Kingdom of Light, Saving Grace


Chapter Seven

Every synapse of his desperate mind was telling him to run, but there was no place he could run to. He needed to take some kind of action, to satisfy the adrenaline building up in his system. 3,654 more words

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The Rogues Gallery

For every character I love on Supernatural, there’s at least one more that I love to hate. Here are some of the best/worst, ranked in order of evilness. 643 more words

Monthly Fandom


I’m not quite sure why I got stuck on it, but I did. I know that I’ve noticed this difference in translations before. The word is only used four times in Scripture . 689 more words


Kingdom of Light - Got Company?


Chapter Five

“Have mercy! Have mercy on me!”, the creature pleaded with the voice of an elderly woman.

Michael’s mind reeled, trying to make sense of what he was seeing, trying to rectify the voice with the creature dangling in the shadows before him, but his mental processes were interrupted by yet another voice, a soft, male voice, that could only be coming from the same source. 1,739 more words

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You Ain't Special Part 1

It was as if time and space had never existed. It was only me and I had just died and was laughing and playing with God, Himself. 126 more words