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Making Easy Perfect Soft-Cooked Eggs


Several times a week, my mother and I each enjoy a nutrient packed soft-boiled egg for breakfast. With these easy steps, you can make perfect, to your liking, soft-cooked eggs every time. 591 more words


Day 40

My sleep has been so bad recently. My daughter has a cold and is waking a lot and I’ve had several bouts of insomnia.

It’s hard getting through the constant fog of exhaustion. 343 more words


Start the day the right way: 5 top breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you start your morning with the right fuel, you’re much more likely to sustain energy levels throughout the day, stay alert and focussed, and successfully manage your weight longer term. 793 more words


Nutrients reduce harm from air pollution

Cyclists and pedestrians don’t emit pollution, but they ingest it—especially particulate matter (PM) from cars. Happily, recent research shows that various nutrients can offset some of the damage from these tiny airborne particles. 283 more words


Flavon Kids

PROS: gel formula, which enables you to dose it accordingly; it’s natural, plant-based and contains a complete set of B vitamins.
CONS: first and foremost the price and way of distibution (you have to buy four jars at once for 137.50 zł each). 94 more words


Supplementation formula

Treating Candida overgrowth relies largely on providing the body with what it was deprived of by the fungus through supplementing B vitamins with each meal. This means that you need to estimate your meal and complete it with the vitamins. 163 more words


Vitamin B3 May Benefit Those with Parkinson’s Disease

According to researchers individuals with a specific type of Parkinson’s disease (PD) may benefit from increasing their intact of Vitamin B3 (Niacin).

Fruit flies that had a mutated form of the gene (PINK1) that usually protects cells from mitochondrial malfunction due to stress were studied by researchers.  150 more words