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List of Korean songs that you will agree it’s worthy to listen once you know its meaning

Hey guys, so I made a promise to myself yesterday that I will make a list of Korean songs that really good and contain a deep meaning or even social issues. 800 more words


bravo, you're so brave with that bravado

length: 6665 từ
rating: m
genre: angst, dark, non-au
pairing: exid’s ahn heeyeon | hani/b.a.p’s jung daehyun
“Cô biết sao không.” Daehyun nói, bình thản và vô cảm. 10,298 more words


B.A.P title tracks

  1. Warrior (2012)
  2. Power (2012)
  3. No Mercy (2012)
  4. Crash (2012)
  5. Stop It (2012)
  6. One Shot (2013)
  7. Coffee Shop (2013)
  8. Hurricane (2013)
  9. Badman (2013)
  10. 1004 (Angel) (2014)
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B.A.P Japanese discography


  1. Warrior <Japanese> (2013)
  2. One Shot <Japanese> (2013)
  3. No Mercy <Japanese> (2014)
  4. Excuse Me <Japanese> (2014)
  5. Feel So Good <Japanese> (2016)
  6. Fly High (2016)
  7. Wake Me Up <Japanese> (2017)
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B.A.P profile


  1. Bang Yongguk <leader>
  2. Kim Himchan
  3. Jung Daehyun
  4. Yoo Youngjae
  5. Moon Jongup
  6. Choi Junhong (Zelo) <maknae>


  1. Yongguk: March 31st 1990
  2. Himchan: April 19th 1990…
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Benda Penting Untuk Para Fans K-pop. 13 Lightsticks terbaik di K-Pop!

Setiap group K-pop selalu menginginkan hal yang terbaik untuk para penggemarnya. Baik itu penampilan di panggung maupun barang-barang yang mewakili group mereka. Salah satu barang yang sangat khas dan wajib ada di setiap fans club adalah lightsticks. 553 more words


K-Pop Songs: V - Voice Message by B.A.P

BAP is one of my Top 3 bias groups and for good reason. Their ability to come out with so many different genres all the time is breath-taking and I think not done enough by promoting groups at the moment. 631 more words