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Music for 3/29/17!!! Enragement, Joe Marson, Tim McGraw/Faith Hill

@@@ Enragement: Blood for the Sun God (Enragement, 2017) An epic metal single I got to from the indie music blog Indiepulse.  A monster walking tempo with a punishing drummer and massive guitar bludgeoning and shredding sauce.   335 more words


Music for 3/28/17!!! Betty Who, Colton Dixon, Creeper

@@@ Betty Who: The Valley (RCA, 2017) A sophomore arena pop record off the new music section of Apple Music.  After a decent a cappella opening tune it gets into the full electro cheese with the lyric ‘some kind of wonderful’.   446 more words


Tweeting on the toilet is not governing!

From CBS News here:

“Is the Republican Party capable of governing? I know the man in the White House is capable of governing,” White House budget director Mick Mulvaney told NBC News.

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Music for 3/26/17!!! Boss Hog, Trementina

@@@ Boss Hog: Brood (In the Red, 2017)  A new release from an old school Gen X punk blues band.  It’s a tad light on the blues, it’s staticky punk rock.   294 more words


Music for 3/24/17!!! Century Palm, Greg Gaffin, High Plains

@@@ Century Palm: Meet You (Deranged Records, 2017) Devo-esque guitar punk off last week’s All Music notable release email.  Ah, the second tune brings the synths.   409 more words


Music for 3/23/17!!! Spoon, smno, Fit for an Autopsy

@@@ Spoon: Hot Thoughts (Matador, 2017) I’ve always thought Spoon overrated but I check every record as these guys are critical darlings. To me these guys are a funk band trapped in a white boy indie band’s body. 403 more words


Music for 3/22/17!!! Foreseen, Pallbearer, Memoriam

@@@ Foreseen: Power Intoxication/Dying Spirit (Triple B, 2017) A Scandinavian thrash single I got to via Invisible Oranges.  High energy, hardcore punk style vocals, and a mix of guitar grinds and quick explosive shreds.   346 more words

B. Music Reviews