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Wegmans' North Carolina expansion highlights corporate values and inclusion

Corporate principles play an important role for any business. They guide operating standards and influence strategic decisions. Wegmans, a Rochester-based grocery chain, promotes core values… 466 more words

Common Wealth

Is Social Enterprise a Con?

That’s the argument is made by David Groshoff, a Harvard educated law professor and business executive. In his treatise “Contrepeneurship? Examining social enterprise legislation’s feel-good governance giveaways” … 884 more words


And now for something a little bit different: Good News!

“This is the true joy in life, being used for a purpose recognised by yourself as a mighty one.  Being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.  

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B the Change, B Corp

Ottime notizie. In un momento di dubbie certezze sul futuro, nasce un nuovo modo di fare impresa: viene introdotto un modello che supera gli schemi precedenti e che accantona per sempre il sorpassato metro del profitto come unico… 1,540 more words

Sonia Guidazzi