Kingdom of Light - The Art of War


Chapter Twenty Four

Mike woke to the sound of someone calling his name, a familiar voice he couldn’t quite place. At the same time there was someone leaning in, a man’s face, very close to his, a face he recognized, but couldn’t put a name to. 2,715 more words

Kingdom Of Light

Kingdom of Light - Behold Your Destiny


Chapter Twenty Three

Jim’s rich, baritone voice reverberated up from the hole, “Tony, any word on that jack?”

“Nothing, Jim. I’ve called in the request a half dozen times, but Central hasn’t located one yet. 3,735 more words

Kingdom Of Light

Kingdom of Light - Learning War


Chapter Twenty Two

Mike shifted uncomfortably on the stone stairway. He was feeling unusual pain in his stomach and right leg. He attributed it to the surrounding cold. 3,089 more words

Kingdom Of Light

My 11 Handmade Spirit Dolls and their Uses

Today I will share with you all my Spirit-Dolls. These are dolls I handsewed to act as either devices of communication or as vessels for spirits. 1,709 more words

Spirit Interactions

New World Workshop

Smoke rises from the jagged fissure
that once was their peaceful Paradise.

The wandering Fallen-
iridescent wings maliciously ripped from their backs,
and loyal Righteous- 87 more words