark, cloudy, and colorless…


Reflections on Martin Luther King Day

This is probably not a popular opinion — especially these days — but I grew up with a sense of duty to my black brothers and sisters. 360 more words

پیام یک تهرانی‌ دلیر: مردم بیایین بیرون، نترسید. ۹ دی‌ ۱۳۹۶
تهران، همین الان#تظاهرات_سراسرى #IranProtests pic.twitter.com/oG0aE02xnU

— منم اسپارتاكوس (@manamspartakus) December 30, 2017


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تهران – حرکت مردم سمت میدان شهیاد

مردم در حال حرکت به سمت #آزادی ..
ریت کنید#iranianprotests#Iranprotests #يحدث_الان_في_ايران#تظاهرات_سراسری pic.twitter.com/a2oB9Pih2J

— سداصغر (@Hamedbg8800) …

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تجمع مرد تهران خیابان آزادی
۹ دی ۹۶#اعتراضات_مردمی#اعتراضات_سراسری https://t.co/tFVYKWQgkf pic.twitter.com/5duZxyUMyV

— ایران وایر (@iranwire) December 30, 2017

Location: Azadi (freedom) Street, Tehran