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Music for 1/19/18!!! G-Dot, Late Sea, Angel Olsen

@@@ G-Dot: Fake news (N/A, 2017) Some political minded hip hop I got to after an email from a hip hop promo outfit. An excellent guitar part with an uptempo rhyming style from the MC. 429 more words


Music for 1/18/18!!! Mae Muller, Courtney Marie Andrews, Che Lingo

@@@ Mae Muller: Jenny (N/A, 2018) Some white Brit girl hip hop/soul/r&b off the Tracks of the Week at Line of Best Fit. The sounds are all right, medium funky and coherent, but I find Muller’s quasi-rhyming to be a tad clunky. 363 more words


Music for 11/16/18!!! Ampline, Fake Palms, Hamferd

@@@ Ampline: Passion Relapse (Sofaburn, 2018) A pre-release track from a publicist described proggy punk outfit. It’s got a nice guitar arrangement and the tune has a grungy vibe with a bit of emo swirled in. 376 more words


Music for 1/15/18!!! Imarhan, Da Cruz, Sly and Robbie meet Dubmatix

@@@ Imarhan: Azzaman (City Slang, 2018) Off this week’s WRIR playlist email. I still can’t get the Apple Music working on my PC and I’m having computer troubles with various machines so I’m stuck with GoogleTube quality. 387 more words


Music for 1/11/18!!! Criolo, The Spy from Cairo, Borns

@@@ Criolo: Espiral de Illusao (Oloko Records, 2017) Some firm and laidback Brazilian samba that I got to via the WRIR weekly charts email. This first tune is mad sweet, layered with stringed instruments and hand drums/percussion. 449 more words

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Music for 1/10/18!!! Dead Quiet, Richard Dawson, Justin Timberlake

@@@ Dead Quiet: Grand Rites (Artoffact, 2018) Off the heavy section at CFUV out in Vancouver. It’s more of a classic hard rock riff machine than a super pissed metal thing. 396 more words


Music for 1/9/18!!! Sheer Mag, Brockhampton, Nilufa Yanya

@@@ Sheer Mag: Need To Feel Your Love (N/A, 2017) I’m not sure what’s up but my iTunes has totally crapped the bed so I’m seeeking refuge at Bandcamp. 409 more words