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10/7/15: Chuck Inglish, Fresh Snow, Khiyo, Hermitude

@@@  Chuck Inglish: Everybody’s Big Brother (Sounds Like Fun, 2015).  A chill, funky hip hop record off the Beats highlights.  Opens up with a long synth melody/doodle, a faded beat and female background singers to garnish the quiet storm he’s got going on.   475 more words


10/6/15: Kyle, The Haggis Horns, Trivium, U.S. Schoolgirls

@@@ Kyle: Smyle (Indie/Super Duper, 2015).  Some braggadocio hip hop heavily influenced by electro and r&b.  The first tune The Force is a hat tip to the Star Wars.   525 more words


10/5/15: Moontaxi, Buckman Coe, DJDS

@@@ Moontaxi: Daybreaker (BMG Music, 2015) Described as a jam/alternative act on the Beats highlights page, and I hear a bit of the jam but I don’t hear much alt and I hear a pretty mainstream band.   351 more words


2015 Honorable Mention Pick 21: Ruby Amanfu

Ruby Amanfu: Standing Still (Rival & Co, 2015)

Extremely well crafted sounds and lush old school production highlight this record of covers from Nashville based singer Ruby Amanfu. 85 more words


10/3/15: Express Rising, The Black Lillies, Avicii

@@@ Express Rising: Fixed Rope (Numero Group, 2015).  Some slack-tronica off the Beats highlights page.  Some faded electric organ work over a handclap/stuttering hat beat.  Will wonders never cease?   402 more words


10/2/15: Kylesa, Big Boi, Eagles of Death Metal, Daby Toure

@@@ Kylesa: Exhausting Fire (Season of Mist, 2015).  A mash of different heavy music genres — a bit o’ the stoner/weedbag, some psych, some classic Black Sabbath-esque riffage, and a wee bit of slacker punk a la Nirvana when they the noise down for some space rock before putting your head in the vice again.   498 more words


10/1/15: Parkway Drive, Digits, Copilots, Yak

@@@ Parkway Drive: Ire (Epitaph, 2015)  Australian metalcore off the Beats highlights.  The singer is throat shredder and the guitar player is a showboat — riffing and splanking with equal aplomb.   476 more words