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Master of None (2015)

Asian-Americans are one of the most underrepresented groups of people on screen. According to a recent study conducted by UCLA, only 3.1% of speaking roles in 2016 movies were played by Asian actors. 720 more words

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The Denial Diaries: On #MeToo Men With No Self-Awareness

Dan Harmon had no plans to say anything about the way he had treated Megan Ganz. But then, in January, the writer who used to work for him on “Community” accused him of sexual harassment on Twitter. 2,269 more words


The Downfall of the Entertainer – Comedy in a ‘Times Up’ Era

Ever since Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault by over 80 women last October, it seemed that every day we would wake up to the news of another beloved star joining the hit list. 1,145 more words

Aziz Ansari

New Rules for Men

All I can say is, good luck my friend. Proceed at your own risk.


By Matt Patterson

And so we have arrived, in the Brett Kavanaugh affair, the inevitable and ultimate apotheosis of #MeToo – the vilification of men  462 more words

Master of None (Season 1)

With so much of content overload on the internet right now, very few web shows break the clutter and bring some freshness. Netflix’s Master of None, a sitcom created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, successfully makes the cut. 261 more words

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Aziz Ansari Making Comedy Comeback After 'Me Too' Accusation

(CNN) — Aziz Ansari is back doing what he does best.

The former “Parks and Recreation” star did a stand-up routine Monday night at Zanies comedy club in Nashville. 198 more words


NO U: The Story of Asia Argento

By Lesby The Lesbian

#MeToo. What is that all about? We all know what it’s about. It’s about addressing the unspoken sexual abuse that goes on in Hollywood, like the story of ‘Grace’, a woman who met with Hollywood powerhouse, Aziz Ansari, then sucked his dick twice in the same night, and offered to sleep with him, but then really regretted it later, which makes it rape. 597 more words