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Music for 11/17/17!!! Mauno Turning, Maraudeur, DRAM and Playboy Carti

@@@ Mauno: Turning (Idee Fixe, 2017)  Guitar indie off this week’s CFUV playlist email.  This is a classic formula — strummed clean electric guitar, slip slidey vocals.  445 more words


Music for 11/16/17!!! Amy Shark, Dianna Rein, THUNDER BODY

@@@ Amy Shark: Adore (Wonderlick/Sony, 2017)  Blurbed as the perfect indie rock slow dance single I ask myself how could I not peep this?  Regular readers know I’m no defender of indie rock, but this shit is not indie rock.   425 more words


Music for 11/15/17!!! Pink Siifu, Walk the Moon, RVIVR

@@@ Pink Siifu: Bills (Twothousandnine, 2017)  I saw this hip hop outfit shouted out on the Twatter and I scooped this b-side from a split single on the Apple Music.   436 more words


Music for 11/14/17!!! Lucille Furs, Curtis Harding, Eminem

@@@ Lucille Furs: Self-titled (Lucille Furs, 2017)  Pastoral, weird ass British rock out of Chicago I got to via a music publicist in the Chicago area.   454 more words


Music for 11/13/17!!! Haley Hendrickx, Les Filles De Illighadad, Amp Fiddler

@@@ Haley Henderickx: Oom Sha La La (Mama Bird, 2018)  Pre release single that I got to via the Twatter.  Enuf said, love the Twatter hate the Twatter.   433 more words

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Music for 11/10/16!!! Rich Chigga, NE-HI, The Used

@@@ Rich Chigga: Crisis (Empire, 2017)  A trap single occupying the #1 position on the Apple Music hot tracks section.  Slack rhymes in the verse but the chorus opens up into a half sung description of a touring hip hop act going through cities all the time each city containing ladies, if you know what I’m saying.  535 more words


Music for 11/9/17!!! Jess Abran/Steven Voyce, Boubacare Traore, The Thick Uns', Thunderpussy

@@@ Jess Abran & Steven Voyce: Sour Cherry (N/A, 2017)  A super lush stripped down tune that is part r&b as well as retro-grunge melodies.  The female singer has her drama on but she’s counterbalanced by the the guitarist who also participates on the microphone duties.   513 more words