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Is birth control out of control?

Let’s face it – birth control can feel as empowering for women as burning bras on the street. The freedom granted by hormonal contraceptives is a badge of honor cherished by millions of ladies; feminist or otherwise.  960 more words

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Your Heart Needs These Nutrients—Here’s Why

The heart is the body’s hardest working muscle, and it deserves the best treatment you can give it.  Regular exercise, a healthy diet, effective stress management, sufficient, quality sleep and regular checkups to ensure your blood pressure and heartbeat are healthy all play a role in keeping your heart pumping as it should. 1,017 more words

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Best Healthy Snacks for Men

Bodybuilding has come up with 26 healthy snacks as an alternative to “the vending machine, weeks’-old food in the fridge that looks like a science experiment, and the cupcakes on your co-worker’s desk.” 82 more words

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How I Got Through Metabolic Biochemistry - Book Excerpt of the Week 

​When I was studying biochemistry and food science, the best way to help myself remember the important stuff was through story. While writing my book, I made a point of sharing all my stories to help others remember what the B-vitamins and other ingredients do. 131 more words

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Luscious Locks

The night before my youngest daughter was born our house caught on fire.  We were very lucky.  We all made it out safely, but unfortunately, our home didn’t fare so well. 571 more words


The 9 Water-Soluble Vitamins

Whenever you cook virtually anything green, orange, yellow or red, it probably contains water-soluble vitamins. If you throw away the water, you throw away these nutrients, so please be mindful to consider incorporating vegetable water for a puree, soup, rice or potato dish. 793 more words

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7 ways to stop hormonal weight gain in its tracks!

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Did you know that sleeping just 5.7 hours a night for one week changed the expression of 711 genes!  (Many of these cause obesity, heart disease & dementia.)  [ 894 more words

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