AZAZEL (from l-r): Jack Donachie (guitar), JJ Spencer (vocals), Sam Geeson (drums), Jimmy Hikin (bass)


From Nottingham, deathcore quartet Azazel burst onto the scene this time last year with their first single, ‘ONI’, which they collaborated on with Tom Stokes, vocalist of Kent death/sludge metal/deathcore quintet Impuritas. 507 more words


The Immortal Lover


The editing was not completed in time for Valentine’s Day.  But I was able to get a preview.

Paranormal Romance,


Battleworld takes place after the multiverse was destroyed. The Earth has been taken over by zombies and this region of Battleworld is holding off the zombies and being led by Elsa Bloodstone, daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, a hunter formally with the 1950s Avengers who had a large Bloodgem embedded into his chest. 1,081 more words

Comic Book

Little Boy Blue

The sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn
and you are just thirteen, starry-eyed, dreaming
in fields of green, trusty beaten gold horn at hand, 146 more words

What are Ana's Spiritual Gifts and Abilities?

Thanks for asking the question. This is the first thing I researched when I begin the series. What are the abilities of saints.  I learned there are as many different types of saints as there are people.  656 more words

Paranormal Romance,

Helvegen - The Road to Hel

So I saw Wardruna with my boyfriend recently, and let me tell you, the Norwegian neofolk band Wardruna is the equivalent of nuclear galdr.  Rune poems chanted with horns and drums, Ragnar Lodbrok’s death song, lays and spells and sheer, raw power. 1,064 more words

Why do women love cosmetic products and how I plan to find out


Why do women wear make up? (1)

I asked my near 60 year old mother and she had no qualms: make up is ultimately to attract men. 1,538 more words