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MUSIC: K-Pop Rainy Day Tunes

It’s summer, but it’s been raining so hard these days. So, here are 10 songs I’ve been listening to whenever there is (or isn’t!) a sudden downpour. 1,281 more words


Seventh Heaven

Less than two years ago my friend, Leah, began recommending songs and making me watch videos of K-Pop group B1A4, but prior to that I had no interest whatsoever with K-Pop; it never appealed to me and I find them too complex to understand because of language barriers and flashy productions that I don’t really enjoy. 447 more words


Road To 7 Years: A Journey With B1A4

It’s been 7 years since B1A4, an all-male korean idol group with 5 members has been introduced to the K-pop world. The members, namely Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gongchan were revealed in a very creative way—through webtoon. 1,663 more words

Song Review: B1A4 - Until We Meet

Until We Meet (会えるまで) is the sixteenth B1A4 single that leader Jinyoung has composed, and his songwriting and producing skills show no signs of dampening. At this point, he’s developed a signature sound for the group — a stately, synth-kissed brand of melodic pop that feels at once powerful and dreamlike. 217 more words


Groups Then vs Now

The following is a look at a Kpop groups visual and conceptual change from debut to one of their most current songs. Enjoy!


7 Beautiful Renditions of IZI's ‘Emergency Room' That Will Surely Capture Your Heart

If you are into K-Dramas, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard this beautiful song called ‘Emergency Room’ popularized by the famous rock band in K-music industry, IZI. 746 more words