Deal of the Damned

Bits of torment and rage flash through my mind as I approach. The dusty gravel hurting my feet as I pace farther into the night. There’s nothing else I can do. 845 more words

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Kingdom of Light - The Light of The World


Chapter Thirty Six

Tony was distracted by the ever increasing radio traffic, tinny, electronic voices crackling all around him from the parked trucks and from the P25 mobile radios that each of the firefighters carried with them. 4,142 more words

B. James Wilson

Kingdom of Light - Blood, Sweat and Tears


Chapter Thirty Five

It was decision time for Jim. Mike was fading rapidly and, unless they could extract him in the next few minutes, he would never make it to the hospital. 2,426 more words

B. James Wilson

Kingdom of Light - Scapegoat


Chapter Thirty Four

Mike’s deep dream state was disturbed by a frightened sense that someone was standing near, watching him. His eyes burst open and he lifted his head to see the boy standing less than four feet from him, watching as he slept. 4,568 more words

B. James Wilson

Loki as Lucifer

I’ve found a string of connections tying our favorite trickster god back to none other than the fallen arch-angel himself, and I thought that, rather than hint at them, I might as well spell them all out. 739 more words


Kingdom of Light - Nimrod's Spear of Justice


Chapter Thirty Three

From his place of hiding in the tower above the gate, Azazel observed the events in the city. He recognized this angel, Trinity, who had so powerfully routed the Nephelim in battle. 3,204 more words

B. James Wilson


AA Members look at the podium ready to listen to their two newest members.

AA DIRECTOR:  I would like to welcome two new members tonight to Alcohols Anonymous. 598 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester