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Japan’s French fry sundaes are here, but which one should you try? We find out【Taste test】

”What’s the best flavor for a French fry sundae?” is a question we never had to answer…until now! 415 more words


Japan now has French fry ice cream sundaes thanks to fast food chain First Kitchen

Oft-forgotten burger joint now has our full attention with its decadent Western and Japanese-style combinations of fried food and ice cream. 342 more words


The MoeGamer Awards: Most Relevant Opening Song

The MoeGamer Awards are a series of made-up prizes that give me an excuse to celebrate games, concepts and communities I’ve particularly appreciated over the course of 2017. 1,163 more words


Birthday Red Bean Paste Flaky Pastries (or fool my family into eating my food part trois)

Since I had to undergo a family (mine, not Julie’s) event yesterday (my mother’s birthday), I decided to enact part trois of my clever plan to convince my family I can cook and they won’t die a horrible death from eating my food.  1,635 more words

Oxford Commas

Week 5&6

September 25, 2017 – October 8, 2017

I’m combining these two weeks because honestly I’m so behind on updating and my days are only getting busier ;;; but omg, the past 14 days have been the epitome of overwhelming (in the best way possible). 1,144 more words