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Azure Server Management Tools Preview

Microsoft has released a preview of the new server management tools available through Azure for Windows Server 2016. This post provides am overview of what’s currently possible. 446 more words


How to copy and backup SQL Databases in Azure

Let’s say you want a copy of your database for some reasons.  Scenarios might vary.  Maybe you want to bring back production DB to another environment. 470 more words


New toys : #Azure Web-Based Server Management Tools , And It's A Lot!!!!!

The Azure boys keep amazing me, especially the guys who co-operate with the Windows Server boys. As of today there’s a new toolset in Azure available for the Sys admins amongst us. 1,197 more words


Free eBook: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure (DevOps, Availability, Storage, more)

The “Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure” book written by Scott Guthrie, Mark Simms, Tom Dykstra, Rick Anderson and Mike Wasson has been made a free eBook by Microsoft Press. 87 more words


How to run OpenFOAM in Microsoft Azure


This tutorial describes how to deploy a VM with Ubuntu in Microsoft Azure and run simulations in OpenFOAM. It is assumed that these steps are performed on a local Windows machine. 365 more words

マイクロソフト、「Azure Stack」向けのPaaSやDevOpsサービスを発表 [ #cbajp ]

Microsoftは1月末にハイブリッドクラウド構築のためのソフトウェア定義インフラストラクチャ「Azure Stack」のテクニカルプレビューを公開したが、米国時間2月8日には、約束していたAzure Stack向けサービスのプレビューを提供した。Azure Stackテクニカルプレビュー上で実装して動かすことができるAzure PaaSサービスとDevOpsツールであり、次のような機能を含む。