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WNYC Radio’s Retro Report is probably the best explanation of how the whole Lindy Chamberlain trial-by-media went down, and cleverly illustrates how the Australian public savaged an unprepared Chamberlain for not grieving ‘the correct way’. 300 more words

Nick Hose

A dingo took the story

Can a real-life story be plotted into a dramatic arc?

THE hardest form of plotting is the real-life story. Remember when James Cameron made you forget the… 1,234 more words

Writing Process

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Azaria Chamberlain is an emo supergroup made up of Nick Decker, Josh Hall, Christopher Armstrong, Toby Nye, and Elliot Nye. They dropped their debut EP really recently and they are a huge part of the UKarm family. 214 more words

2nd Prize Winner in the John Bray Roman Poetry Prize

Coroner’s Epigram ~ Darwin 2012

(On the death of a daughter)

The death I must pronounce upon

For you, parents, the wait was long

Across this land unjustly tried… 90 more words


Finalist in the Gosford Art Prize

I’ve been shortlisted as a finalist for the Gosford Art Prize which is held at the Gosford Regional Gallery . It’s the first art prize of any note that I have been shortlisted for and it really is exciting just to be shortlisted. 154 more words


32 Years of Stories

The disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain on 17 August 1980 began one of the most famous and intriguing media stories in Australia’s history. As Deborah Staines, Katherine Biber and Michelle Arrow assert, ‘Australia’s interest in Lindy Chamberlain has not abated,’ and ‘our media industries have profited enormously from this story’. 1,123 more words


An overly ambitious dingo. 2012.

I did a post some time ago about a new inquest being opened in to the Azaria Chamberlain case, and followed that up with another noting the conclusion of the inquest. 257 more words