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Patagonia: An Exemplar of Deontology

Our world moves exponentially faster today than it ever has before. Utilizing incredible advancements in technology, we have been able to revolutionize the ways we live, communicate, and conduct business. 2,603 more words

Launching a Career in Public Service

This week’s post is for those of you looking to take the concept of helping others and having a positive social impact to the next level by making it the center of your career aspirations. 977 more words

Advice & Tips

Are you your social media? Part 1: Facebook

Do you worry about striking a balance between who you are online for work and who you are online for play?

My experience is that there’s no “right” way to slice and dice your online personas. 298 more words


Addressing Social Issues Key to Big Company Survival

Forbes: January 1, 2025, Irving, Texas: Exxon Mobil is proud to announce that its exit from the extraction and production of nonrenewable resources is now complete.

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Economic Justice

Building Philanthropy into the Business Model

In 2014, The World Bank committed $8.3 billion to make food more available and affordable in impoverished communities around the world.

This effort and others by NGOs and large multinationals are extremely generous. 743 more words


Your work matters, don't let your email communications be TLDR

Much like last week, today I was again thinking about making connections, and how hard it can sometimes be. So I wanted to share a tip I learned, to connect more efficiently and faster with others via email to avoid TLDR—Too Long, Didn’t Read. 391 more words


Metaphors for Traction

Metaphoric extension

Creeping featuritus is one. Everyone loves a good metaphor from time to time. Adult play and child play are simply concurrent versions of each other. 131 more words