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Bible in 90 Days, Day 1

I just finished reading Day 1 of the Bible in 90 Days. The story of creation stood out to me as I was reading. I love watching the browns of winter turning into the greens of spring here in Wisconsin. 34 more words

Read52 Fail?

I may be officially failing my read52 challenge – I haven’t read anything for the last couple of weeks, unless I’m allowed to include the Bible (although actually I’m also about 3 days behind in my B90Days challenge as well – will be trying to catch up tomorrow), and also my OU textbooks – I’ve completed the first Learning Companion and started the second, and I’ve started the first main textbook. 130 more words


Read 52: What week are we in?!

I am trying to catch up – I’m very naughty for tending to take on far too much and then finding that it is in fact too much which can lead to a complete crash and ending up achieving nothing! 231 more words


Read52 Week4: Army on Its Knees

Another quick read this week, as I’m so busy at the moment:

“Army on Its Knees” by Janet Munn and Stephen Court.

This isn’t the best book I’ve ever read on prayer, by any means, but I do like the metaphor (unlike Napolean’s Army which marched on its stomach, The Salvation Army ‘marches’ on its knees in prayer). 97 more words


Bible in 90 days - Finished!

Back in July, I started reading the Bible in 90 Days. I finished in 84 days. During those days, I also read the extra parts of Daniel and Esther, Baruch, and I took about four days and read Sirach as well. 385 more words


#B90days I did it!

Yes, I did it!

I believe that the greatest lesson learned from the #B90days challenge was that I cannot schedule God. If He truly is my everything, I do not have to fit Him into my schedule, or try to make Him a priority on my list. 94 more words

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