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ArtRage is a really fantastic little app for Android, that I use almost constantly. It’s an app geared at people with a Samsung Note Tab or Phone, because it takes great advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the Note pen, but I believe it can be used with fingers as well, easily enough, though I myself have never tried it that way. 201 more words

Mathia Arkoniel

The True/Original Meaning of a Scapegoat

The Term Scapegoat Originates From Hebrew

Once a Year, on The Day of Atonement, the High Priest Entered the Holy of Holies
With the Blood of a Goat to Atone, (Cover) for the sins of the people. 303 more words


No Traditional Yom Kippur

Our Hebrew observance of Yom Kippur is not what you’ll find in the search engines; the current traditions that have been set for many years are not followed among our people. 601 more words


The Goat for Azazel - Entrance by the Blood (Part 5)

One wonders how many have used the term “scapegoat” without knowing its true significance. Most have a sense of what it means—a person blamed for the wrongs of another or one chosen for punishment to satisfy a need for public justice even though they haven’t done the wrong. 1,346 more words

The Blood Of Jesus Christ

Yom Kippur and the Azazel

God institutes the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16.  He describes what is to happen and why in some detail.  Here’s what I noticed in this section this year. 1,146 more words

Relationship With God

The Cleansing of the People and the Place - Entrance by the Blood (Part 4)

The Cleansing of the People
Relieved, Aaron leaves the inner sanctuary, walks through the holy place and hands the vessel full of the bullock’s blood back to one of his sons (probably Eleazar). 867 more words

The Blood Of Jesus Christ

Livres gratuits Ebooks Le souffle de l'ange 2: Azazel en ligne

Tome 2 : Azazel

En sauvant Jonathan, Sélène a fait un choix…

Mais ce choix a rompu toute possibilité de pouvoir rentrer chez elle. Pire, Sélène est désormais aux mains de ses ennemis jurés, les hommes de Lucifer. 170 more words