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The Way Home

And because of our luck, we are driving home in one of the worst storms N. Florida/S. Georgia’s had since Hurricane Hermine. Tornadoes have killed 11 in the area so far, so we opted to take the backroads home instead of I75 and I10. 147 more words


These shade-loving beauties – Azaleas – do well in cold regions. They grow abundantly also in Ooty and are abundant in the Ooty Botanical Gardens.

Spectacular Flowers

White Lights Azalea

‘White Lights’ azalea resulted from a cross between R. prizophyllum and a white flowered Exbury hybrid. Flower buds are a pale, delicate pink but upon reaching full-bloom the color fades to a give virtually a white appearance in the landscape. 33 more words


Spicy Lights Azalea

‘Spicy Lights’ azaleas feature salmon colored blooms with a slight fragrance. Flower bud hardiness is rated at -35 degrees F.

  • Species: Rhododendron ‘Spicy Lights’
  • Introduction: 1987…
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Rosy Lights Azalea

Rosy Lights’ is a dark rose-pink. A spectacular display of fragrant flowers are produced in late May or early June. Flower buds are winter hardy to -45°F. 25 more words


Orchid Lights Azalea

‘Orchid Lights’ azalea originated from a cross between R. canadense and R. x kosteranum. It has a dwarf compact form with fine textured leaves and branches, and beautiful bright yellow fall color. 46 more words


Northern Hi-Lights Azalea

‘Northern Hi-Lights’ azaleas blooms are a creamy white with yellow upper lip petals. The fall foliage is an outstanding bronzed burgundy.