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The Wonders of Pineapple: nutritional benefits and secret ingredients

Dramatic in appearance, pineapples certainly make a statement on the supermarket shelves! However, they also hold some great secrets when it comes to their nutritional benefits. 657 more words


7 healthy energy-boosting breakfast hacks.

We all know how important breakfast is to kick starting our metabolism first thing in the morning. There are many ways to ensure you have a good, healthy and nutritious breakfast that sees you through till lunch, but are there any tricks we are missing? 1,008 more words


A Diet High in Folate May Reduce Likelihood of Migraines

Last year, we looked at several beet juice myths, for example, the strange notion that beets somehow cause vocal paralysis. Then I tried to determine if those myths had any factual evidence to back them up. 269 more words

Beet Juice

Thinking of going vegan? It's not all quinoa and kale.

Last weekend R’s mum gave me an article written by journalist Anna Magee, who decided to challenge herself by going vegan for 60 days. Fighting past her perception of vegans as ‘anaemic-looking, sandal-wearing hippies’ she switched from her largely meat-based Paleo diet to a vegan alternative, with some interesting, and largely positive results. 1,187 more words

Eat And Drink

Good Chemistry - Why nutrition matters

When we put food in our mouths, most of us – if we worry about anything – worry about the calories in that food. Eating food is necessary to give us energy, and without it we’ll starve. 591 more words

Seven sizzling summer saviours: have a healthy BBQ this season

BBQs can be a dieter’s nightmare. Even if you’re not watching your weight, BBQ food is notoriously full of fat and often of low quality. But there are plenty of healthy alternatives which you can add to your BBQ repertoire to create a delicious and nutritious spread. 901 more words


4 quick and easy food swaps for a healthier you.

We would all like to be just that little bit healthier, whether it’s increasing our intake of fruit and veg, shedding a few extra pounds or getting a bit more exercise. 887 more words