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6 Questions To Ask When Selecting Your Next Marketing Thought Partner

When you’re picking teams, whether it’s in school, sports or business, there are some common elements to consider to create a winning combination. Forget the popularity contest of grade school years; picking the right team member should look at cultural fit, attitude, and the skillset required to make a contribution. 719 more words

B2B Marketing Strategy

3 Ways a Marketing Thought Partner Helps Your Bottom Line

When we partner or collaborate in business, we do so to reduce our risk and create something better than what we could have created on our own, we want to innovate. 663 more words

B2B Marketing Strategy

What is a Marketing Thought Partner?

Business concepts cycle much like fashion trends. They cycle as an idea evolves. In the 1980’s it was database marketing, the 1990’s saw customer relationship marketing (CRM) thrive, and now in the 2000’s it’s inbound content marketing. 342 more words

B2B Marketing Strategy

Let’s Face It. Not Everyone Is a Social Media Marketer/Seller

Last month, I was fortunate to watch live the historic launch and landing of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with my seven-year old son. After carrying over 7,000 lbs. 509 more words

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[Infographic] #ABMSocial - The Power of Social Selling and ABM Data Analytics

Meshach Cisero, Business Analyst and Kevin Thomas Tully, VP Marketing Enablement @Markistry

“So team, how many “likes” are we going to get this quarter”, said no CEO ever.  113 more words

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Flipping your funnel is harder than flipping a switch

Just because you have eaten in a restaurant doesn’t mean you can run one. 

60% of restaurants do not make it past the first year, and 80% go under in five years.* It all starts with such good intentions. 422 more words

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