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Music for 1/20/17!!! John Mayer, The Lowest Form, Withdrawal

@@@ John Mayer: The Search for Everything (Columbia, 2016)  An EP from John Mayer’s upcoming full length.  It seems like a weird choice on Trump’s inauguration day but the more pressing question is who has the toast because Mayer has brought the cheese to make a luscious grilled cheese sandwich.   357 more words


Music for 11/19/17!!! Ranger, The Evaporators, Kruller

@@@ Ranger: Speed & Violence (Spinefarm, 2016).  Some classic metal with thrash and hardcore punk flavorings that I got to via the CFUV weekly playlist email.   427 more words


Music for 1/18/17!!! Power Trip, Zucchero, The Man from Managra

@@@ Power Trip: Executioner’s Tax (Southern Lord, 2017)  I don’t usually go for the advance single but I dig the Southern Lord label and am in the mood for a shot of antisocial blasting.   369 more words


Music for 1/17/17!!! Pippa, Funky Destination, Cavern Of Anti-Matter

@@@ Pippa: Sweetly (Samantha, 2016).  Some slack indie with r&b flavorings that’s up high on the CFUV roots list.  The second tune keeps the r&b inflected vocals and keyboard parts but it also brings in more electronic components and a lo fi bedroom vibe.   365 more words


Music for 1/16/17!!! Anenon, Aethenor, Wolf Parade

@@@ Anenon: Petrol (Friends of Friends, 2016).  This is a featured album in the experimental section of Apple Music.  I chose this record as it has a saxophone on the cover and always good for some experimental sax music but this ain’t it.   543 more words

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Music for 1/15/17!!! Sampha, Sinkane

@@@ Sampha: Blood On Me (Young turks, 2016).  Ivanka banger/little fuckface Jared Kushner owns the NY Observer (I guess he’s selling it so he can go be in service to the Dark Lord Trump.)  The Observer has an article on the most anticipated music of 2017 and this UK singer is at the top of the list.   287 more words


Music for 11/13/17!!! The Flaming Lips, The Chainsmokers, Social Club Misfits

@@@ The Flaming Lips: Oczy Moody (Warner, 2016). I’ve seen this record getting a lot of interwebz space and I now peep it to investigate whether it’s a good record or whether they have a powerful publicist. 450 more words