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8/1/15: Patrick Watson, Secrets of the Sky

@@@  Patrick Watson: Love Songs for Robots (Domino, 2015).  Domino is the king of quirk — quirky indie, weird British rock quirk, so regardless of genre you’re gonna get quirk from this label.  502 more words


Friday 7/31/15: Teenage Time Killers, Jill Scott, Kasey Chambers

@@@ Teenage Time Killers: Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Rise, 2015).  A supergroup of big rockers who I don’t know except king of the Foo, Dave Grohl.  412 more words


Thursday 7/30/15: Hopsin, Mick Futures, Soulstack

@@@ Hopsin: Pound Syndrome (Funk Volume, 2015).  After a medium gangsta hip hop intro, the second tune Forever Ill gets into a West Coast/George Clinton ’80s space funk arrangement.  357 more words


2015 Honorable Mention Pick 15

ILSA: The Falcon’s Claw (A389, 2015)

With a good heavy metal record you’re gonna catch a beatdown. The only question is how would you like your beatdown to go? 107 more words


Wednesday 7/29/15: Hope Drone, Pat Thomas, Sample Answer

@@@ Cloak of Ash: Hope Drone (Relapse, 2015).  Some heavy metal off the Beats Highlights page.  It does indeed open up drone-y, with slow rolling guitar distortion — two different waves.   444 more words


Tuesday 7/28/15: Lamb of God, Evvol, Exco Levi, Twin Bandit

@@@ Lamb of God — VII: Sturm Und Drang (Epic, 2015) More muscular than most corporate heavy metal records, you’re not gonna get much uplifting in a record named Sturm Und Drang. 510 more words


Monday 7/27/15: Big Galut(e), Jeremy Pinnell, We Came as Romans

@@@ Big Galut(e): Self-titled (Pastromele Records, 2015). Classically trained musicians playing Jewish music that I got to via a music publicist email. Instrumentation is violin, accordion, clarinet, uke/guitar, bass and maybe a couple others that I can’t pick up from the mix. 322 more words