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Matcha Azuki Bundtlettes

I had some canned azuki (red bean) in my fridge which I had bought last year (don’t worry, it only expires in 2017) and I was trying to find a way to use it. 237 more words


Lunch at Fresh Flours

Fresh flours is a Japanese influenced bakery in Ballard that does the best croissants/danishes I’ve ever had.

They also carry sables and macarons flavoured with matcha or yuzu which are really delicate and melty. 198 more words



Before the Meiji era, at which time Japan adopted the Western calendar, the old calendar was based on the phases of the moon. The full moon always fell on the 15th day of the lunar month, and the full moon of the first month of the year was celebrated as Koshogatsu 小正月. 439 more words


New Year's Oshiruko

Yesterday was New Year’s day so naturally brother and I went to the local Buddhist Temple to welcome the new year. Brother is Catholic, while I’ve been Buddhist for almost a decade, but he does come with me to services from time to time. 140 more words


雷々伝々 ~ Liz Triangle

Requested by malekdeneith.


“雷々伝々”, “rairai denden”. Or at least this is how I think it should be read. If it wasn’t for how it’s written, I would have translated it as “Thu-thunder and li-lightning” simply because of the assonance with “raiden”. 521 more words


Day 58: Getting older. 水曜日・2014年11月12日

First lesson was Linguistics, second lesson was “The Words and Culture of Comprehension” or whatever the fuck that lesson calls itself.

But this lesson was definitely the most enjoyable so far, as I’ve started using my  1,967 more words


Another Japan-meets-ice cream creation from Häagen-Dazs -- this time it's strawberries and azuki!

Yes, we love our Häagen-Dazs here at RocketNews24, but you really can’t blame us when they keep throwing creative and tantalizing flavors at us, can you? 387 more words