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First Review

Hi! My first book review will be on “Modern Romance” by Aziz Ansari. Yes, it will be quick and only consist of thirty words (or less)!

Stay tuned,


Aziz Ansari

Chi-Town Date with Aziz Ansari

I dare say that Aziz Ansari has played a critical part in my relationship with Steven.

When we first started dating, Steven and I were 24, both freshly returned from living abroad, newly employed in the US workforce, living on our own, and embodying everything there was to embody when you are a mid-twenty-something. 1,294 more words

Masters of None: Ladies and Gentleman

There’s a great series that came out last year from Aziz Ansari on Netflix called Masters of None. One of the episodes is titled “Ladies and Gentleman” and it covers the difference between the male and female experience in our world today (with some humor of course because it’s Aziz). 406 more words


Asians in Media: Why is a Korean American playing a Vietnamese immigrant?

Over the past couple days I’ve been watching Netflix’s original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and though I liked the show at first, something changed in the sixth episode and as an Asian American I feel the need to say something. 823 more words

January Wrap-up

January has been to me a good month for reading, likely owing to the two weeks I was out of work recuperating from my fancy hospitalization late last year. 585 more words


On 2016. And Netflix.

Dear Unknown Reader,

As I spend my days drifting in the void that is called the Internet, there is much to be proud about these days, including the fact that the… 269 more words

Jane Austen

Modern Romance- Aziz Ansari | REVIEW

Love and romance are always interesting topics, right? Sure. To be loved- that’s something most people want, is it not?

(Not gonna lie, I really just wanted to post a 1975 video and took the opportunity.) 492 more words

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