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Nine Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients Important for Better Exercise Performance

By Jerry Del Priore

It’s no secret that good nutrition is vital to good overall health. If you’re an avid exerciser, your nutrition needs go up, with key nutrients playing an important role in making your workout program more effective. 344 more words


Red meat- good or bad?

I will admit that I really, really like red meat. I do eat more chicken and fish, but for some reason I also really like beef mince, my husband hates it. 839 more words


The Struggle Is Real

Premenstrual Syndrome

I write this while preparing the family Sunday lunch, a sweet potato topped Shepherd’s Pie from the Whole30 book. A lovely recipe and indeed a lovely book. 793 more words

Seven Nutrients Important For Mental Health

Dietary nutrients are critical for brain structure and function, so they have a potentially profound impact on mental health. An increasingly robust body of research… 1,224 more words


Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

I don’t know if someone ever told you when you were little, that if you ate watermelon seed or apple seeds or anything of the like a small plant would grow in your stomach.. 685 more words


What's all this talk about 'kombucha'?

With today’s forever changing trends it’s hard to keep up with the latest hype. Don’t worry – by the end of this post you’ll be a Kombucha expert and it’ll be like you were never out of the loop. 436 more words