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Everyone will be the antichrist for 15 minutes

Everyone will be the antichrist for 15 minutes.

A prominent feature of American evangelicalism is a theology called dispensationalism.  It was popularized by the Left Behind series and has become What the Bible Says when interpreting Revelation.  451 more words



Well i have been deceived!  The staff here has been pulling the wool over my eyes.  None of the recommendations of the PCP i saw last week were followed up on. 272 more words


There have been other school shootings, other tragic senseless murders. Countless, really. Why is this one any different? I think it’s the students. It’s their pure, raw, real voices. 647 more words


No, mtn bikes in wilderness are still a farce.

Susie Murphy, the Executive Director of the San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA), the organization recently outed as being in support of a bill supported by a specific political party which includes allowing local federal land managers the “freedom” to open wilderness areas (specifically trails) to mountain bike use penned… 1,048 more words


Bicycling Magazine - fit to print on what?

I gave up on considering Bicycling Magazine a legitimate source for decent bicycling reads a long time ago. Their website is even worse. The articles are of low quality, usually with clickbait titles, the desktop version nags users for using ad-blockers, and there are tons of “sponsored content” and articles masquerading as advertisements. 938 more words

The Petty Prezzy Strikes Again This Time Coming For Stephen Curry 

So the Mango Mussolini, the Papaya Pol Pot, the Tangerine Idi Amin done fixed his mouth to say that he is rescinding his invitation to the White House for the reigning World Champions Golden State. 29 more words