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10/27/16: Square One, TKAY, Quin, Animals as Leaders

@@@ TKAY: Simulation (Downtown/Interscope, 2016). Off the Apple Music hot tracks section and she’s going straight for the electro pop dance floor jam. She’s stuck in a simulation (that’s the vocal hook) and I have no clue what that means. 485 more words


10/26/16: Tanya Tagaq, Super Unison, Jenny Hval, Emma Ruth Rundle

@@@ Tanya Tagaq: Retribution (Six shooter, 2016). I saw this record on this week’s CFUV weekly playlist email and I’m not sure what it’s going to be. 530 more words


10/25/16: Jack Savoretti, Eminem, Roy Montgomery, Crocodiles

@@@ Jack Savoretti: Sleep No More (BMG Rights, 2016) A poet turned folk star. I got to this record via the Apple Music front page. I can see why he gave up poetry because his lyrics are horribly cliche and predictable — Jon Bon Jovi writes better lyrics and Bon Jovi is on his hair more than he is on his lyric pad. 604 more words


10/24/16: Sho Barraka, Kadhja Bonet, The Radio Dept., Big Baby D.R.A.M.

@@@ Sho Barraka: The Narrative (Humble Beast, 2016).  I would put Christian hip hop in the left field hip hop dropbox.  It surely is concious hip hop with the religious element not visible in this first tune.  575 more words


2016 Honorable Mention Pick 14

<strong>Brent Cobb: Shine on Rainy Day</strong> (Elektra, 2016)

A John Prine tinged country rock record. The lyrics are above average but not quite great and this record has a lot of things going for it including an excellent bass player with a great tone, tasteful arrangements, and a singer with a voice that sits solidly in the country tradition. 35 more words


2016 Honorable Mention Pick 13

Gorguts: Pleiades’ Dust (Gorguts, 2016)

I’m not a huge fan of prog music. While I admire the desire to play and explore things musically there’s a distinct pretension and fussiness in the tones of the instruments, the production of the records and the attitudes of the players that I find off putting. 158 more words


10/21/16: Carey Ott, Daniel Caesar, Creative Control, CRX

@@@ Cary Ott: Nocona (Self-released, 2016). Regular readers know that I regularly dole out tongue lashings to Wilco — it’s just so slack I want to lay down and die. 484 more words