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Powerful wind storm wreaks havoc across Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley


Rainfall and heavy winds pummelled Metro Vancouver on Saturday, causing damage and power outages across the region. B.C. Hydro reported more than 400,000 customers had lost power, and most were expected to remain without power into the evening. 763 more words


Upper Middle Coquitlam River

This is probably my favourite part to hike. The stream is still powerful with lush vegetation. Tall cedars, firs and alders filter the sunlight while the ground lays carpeted in ferns and brambles. 69 more words


Nature | Many Legs

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Description From Photographer if Any:

A group of Yellowlegs perch on a pile of rocks in the middle of a pond at the Bird Sanctuary

By RobinL

Source: 500px.com


Aboriginal Art Postcards

On my recent visit to Vancouver, British Columbia there was a cornucopia of postcards options for me to choose from. I was particularly delighted by a shop in Chinatown that had three postcards for a dollar. 25 more words


The Upper Coquitlam River Trail

The Coquitlam River flows from Coquitlam Lake into the Fraser River. It’s not a long tributary but one oozing with natural beauty and overlooked by tourists. 127 more words

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