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Saskatchewan to apply to participate in B.C. case to restrict increased bitumen flows

EDITOR”S NOTE: This article initially said Saskatchewan will be an intervener in B.C.’s reference case. A representative from the Justice Ministry told Global News there was confusion in the terminology in the government of Saskatchewan’s initial press release. 483 more words


Scott Thompson: Energy hypocrisy costs B.C. and eventually all Canadians

Beautiful British Columbia has been in the news a lot lately, largely due to its ongoing fight with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Alberta government, by delaying the already approved twinning of the Kinder Morgan pipeline from northern Alberta to the southern Pacific coast. 180 more words


Danielle Smith: Will $2 gas convince B.C. they need Trans Mountain?

People have been asking me to explain how Vancouver residents can be so up in arms about the Trans Mountain pipeline and yet be completely silent on Vancouver Airport’s plan to build a dedicated aviation fuel pipeline. 759 more words


Roy Green: Do we still have a nation?

The Trans Mountain pipeline extension imbroglio is unzipping Canada’s emotional fault lines with a surgical dexterity unimagined by any remaining members of Quebec’s constitutional dismemberment teams of 1980 and 1995. 915 more words


Scott Thompson: Kinder Morgan pipeline debate more about extremism than the environment

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to pull an abrupt U-turn from his trip to Peru for the Summit of the Americas to return home to discipline two fighting provinces. 332 more words

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ANALYSIS: Transit announcement sees NDP make rare break with B.C. Liberal policy

The fledgling NDP government, in many ways, has simply continued the policies of the previous B.C. Liberal administration, but last week’s big transit improvements announcement is a major exception to that pattern. 777 more words


A Vancouver lawyer is calling on the government to make changes to roadside prohibitions

A Vancouver lawyer is calling on the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General to deliver on demands she says he made when he was in opposition. 258 more words