AA Members look at the podium ready to listen to their two newest members.

AA DIRECTOR:  I would like to welcome two new members tonight to Alcohols Anonymous. 598 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Kingdom of Light - The Tower at Etemen-an-ki


Chapter Thirty Two

Mike rolled to his side and curled up with his back to a chill wind. His eyes fluttered open again, this time to a slate sky, but they didn’t remain opened long. 2,745 more words

Kingdom Of Light

What's an Azazel Goat? (Lev. 16)

Leviticus chapter 16 describes the the process for a burnt offering on the Day of Atonement during Aaron’s position as High Priest. A ram was to be used as the burnt offering; however, two goats were to precede the burnt offering. 255 more words

Beauty Of Scripture

Kingdom of Light - Fountains of The Deep


Chapter Thirty One

Noah sat alone, outside his tent, watching smoke and tiny sparks, from the fire, rise up into the starry night. He lifted his voice to the heavens, calling upon the only God he had ever known, or worshiped. 3,323 more words

Kingdom Of Light

Kingdom of Light - Death of Leviathan


Chapter Thirty

In the throne room, Gabrielle began to sense an inky gloom, leaking into the brilliant light that remained, surrounding the throne of Heaven. 1,124 more words

Kingdom Of Light

The Day of Atonement and The Curious Incident of the Lamb of God

The Israelite holy day we call the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) presents a fascinating imagery of community purification of sin. It may seem like a weird and bloody ritual from a barbaric time, therefore completely irrelevant to our modern age. 1,266 more words


The Response

I hardly think that most of the things I say, or do or think are crazy but evidently many people do.

Many are the things I think about posting to Facebook and sometimes I do and when I do I invariably feel like shit over the lack of response and poor reception. 49 more words