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Music for 4/24/18!! Young Valley, Eleanor Friedberger, El Hijo de la Cumbia, Janelle Monae

@@@ Young Valley: Till I Cross Your Mind (N/A, 2018) I got to this roots rock single via a music publicist at Pavement PR. The band arrangement is pretty standard alt country guitar rock but the vocalist and the melody stand above. 497 more words


Music for 4/23/18!!! Rival Consoles, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Tinashe, Arianna Grande

@@@ Rival Consoles: Persona (Erased Tapes, 2018) I set up this blog post when I was travelling last week and I can’t remember where I found this record. 620 more words


Music for 4/17/18!!! Nicki Minaj, Jason Aldean

@@@ Nicki Minaj: Barbie Tingz (Cash Money, 2018) Off Apple Music hot tracks section, Nicki goes retro in the sounds, especially the drums on this track. 267 more words


Music for 4/12/18!!! Jean Dawson, Alezzandra, Dire Wolves

@@@ Jean Dawson: Glacial Gallery (N/A, 2018) Being marketed as experimental hip hop, this is a mash of some medium out production sounds, dark ambient electronic, and good ol’ trip hop vibes. 458 more words

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Music for 4/11/18!!! Homayun Sakhi, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, Hossein Omoumi

@@@ Music of Central Asia Vol. 3: The Art of the Afghan Rubab (Smithsonian Folkways, 2006) Out her Brooklyn way the club Roulette is having their annual trance festival and this artist (and the other two in this post) are performing. 413 more words


Music for 4/9/18!!! Nightwave, Peggy Gou, Khruangbin, Drake

@@@ Nightwave: Sanctuary (Fool , 2018) I continue to grind throught the Dazed Digital underlooked records of early 2018. Here we have a Glasgow based producer bringing the dancefloor bangers. 548 more words


Music for 4/8/18!!! Shamir, Debit

@@@ Shamir: Resolution (Father/Daughter, 2017) Some young black male fronted indie rock that I got to via a 10 underrated records of the year by Dazed digital. 400 more words