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Ode to a Frozen Azalea Bloom

The early springtime weather got me again.

I have a challenging yard – lots of shady hardwood trees, crappy soil, too big… Foundation plants, perennials (until you can get enough growing to divide and transplant), and summer flowering annuals are expensive!   978 more words

Piedmont Gardener

Low Country and South Carolina

South Carolina’s Low Country is a great place to visit.  We had a limited time so we had to make the best of it.  Magnolia Plantation was spectacular when we visited during the peak week of azaleas.   248 more words

RV Travel

An Azalea Affair

It was a short season, the annual festival of azalea blooms that charm the south.  It was the schizophrenic weather that did them in, reducing the vibrant flowers to drooping puddles of faded color.   88 more words


This week we have had unusually cold weather for this time of the year. The late frost damaged some non-native and native plants and trees. The flaming azaleas with their fierce orange hues are standing out. 9 more words


Spring's Gambit

Poised to leap forth
Daffodils too early sprung,
beneath snows antiblanket cold
Negotiations ebb and flow
as Cold and Warmth 
come to compromise, Daylight
waxes steadily, chastising them… 21 more words


Azalea Time

It’s been a beautiful spring so far and these azaleas just prove it.  Meanwhile our neighbors to the north are enjoying snow.   We are blessed here in the lowcountry! 6 more words