An A-Z of Demons, Devils and Imps - Bizarre Depictions from 'The Infernal Dictionary'

Where did the weird illustrations of hellish creatures found in the French ‘Dictionnaire Infernal’ (1836) come from?

When it comes to demons, you might think that the sort of artist who set the standard in depicting the demons of Hell would have a chequered, mysterious past. 2,150 more words


Azazel and the Tractor Beam ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

This is the vision that I had today … through the law of the Universe, enforced by the guardians of the Universe, Azazel, the fallen angel who taught man to make weapons of war, has been tractor-beamed off Planet Earth. 295 more words


Two goats and a lottery

Acharei Mot  Leviticus 16: 1 – 17

The sidra is what you might call hard core Temple cult, involving animal sacrifices, incense and the prescribed clothing of the high priest. 812 more words


Love the sheep....positive affirmations

I am worthy I am capable, I am strong and I am able to do anything at all put in front of me …no matter how hard it seems or how it overwhelms me… in through the nose and out through the mouth there is never any need for my soul to ever doubt. 108 more words

The Scapegoat

Each head, bowed down with several cares

Is raised to watch the sacrifice

Proceed to where Jehovah waits

To host a feast that famishes.

This flock anticipates a goat… 16 more words