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The back garden

Seed searching coal tits flitter in the bushes
A blackbird spied high up on his perch
His hybrid song cuts through the wood-pigeon calls
Whilst the Yorkie revels on his back bathing in fox scent… 80 more words


Six on Saturday: Azaleas and Clematis Take the Stage

We had some torrential downpours which flattened many of the bearded iris. That’s a shame, but we needed the rain. I was out early in the week taking some photos and am glad I did. 561 more words

“Nothing Happens unless First A Dream”-Carl Sandberg

One of my favorite quotes since high school, I’ve kept it in mind. Those of us who are creative, are always dreaming! Though much may pass, some dreams are seen to fruition. 358 more words


Azaleas and Bees

Two bees in the azaleas having a disagreement. Video is in slow motion.

Watching a bee pollinate. Video is in slow motion.

Below: A wasp in the azaleas… 68 more words

Nature Photography

Rosebud Azaleas

My favorite Azalea is the Rosebud Azalea. I have 2 older plants and 2 young ones in my planters.

Yesterday I helped Katie at K&A’s new apartment. 90 more words

Flowering Plants

Our Pittsburgh Garden--Bleeding Heart

The first year we returned to Pittsburgh we planted Bleeding Heart. It has always been a favorited of ours. In our mountain garden we had a ugh specimen. 48 more words


Motherhood ~

“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future
but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.” – Honore de Balzac… 9 more words