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Simplifying Azure Key Vault and .NET Core Web App (includes NuGet package)

In my previous post I wrote about securing my application secrets using Azure Key Vault, and in this post I’m going to write about how to simplify the code that a .NET Core web app needs to use the Key Vault. 619 more words

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Azure Information Protection – How to implement AIP, (#2/3)


Although AIP is very useful, easy to use, and practical security solution, its implementation is far from simple. You may not be able to find a ‘how to install’ guide which covers from the beginning to the end. 554 more words

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Office 365 Tenant to Tenant data migrations ?

By default Microsoft does not provide tools to migrate OneDrive; sharpoint; exchange mailboxes data from a tenant to another tenant: Here is the lList of software vendors for Azure/Office 365 tenant data migrations: 18 more words


PowerShell - How to call a webservice REST or SOAP ?

Deciding which protocol to use for which service

The key distinguishing factor for our service will be found in the URL of the resource… If our URL looks like X, then it is a Y service, and you use Z tool to get to it… 121 more words


#Azure : Large Virtual Machines Scale Sets

In general, virtual machines scale sets provide auto scalability based on the need. With the normal scale sets, you can have a deployment of 0-100 VMs. 887 more words


Pushing your local docker image to Azure Container Registry

In the last post, i wrote about how can we create and run Docker image locally.

Docker Hello World with ASP.NET Core

Today, i will show you how can we push this local Docker image to Azure Container Registry.Azure Container Registry is a private Docker Registry like Docker Hub, to which we can store our docker images.The Docker images stored in this registry can be deployed to a kubernetes cluster easily. 163 more words


Azure Files used among VMs in a Dev Team

Azure File is a service in Azure Storage Accounts such that I look at it a managed network file share. For a further introduction read  448 more words