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B.S. in Architecture

The B.S. in architecture program better known as bull shit in architecture program is thriving here at philaU! Every critique presents us with another chance to as bill from the wood shop says “Blow their minds with brilliance and baffle them with bullshit.” It sounds funny but selling a design is actually arguably the most important partĀ of our job as architects. 82 more words

Single’s Awareness Day is…

the same as Valentine’s Day….

More liquor, lotion, sex toys and hookers are purchased on this day above any others.

Here’s to all you drunken singles, who are applying lotion, and those purchasing their new toys. 51 more words

Nothing says Eternal Love


like a Swastika and a Dick

The world is a perfect place.
A prime example of Utopian society.
Everyone loves to live their life and enjoys the world.
It is a respected place.

Here are the life lessons I have got lately

Here are the life lessons I have got lately:

1. whatever you do, never underestimate yourself; modesty is a great virtue if you ask me. Yet some people confuse modesty with lack of confidence. 103 more words


Jennifer Aniston On Angelina Jolie Feud: It's Time People Stop That Petty B.S.

Jennifer Aniston claims that she is done with all the Angelina Jolie drama.

She loves Angelina’s new movie, and thinks she is an amazing talent. 20 more words


Game Company Sells B.S. During Black Friday

If you’re a fan of the game ‘Cards Against Humanity’, you might get a kick out of this. Odds are you get the idea of the game and the humor that goes with it. 106 more words