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and i'll be feeling pain just to hold on

length: 3099 từ
rating: t
genre: flangst
pairing: b.a.p’s bang yongguk/jung daehyun
summary: hôm nay, yongguk lại đưa daehyun về như thường lệ. nhưng lần này, họ đổi sang một lộ trình mới. 4,736 more words


Music of the Week 10/15/2017

I know, I’m two days late. So this is going to be a very basic post.

Here’s my top music of this week:

  1. Big Bang – FXXK IT…
  2. 36 more words
Music Of The Week

zero drift [1]

rating: m
genre: tragedy, action
pairing: b.a.p’s bang yongguk/jung daehyun
summary: When thinking about falling down from Gotham’s skyscraper, Yongguk decides to make the city fall down at his feet instead. 28,856 more words


Kpop Comebacks Review –September

Kpop comebacks were lit this month, so I thought it would be fun to review some that I watched/listened to and enjoyed. I’m evaluating the music videos in five categories: concept, aesthetics/cinematography, fashion/beauty, choreography, and song. 1,230 more words


saturation velvet [1]

rating: M
genre: action, adventure, lừa tình chém gió đâm hơi drama
pairing: b.a.p’s bang yongguk/jung daehyun; side!kim himchan/yoo youngjae
summary: Với Daehyun, thế giới khi cậu nhắm mắt lại cũng chẳng khác so với khi cậu mở mắt ra là bao. 8,407 more words


Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone I hope that You are enjoyed your week and are now looking forward to the weekend. These are some songs that I recently have been enjoying and that I hope it will make your weekend a bit better. 28 more words


Best.Absolute.Perfect - It's My Jam ;P

Yeah, this is another kpop post, though not random in any way. :D Feel free to scroll by.

There’s something about B.A.P that makes them stick out even among the gzillion kpop groups I sorta, kinda keep tabs on. 603 more words

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