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Ready for Action

Here’s a Canada Goose letting a rival know that he’s ready for action and will defend his territory.


Great Bear

Here’s the Great Bear snowshed on the Coquihalla highway in B.C.  The clouds are often down to the highway!


Chug Chugging

Here’s a Scaup of one kind or the other.  Greater or Lesser.  Hard to tell apart from this angle.  I love the way ducks move the water around when they are swimming.   16 more words


Good Fences #110

A nice group of Black Angus cows.  Looks like they all had a productive spring.

Linked to:  Good Fences #110


Security vs. Privacy

Everyone wants to feel secure in their home and neighborhood. Many individuals and families take measures to help protect their families from harm including: locking their doors, installing security systems, and closed circuit video systems (CCTV). 397 more words


In His Finest

Here’s a Northern Pintail all dressed up in his finest colours for Spring.  Somehow they always remind me of handsome gentlemen!  Elegant.


Empress Flowers

Here’s the leaves and flowers of the Empress tree we have in our backyard.  It’s not a native tree but handles our climate quite well.  We’ve had it since it was a pup and it’s now at least 25 feet high.   19 more words