Well played, Azazel. Well played.

Day 63. 114 pages, 57,507 words.

Nothing much to add today. Here is a hilarious 10-minute video of Azazel struggling to simultaneously play a set and remain vertical in Hyvinkää … 34 more words

Kussa Mun Hopoti?

Morita Masakazu và rắn

Azazel trong Shingeki no Bahamut, mấy con rắn xấu mù nhưng hiệu quả lắm: 

Miwa Shuuji – World Trigger, logo của team A-7 là một cặp rắn.  39 more words


5 | ORIGINS of the Scapegoat: Azazel

Chapter 5: Scapegoats & Azazel

Throughout history, people have blamed other people or other things for their problems. Sickness has been the result of a curse. 1,980 more words



16(1) Y el Eterno le dijo a Moisés después de la muerte de los dos hijos de Aarón, los cuales habían muerto al acercarse al Eterno: (2) “Dile a Aarón tu hermano que no entre en cualquier momento al santuario, detrás del velo, delante del propiciatorio que está sobre el Arca para que no muera, por cuanto Yo apareceré en la nube sobre el propiciatorio. 2,925 more words



Azazel rolls a joint and breathes in fumes
exhales blood and guts, churling smoke, his
eyes amber goat dilated, sideways spears,
he’s a slacker, a dealer, a crust punk parade… 88 more words


I'm on TDY from Hell - Hell's Angels

Prince Seere tossed his knee over the edge of his golden throne and sighed. No one would call the sigh of the Lord of Hell dramatic, but that’s what it was. 2,777 more words

Two Worlds

Bahamut has always been a unique anime and that’s probably why i’m such a big fan of it. Admittedly, I didn’t really get too deep into the story because, well, it had various flaws. 764 more words

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