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B.A.P Drops Teaser Ahead of Comeback

B.A.P has unveiled a mysterious teaser image ahead of their upcoming comeback!

The photo resembles a computer error screen, with the title, “Security Warning,” on the top. 26 more words


Bersiap Comeback, B.A.P Beri ‘Security Warning’

Pada 11 Agustus, TS Entertainment merilis sebuah gambar “Security Warning From B.A.P” yang tampaknya akan menjadi petunjuk untuk comeback B.A.P mendatang. 43 more words

New Album / Tracklist / Jacket Cover / Photo Teaser

Is Morse Code a Serious Form of Communication or a Frivolous one?

For thousands of years, society has been sending out secret messages all over the world through the use of cryptography. Even to this day, the new generation has been fascinated by ‘code breaking’ as it is a playful way to communicate with each other. 1,457 more words

Giấc mộng hôm qua

Sáng nay tỉnh dậy tự nhiên lại ngay vừa lúc tớ vừa mới kết thúc giấc mơ về các cậu. Thần kỳ thật đấy, sau cả ngày tự nhiên đến bây giờ tớ lại chợt nhớ ra giấc mơ của mình là gì. 618 more words


How I got into KPOP?

I saw this post by kwenzqoatl and decided to make one of my own. ^^

Because yes, I have fallen into the doom that is KPOP aka Korean pop music. 594 more words



Rasanya masih segar diingatan Himchan ketika ia bertanya pada adik sepupunya, Youngjae, dengan pertanyaan, “Kau yakin akan menikah dengan Daehyun?”. Saat itu Youngjae baru saja akan mempersiapkan pernikahannya dengan lelaki yang saat ini telah menjadi suaminya, dan itu terjadi lima tahun silam. 1,701 more words


B.A.P 2017 PARTY BABY T-Shirt, Pullover, Hoodie & Jacket

Jacket – SGD 30 each
Sizes: S – 3XL
Colors: White/ Black/ Grey
Material: 100% High Quality Cotton

**Please note: these are NOT official product! 318 more words

Official/ Non-Official Merchandise