Azazel - D.P. Tighe ✶✶✶✶

A troubled teen with an unhealthy obsession with guns and acts of vigilantism grows up within the murder capital of the world Honduras. With no family or friends the boy only has a name to tie him to the mother who supposedly sold him at birth. 302 more words


【Azazel】 X-Men Character Biography

Azazel claims that many years ago an ancient horde of demonic humanoid mutants from biblical times called the Neyaphem were in an epic battle with a group of angelic xenophobic mutants, named the Cheyarafim. 960 more words


Enoch Pleads with the Watchers – 1 Enoch 12-16

1 Enoch 12 introduces the reader to Enoch for the first time. He was hidden “before all this happened” with the “Watchers and holy ones” presumably for his protection. 769 more words


The Avodah Service of Yom Kippur

I’m preparing a teaching session for the Ohr Kodesh Tikkun Leil Shavuot about the Avodah service, and looked back on some thoughts I shared at the Fabrangen Yom Kippur service in 2013. 1,630 more words

Dvar Tefila

An A-Z of Demons, Devils and Imps - Bizarre Depictions from 'The Infernal Dictionary'

Where did the weird illustrations of hellish creatures found in the French ‘Dictionnaire Infernal’ (1836) come from? 2,179 more words