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The Skoll Foundation: "Betting on good people"

In the last decade or so, an array of nonprofit groups have creatively and persistently worked to deploy the power of business and markets to drive social and environmental change.   1,160 more words


A "public benefit corporation" takes the IPO plunge

by Cydney Posner

As previously discussed on this blog, a few companies have gone public as “Certified B Corporations,” but now we apparently have the first company to file for its IPO as an actual Delaware “public benefit corporation” (PBC). 1,210 more words


Capitalism's New Aesthetic

In other news, this week get Cadivel for free! After Friday it will go back to being $3.99 with 50% proceeds going to charity.

Anyways, I understand I’m taking a bit of a turn with the subject material, but it’s something that I want to talk about. 949 more words



We love business and purpose as much as any other for-profit corporation, but there has always been an urge within our own organization to do good in a holistic way. 248 more words


The B (S?) Corporation

Now that so-called “B Corporations” are popping up around the country, it’s a good time to review what they are, how (and if) they differ from “regular” corporations, and whether they have lived up to their mission, which is to benefit not only shareholders, but the entire community. 1,011 more words


B Lab - A Change is in the Offing and its High Time!

By: Linda Lattimore

A swing is beginning to take place in the very corporate world that we created.  Driven by agents of change, our global business community is shifting its traditional perception that the only business of business…is business and, a solid rate of return to its shareholders to the exclusion of all else.  1,001 more words

Have a Heart

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, which illuminated the gross amorality of the humans behind the world’s largest financial institutions, much of the 2012 presidential campaign rhetoric focused on corporate personhood, or the doctrine, which declares that corporations are to be recognized as people in the eyes of the law. 735 more words