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I'll be talking on Global Azure Bootcamp this year:

I’ll be talking on Global Azure Bootcamp at Bengaluru this year .

The details about the event as well as the agenda can be found in this link : http://bengaluru.azurebootcamp.net/

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Do you have questions on Containers? #AskBenArmstrong

Fundamentally, Containers are an isolated, resource controlled, and portable runtime environment which runs on a host machine or virtual machine and allows you to run an application or process which is packaged with all the required dependencies and configuration files on its own. 107 more words


Best practices to follow- A Cloud Service Provider guide

One of the issues of much interest to CSPs is to follow guidelines for the best practices in the cloud industry. Not only following best industry practices lead to a more managed and smooth system of Cloud services but it also keep consumers satisfied. 437 more words


Reselling Azure & Office 365 – basic things you needs to know

Microsoft Partners today are more increasingly interested to go for the Cloud Service Provider Program. To all the Partners out there, it is of much interest how to procure and manage customers of Microsoft cloud by reselling its Azure and Office 365 Products. 362 more words


Complex Data Types in Azure Data Factory


Azure Data Factory does not really handle complex data types very well. This applies to both V1 and V2. In this blog post, I will explain the problem and a solution for one sample complex type, which is ST_GEOMETRY. 226 more words


Creating and Deploying Express Web App on Azure in few steps

In this post we will see how can we setup an express web application and how to deploy an node.js based express web application.

Step 1: Creating an web application in express. 360 more words


Build enterprise-grade scalable applications on Service Fabric

This is a series of articles on building microservices based applications on Service Fabric.

Introduction to Service Fabric

Azure Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform that makes it easy to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable microservices and containers.

1,066 more words
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