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Cloud Application Development - 04 Azure Storage, Blobs, Queues [MFF UK NSWI152, LS 2018]

Recording from the fourth lesson (13/Mar 2018) of Cloud Applications Development course (NSWI152) for MMF UK (LS 2017/2018). It is published on our HAVIT YouTube Channel… 21 more words


Azure Service Bus Topic

In Last blog article we saw how to Create a Service bus and a Queue associated with it. We are going to use the same Service Bus and create a Topic – which is a publisher\subscriber model. 157 more words


#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates weeks 09-10/18

This is the last week I will differentiate between Azure on OMS, it simply doesn’t make any sense, since all the services are Azure and everything is blurring and integrating. 852 more words


Where are the documents at?

New Guy in Infra Team: Can I get the build & design documents please ?

Old Guy in Infra Team: uh, We don’t have one, We follow agile, So “no documentation”, & we follow Devops so you will find everything is  372 more words

Azure SQL Database and Cost Threshold for Parallelism

We all know that the magic figure for cost threshold for parallelism is 5 by default, meaning if the estimated cost of a query is greater than 5 it… 229 more words


2018 03 15 回到零下10度





Life In Helsinki (2018 01 03 - )

Part 2: Creating an alert using Service Bus and Logic Apps

IoT Hub offers device-to-cloud message routing to specific services endpoints, based on rules created using message properties values as filters without requiring any additional code. If a single message matches the condition of multiple rules, it will be delivered to each endpoint associated with the routes. 335 more words