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9/3/15: Ben Rector, Crazy Town, Pins

@@@ Ben Rector: Brand New (Sampler) (Aptly Named Recordings, 2015).  Some uplifting, cheerleading soft butter-y rock I got to via the Beats Highlights page.  The lyrics of this first tune are chock full of tired ass worn, cliches.  304 more words


9/2/15: Gin Wigmore, Tamaryn, Cazette

@@@ Gin Wigmore: Blood to Bone (Island, 2015).  If that theatrical little punk ass Marilyn Manson was a lady and loved herself some electronic elements to go with the cock/vag rock music it would sound like this first tune, New Rush.   374 more words


9/1/15: Fake Palms, Ruby Amanfu, Hag Face, Beartooth

@@@ Fake Palms: Fake Palms (Buzz, 2015)  Opens up with some nice punk noise – manic guitar arpeggios, a crushed detached voice and big ol’ rock ‘n roll drums.  504 more words


8/31/15: Owiny Sigoma Band, Gossamer, Hermitude, Justin Bieber

@@@ Owiny Sigoma Band: Nyanza (Brownswood, 2015).  The perfect antidote to Justin Bieber’s mainstream posturing, the last record by Sigoma was a pretty out fried mashup of African electro.  606 more words


8/30/15: Silicon, Frog Eyes, Tambourines

@@@ Silicon: Personal Computer (Weird World, 2015).  Also off the Beats highlights page.  A blend of krautrock, electronica and r&b?  That’s what the first tune sounds like.  415 more words


8/29/15: Andra Day, Beach House, Foals

@@@ Andra Day: Cheers to the Fall (Warner Bros., 2015).  Described as one of the best albums of 2015 by the Beats Highlights page the first tune, Forever Mine is pretty hype for a mainstream record.  438 more words


8/28/15: The Sword, Wave(s), Jackie Hill Perry

@@@ The Sword: High Country (Razor & Tie, 2015).  Off the Beats highlights page, this looks to be a cornucopia/mash of various types of rock.  After a little synth intro the Sword (pronounced soo-ward) they get into some serious Thin LIzzie action.  334 more words