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Matcha Azuki Swiss Roll 🍵

Matcha Azuki red bean swiss roll – one of my favourite cakes and also very simple to make. The combo of fresh cream and red beans is just perfect. 115 more words


Matcha Hot Cross Buns

I know the Easter has gone, but never mind.

I like making bread. My love in bread making started from making Hot Cross Buns several years ago. 763 more words



J’ai passé deux semaines au Japon cet été, et je n’ai pas arrêté de m’émerveiller. Je veux dire : encore plus que d’habitude.

Parmi toutes ces sources de fascination, la singularité de la nourriture m’a particulièrement touchée. 1,897 more words

Casseroles Et Pétrin

Azuki Essence Water (and other stuff)

It’s probably fairly obvious based on what I post about, but I shop at a nearby Asian grocery pretty frequently. When I stopped by there today to get some ramen, konnyaku, and an aloe vera drink, I saw this. 334 more words

Hawthorne Bicycles

Hawthorne bicycles was the Montgomery Wards house brand, though they didn’t build the bikes themselves, that was done by H.P. Snyder who also made Rollfast bikes, or by the Cleveland Welding Company. 136 more words

Brand New 1974 Nishiki Rally

Sometimes items bought in thrift stores are like time capsules. This barely ridden Japanese woman’s Nishiki Rally ’10-speed’ brings me right back to 1974 and the salad days of my youth. 244 more words


ありがとう (Arigatou) (Indonesia & English)

Requested by Ayez
Theme song Rumia & Reimu
Baiklah lagu ini menceritakan seorang yang bertemu dan mengucapkan terima kasih telah bertemu.
Jika dilihat dari lagu ada 2 kemungkinan yang pertama Rumia yang menemukan Reimu atau Reimu yang menemukan Rumia hanya seperti itu dan ia mengingat selalu kejadian pada masa dimana mereka bersama.Lagu original themenya saya tidak meromanjikannya dikarenakan kalau di romanjikan akan menjadi panjang dan akan sedikit repot untuk mengaturnya. 748 more words

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