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[Single] Henry (헨리), Team Never Stop (칠전팔기), U Seungeun (유성은), Jinyoung (진영), Min Hyorin (민효린), Ulala Session (울랄라세션) – Persevere, Goo Haera (칠전팔기 구해라) OST – Part.10

Track List:
01. 길#거짓말 (Road#Lie) – 헨리(Henry)
02. 그녀가 웃잖아 (She Is Smiling) – U Seungeun (유성은), Jinyoung (진영), Min Hyorin (민효린), Ulala Session (울랄라세션)
03. Bounce – Team Never Stop (칠전팔기)



WM's new Girl Group OMG

The most awaited of WM stans even the B1A4 stans (Bana). What i am expecting is on what they will do to love them like their senior did to gather fans. 161 more words

"OMG!": B1A4's Sister Group!

WG Entertainment revealed the first look at the sister group to the already popular B1A4. 119 more words


[ARTICLE/TRANS] 150325 B1A4 Jinyoung Positively Reviewing Hong Sisters ‘Warm and Cozy’

Jinyoung of the group B1A4 is positively considering a role in the new MBC Wednesday, Thursday drama ‘Warm and Cozy.’

On the 25th according to broadcast officials, in the drama Jinyoung would be one of the workers at the ‘Warm and Cozy’ restaurant, where the story takes place, and is expected to be a character with a deep impression. 182 more words


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