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B BOYS - " Dada "

This is among the best and most vital sounding post-punk albums that I’ve heard this year, Themes: no-nonsense, something to say, business suits and beanies, mental states, working class.   89 more words


B Boys - Energy

The Brooklyn band announce their debut LP as well as the release of lead single Energy. 130 more words


Is Green the New God of Hip-Hop?

I come from behind enemy lines to pose this question– Is Green Hip-hop’s new God? Me being locked up I’m constantly hearing conversations around Hip-Hop (Rap in particular). 354 more words


Tracing the Beat - A History of Vietnamese Hip Hop

“We’re in the wrong place,” I mutter to myself as I wait nervously for Wowy Nguyen to arrive. Surrounded by fresh flowers, potpourri and black and white portraits of Princess Diana and Angelina Jolie, with an acoustic cover of a Taylor Swift song playing in the background, the overtly quaint She Cafe in downtown Saigon was probably not the best choice of venues to interview one of Vietnam’s top underground rappers…. 7 more words

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