Azazel's Takeaway

Your order is for presentation

Of tasty titbits hung up in my mind

Like kippers in a shed replete with smoke.

Each morsel swam once in your stream alive, 201 more words


Sometimes You Piss Off Your Spirits, and Other News

I have decided to hold off on the progression of the Evocation Experiment Series, pausing longer on the effects of Azazel, which I probably won’t note unless it can benefit any of my readers or followers here. 988 more words


TAeX Conclusion

I did two nights of evocation as described previously on this blog. Two were all that were needed for a sufficient manifestation and to give the command. 1,454 more words


TAEx Night Two

Reached the required state while laying in bed. Conjuration given while tranced out on the Triangle. Sensations that followed were typical sensations that are associated with portal opening. 626 more words


TAEx Night 1

So night one of The Azazel Experiment. Weeeeiiiiird.

After an hour of sleep in 48 hours, very little food and working laying backer board in a large ass house for 8 hours (I’m a small lass, and construction equipment/material is pretty heavy) I was ready for bed having begun my hypnagogic hallucinations (or as I call it, visual energy sensitivity because I don’t hallucinate, I just see what I normally see in a more pronounced way and in more detail). 582 more words


The Azazel Experiment

Allow me to begin by confusing you. I’ve been getting some questions about my stance on “spirits” and “entities”. I say one thing in one post and contradict myself in another. 1,151 more words

Ceremonial Magic

Kingdom of Light - The Light of The World


Chapter Thirty Six

Tony was distracted by the ever increasing radio traffic, tinny, electronic voices crackling all around him from the parked trucks and from the P25 mobile radios that each of the firefighters carried with them. 4,142 more words

B. James Wilson