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Brand New 1974 Nishiki Rally

Sometimes items bought in thrift stores are like time capsules. This barely ridden Japanese woman’s Nishiki Rally ’10-speed’ brings me right back to 1974 and the salad days of my youth. 244 more words


ありがとう (Arigatou) (Indonesia & English)

Requested by Ayez
Theme song Rumia & Reimu
Baiklah lagu ini menceritakan seorang yang bertemu dan mengucapkan terima kasih telah bertemu.
Jika dilihat dari lagu ada 2 kemungkinan yang pertama Rumia yang menemukan Reimu atau Reimu yang menemukan Rumia hanya seperti itu dan ia mengingat selalu kejadian pada masa dimana mereka bersama.Lagu original themenya saya tidak meromanjikannya dikarenakan kalau di romanjikan akan menjadi panjang dan akan sedikit repot untuk mengaturnya. 748 more words

Terjemahan Indonesia

New Japanese-style Häagen-Dazs brings us chestnut and azuki red bean ice cream this fall

Zeitaku is one of those lovely Japanese words that sounds as elegant as its meaning. As the word for luxury, it conjures up images of high-class… 313 more words


Red bean Jelly (also known as Mizu Yokan)

Whew! Time to catch up on some blog posts! I made this a long while back and it is a very simple recipe that Youtuber ochikeron posted an even longer time ago. 375 more words


McDonald's Japan to sell Anko Pies this autumn

As a leading purveyor of fatty fast food, McDonald’s is certain to have its share of detractors. It seems every time we run a story about the golden arches, commenters are all too quick to point out how the fast food restaurant’s offerings tend to be on the less healthy side (to put it diplomatically). 219 more words


Un midi sans gluten #2 (ou vis ma vie de freelance)

Désolée pour la présentation de la recette. Je n’ai pas trop le temps de découper les feuilles de ma salade pour en faire un pochoir et poser délicatement mon gratin dessus… Il ne me reste plus que quelques cheveux sur le crâne et 6 articles à boucler. 494 more words


Dorayaki (Japanese Azuki Pancake Sandwich)

I had a batch of Azuki (red bean) paste from the Vegan Matcha Azuki Layer Cake, so without question, Dorayaki is the next logical thing to make. 712 more words