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Road To 7 Years: A Journey With B1A4

It’s been 7 years since B1A4, an all-male korean idol group with 5 members has been introduced to the K-pop world. The members, namely Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gongchan were revealed in a very creative way—through webtoon. 1,663 more words

Song Review: B1A4 - Until We Meet

Until We Meet (会えるまで) is the sixteenth B1A4 single that leader Jinyoung has composed, and his songwriting and producing skills show no signs of dampening. At this point, he’s developed a signature sound for the group — a stately, synth-kissed brand of melodic pop that feels at once powerful and dreamlike. 217 more words


7 Beautiful Renditions of IZI's ‘Emergency Room' That Will Surely Capture Your Heart

If you are into K-Dramas, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard this beautiful song called ‘Emergency Room’ popularized by the famous rock band in K-music industry, IZI. 746 more words


B1A4 – Rollin’

Album: Rollin’
Release Date: 2017.09.25

네가 없는 하루는
nega eopneun haruneun
A day without you is

매우 boring oh boring
maeu boring oh boring
Very boring, oh boring… 474 more words


Song Review: B1A4 - Do You Remember

Over the past few years, B1A4‘s Japanese releases have become a welcome continuation of the sound they’ve established in Korea. The group self-produces almost all of their material, and that extends to music composed for the j-pop market. 248 more words


Benda Penting Untuk Para Fans K-pop. 13 Lightsticks terbaik di K-Pop!

Setiap group K-pop selalu menginginkan hal yang terbaik untuk para penggemarnya. Baik itu penampilan di panggung maupun barang-barang yang mewakili group mereka. Salah satu barang yang sangat khas dan wajib ada di setiap fans club adalah lightsticks. 553 more words



2018 GSGM 체이스컬트 전속모델! B1A4

B1A4는 이번 봄을 어떻게 시작하려는 걸까?

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